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CBS Reportedly Has a Replacement Picked Out for ‘Evening News’ Anchor Jeff Glor — Here’s Who It Is

Feb 20, 2019  •  Post A Comment

CBS is seriously considering uprooting Jeff Glor as “Evening News” anchor and replacing him with Norah O’Donnell, according to media reports.

Variety cites four people with knowledge of the situation saying CBS News is looking to make “significant changes” to the flagship broadcast as “part of a top-down look at the news division by incoming president Susan Zirinsky.”

In addition to putting “CBS This Morning” anchor O’Donnell in the lead role on the broadcast, the network is considering moving it from New York to Washington, D.C., according to Variety’s sources.

CBS News execs weren’t commenting, and the sources cautioned that the plans are not definitive and may not come to fruition.

Glor became the “Evening News” anchor in October 2017. Variety notes that the broadcast “has long trailed its rivals on ABC and NBC, but in the past year the telecast’s ratings have fallen further behind.”

Norah O’Donnell (CBS News)


  1. We ONLY watch CBS Evening news BECAUSE of Jeff Glor. DO NOT REPLACE HIM.

  2. I agree. He’s terrific. Just terrific. Also, love the pace of the weeknight show. I don’t find myself waiting for the next story. If the show isn’t rated #1 or #2 it’s not because of Jeff Glor.

    • Totally agree! So disappointed by this move. Norah?! How will she ever deliver an ending to the evening news’ humanity side?

  3. Norah is a goddess.

  4. Jeff Glor is the only national news anchor we watch. Please keep him in place.

  5. Jeff Glor is the best in the business. So genuine. He’s not the problem.

  6. Huge mistake. Don’t remove the best newscaster / anchor that u have!!!

    • I agree, I will no longer tune in to CBS News. Have they lost their minds!!! It will cost them in the long run. Maybe someone at CBS might want to let the person in charge find another job!!!!

  7. Huge mistake! He is the best anchor / newscaster CBS has! Don’t screw this up!!

  8. I like watching Glor, he is very good, smart, articulate and I purposely switch channels to watch him broadcast the news. Huge mistake, don’t do it.

    • I like Jeff Glor he does a great job as news anchor. I also like Norah, but feel Jeff should not be taken off of CBS news he does a awesome job doing.

  9. CBS Evening News is the only network news I watch, mostly Friday evenings to see Steve Hartman’s On The Road stories; but, Jeff Glor seems to be the most level-headed and objective anchor of them all.

  10. The spoiled little rich liberal dem girl has to get her way.

  11. We love Jeff. He is so genuine. I’m not a fan of Norah. Jeff is genuine. Norah comes across very uptight and snobby.

    • Definitely! Well said.

  12. Glor, is competent, while lacking emotion throughout broadcast.
    O’Donnell may seem to be entitled at times , however she is always
    well prepared Along with expressing a personality And prospective
    To each story regardless if one agrees with her view.
    Changes need to be made if your CBS can actually complete with
    ABC and David Muir.

    • Disagree. We only watch Jeff Glor because here is so good and keeps the news moving. We will not watch CBS if O’Donnell takes over, and she is the reason we don’t not watch CBS morning news! Please keep Jeff!!

  13. We watch CBS Evening News because of David Glor. He has a compassion that other anchors don’t. My husband and I will change to another network if he leaves.

  14. I like Jeff Glot on the evening news. He’s genuine and relatable. I won’t watch if O’Donnell succeeds in pushing him out.

  15. We watch CBS news because of Jeff Glor. We will not watch if Norah O’Donnell replaces him. She is our least favorite on the am show! Didn’t they try this with Katie Couric? How did that work?

  16. Nice to see all of Jeffy’s relatives supporting him. Or are these supporters from the other networks
    who want to keep EVENING NEWS in the basement. CBS had no business giving their key newscast to
    Glor. It was clearly a move to compete with ABC for younger viewers. The difference, Muir had solid reporting experience and is a pro. Poor Jeffy had nothing to offer and the ratings show it. It was always a curious thing, the network of Edwards, Cronkite, Rather, Schieffer, even Katie Couric puts a rank amateur in their key anchor spot. We still wonder who he’s related to. Now that Ziurinsky’s in charge, CBS will get
    back to what it should be. Jeffy actually made Scott Pelly look exciting..and that took some serious work.

