Judge Throws Out Ashley Judd’s Weinstein Harassment Claim

Jan 10, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A sexual harassment claim brought by actress Ashley Judd against disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been thrown out of court in California, but U.S. District Judge Philip A. Gutierrez ruled that Judd could still pursue a claim that Weinstein sabotaged her career.

Judd was one of Weinstein’s original accusers. “Her sexual harassment lawsuit was re-filed following a change in California state law after her initial claim was rejected by Judge Gutierrez in a Los Angeles federal court last September,” the BBC reports. “She alleges she rejected unwanted advances from him and he then tried to wreck her career.

“But in a statement late on Wednesday, Judge Gutierrez said the law that deals with sexual misconduct claims in professional relationships, which was revised to include directors and producers, could not be applied retrospectively to Ms. Judd’s case.”

NPR reports: “Judd argued that the amendment should apply retroactively to her case. But the judge ruled that lawmakers had ‘modified, rather than clarified’ the 1999 law, making it inappropriate to apply its new standards retroactively.

“Gutierrez took pains to say he ‘is not determining whether Plaintiff was sexually harassed in the colloquial sense of the term,’ but only whether the incident fell under the scope of the statute her lawsuit cited.”

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