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Penny Marshall’s Unfinished Final Film, About Controversial NBA Star, May Be Back on Track

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Following the death of actress and filmmaker Penny Marshall on Dec. 17, a project she was working on called “Rodman,” a documentary about controversial former NBA star Dennis Rodman, may be back on track, according to media reports.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Matthew Conlan, Marshall’s son-in-law and a producer on the movie, saying he talked about the project with Marshall on the day she died.

“She phoned that morning,” Conlan is quoted saying. “She said, ‘What are we doing with Rodman? We’ve got work to do!’ ”

THR says the project “could still become the closing entry to a groundbreaking filmography that includes ‘Big’ and ‘A League of Their Own.'”

Marshall had reportedly been working on “Rodman” since 2012, after developing a friendship with the NBA legend.

“Off and on over the next four years, Marshall shot hundreds of hours of interviews with scores of Rodman friends and associates — along with [Mark] Cuban, she corralled Jay Leno, Isiah Thomas, Phil Jackson, even Donald Trump (‘before he was commander in chief,’ notes Conlan) — with her inimitable off-camera voice asking questions like, ‘If you could say one thing to Dennis, what would you tell him?,'” THR reports.

The report notes that Marshall brought in editor Keita Ideno, who is quoted saying: “Penny didn’t want to just make a movie about this crazy guy who flew to North Korea. She wanted people to know who Dennis Rodman really was. But then, at a certain point, they couldn’t pay us anymore. So they put the movie on hold.”

Now the project appears to be back on track, with The New York Post’s Page Six reporting that Conlan is working to complete the movie by Sept. 1.

The Post quotes a statement from a rep for Rodman saying: “So Dennis is looking forward to his ESPN ’30 for 30′ documentary coming out in June then hopes Penny Marshall’s footage she and her team accumulated over the past 7 years can be made into a film. We know she did over 130 interviews and several subjects are no longer with us. Her magic touch was on it so we’d love to see it come to the big screen as much as a way to pay respect to her being the best at what she did and have it win some posthumous awards for her legacy.”

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