‘Empire’ Actor Reportedly Turned Down Extra Security Before Attack

Jan 30, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who was reportedly the victim of a vicious attack early Tuesday morning in Chicago, turned down an offer from Fox a week earlier to provide extra security, TMZ reports.

Smollett “didn’t want to be encumbered by an entourage of bodyguards when he wasn’t working,” the story reports.

“Sources close to the situation tell us … security for the ‘Empire’ cast was increased last week after Fox Studios, in Chicago, received that threatening, homophobic letter addressed to Smollett,” TMZ reports. “We’re told Fox made the call to beef up security for everyone on set and wanted to give Jussie additional protection around the clock … but, he declined. Our sources say he made the decision to not have extra security during off-hours because it was an intrusive way of living.”

TMZ adds: “Our ‘Empire’ production sources tell us Jussie will have 24/7 armed security going forward … at least until the 2 thugs are apprehended.”

The report notes that Smollett, who sat out production on Tuesday, plans to return to the set soon, with the shooting schedule expected to be shuffled as needed.

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  1. All I have too say is Jussie turned down the security because he knew what he was about to do. The security would have prevented him from doing his rehearsals for the attack, plus being problematic for the actual attack. I really hope that someday we will find out why he did this. Now there are plenty of people who might be racially attacked who might not be believe all because of Jussie. SMH Now, Jussie is going to come out and throw the people he paid to attack him under the bus. Jussie is really pathetic. I really liked Jussie and thought he really had a lot of talent. I have also brought a few of his songs from the show of Empire. Jussie could have done a lot of damage to race relations in our country, if the truth hadn’t come out, and for what? I swear I hope he goes to jail for some YEARS.

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