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Why Sports Illustrated Is Delaying Its Annual Swimsuit Issue for Three Months

Jan 18, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“Sports Illustrated this week said it was postponing the launch of its most profitable issue, the one devoted to swimsuits, which is now a multimedia extravaganza, from mid-February to mid-May,” The New York Post reports. “It marked the first time since its debut in 1964 that the issue has not appeared in the dead of winter.”

The report quotes swimsuit editor MJ Day saying: “It’s hard to think about swimsuits when it’s 18 degrees outside.”

“When the issue was first conceived, it was to fill a void in the weeks after pro football ended and before spring training began. Now sports, as well as swimsuits, are year-round events,” The Post adds, noting: “Newsstand sales have been off in recent years, but it’s not clear if it is because of a backlash against a magazine of scantily clad bikini beauties in the #MeToo era, or just part of the more general industry malaise. SI didn’t release official figures.”



  1. I am not sure how delaying could have any impact on the #metoo movement. the whole concept should be eliminated as it is about as sexist as you can get on a national basis.

  2. Yeah, Guilty Cleric (did your parents give you that name?) celebrating women’s beauty is wrong! Right? We not only should condemn SI’s Bathing Suit issue, but we need to ban women’s bikinis. Now, do we ban men’s speedo bathing suits too? Anyway, back to the point– these immoral women’s bathing suits — maybe we just build a wall in front of all the beaches in the United States? Absolutely, recognizing and celebrating the beauty of some women, is sexist because we are only appreciating women, for women’s beauty. A fundamentalist threat to our society. Maybe some of the Middle East countries could guide us, on how to surpress and hide the beauty of some women. They are good at that!! After all, they are hundreds of years behind us, on freedoms of expression.

  3. The name is because I am someone who has been affected by the Catholic Church’s continual cover-up in every state and every country in the world and continues to deny and cover it up. There is a reason why there are no women priests.

  4. It is not a celebration of beauty. It is a blatant misuse of women’s bodies as masturbation material. Beauty is celebrated person-to-person. Not hand-to-cock with eyes plastered on an inanimate image of a centerfold.

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