    • your wrong and Jealous, Jeff Glor is better than them all

    • Gayle King appears to be the only one safe. Obviously Oprah has all the sway and is keeping her bff in place. I can’t believe that when all the metoo movement was being reported and Gayle was making lewd comments about good looking men coming on the show as guests nothing was ever said to her to make her stop. Oprah has enough money to pay her salary apparently. John Dickerson and Jeff Glor are the only ones that do any true reporting. Nora ODonnell will not help ratings

  17. The days of the evening news anchor are over. No disrespect to Odonnell but young people dont watch news in this format anymore. How about an anchorless format using footage contributed by people who have expireinced an event? Invent something new.

  18. Jeff Glor needs more of a chance to succeed. He is getting better and better. We switch channels to watch his newcast. If O’Donnell replaces him, we will not watch the newscast. Jeff is genuine and not an entitled pontificator. He will only get better if given the chance. Bit mistake if he loses his job.

  19. She is fabulous. But the issue is the morning show. I love her in the morning and she is the only reason why I watch the show. I will have to now listen to NPR because I can’t handle the Gayle show.

  20. Jeff Glor is a very good anchor. My husband and I really like his newscast, I admire Norah O’Donnell, but I may switch back to ABC and David Muir if Jeff Glor is replaced.

  21. I used to watch David Muir until his broadcast became too one- sided, meaning too liberally biased. Been watching Jeff Glor exclusively, since he is the fairest, most unbiased anchor. Probably will watch more One America News (OANN) if Glor is let go. Or just read the news on Google. Glor has been a breath of fresh air.

  22. We will never watch the CBS newscast if Norah O’Donnell is the anchor.

  23. Please no! Can’t you find an unbiased person for the job. I want news, not opinion, especially her opinion. This new cast is bias enough, but I believe in hearing both sides of a newscast not an opinion piece. I don’t believe she can keep her opinion to herself. I watch some of the morning show, until I can’t take it anymore. I hope you can keep her reigned in.

  24. I will stop watching CBS Evening News if Jeff Glor is replaced. He is genuine and I appreciate that.

    • I will not look at it anymore, l loved Jeff he had the most humbling attitude . Will miss him

  25. he longs for the days when he was a real reporter, instead of reading a script.
    after all, who would like being modern day “Tokyo Rose”.
    Working with a team who are preloaded with deceitful motives is why Jeff has such a mournful cast to his brilliant eye for news.
    Jeff hates his job , but he’s a great guy. Nancy, Major as well as the rest are just a waste of time to listen to, a real drag.

  26. I see above there are quite a few who feel as we do. Jeff Glor is a genuine guy and he is the only reason we watch Evening News.
    Do not want to hear Norah’ s liberal viewpoint. That is too plentiful on network news. Jeff may be liberal, but his humanity is more obvious. Please!

  27. We LOVE Jeff Glor. I hope he is NOT replaced. We taped all 3 channels last Fall to see who we liked best. Jeff is the reason why we stay here! His heart, his smile, the way he responds to the last story of the day (especially with Steve Hartman) and the news you present. If you take away Jeff, that is like taking away Mickey mouse from Disneyland. He’s the perfect fit. Don’t get crazy. Thank you.

  28. You are making a HUGH mistake by replacing Jeff Glor. That man has more sensitivity in his little finger than anyone that you replace will not fill his shoes. He’s the best and I am not sure what you guys are thinking. If the ratings are down it’s not due to Jeff. You might want to think about better news to give him to relate to the public

  29. I hope the powers that be see that we want Jeff to stay. He shows sensitivity and is genuine. I don’t really like to watch the news because it’s usually not very uplifting, but my husband and I both sit down to watch the news with Jeff Glor. Keep Jeff, keep Jeff…

  30. I was thrilled when Jeff Glor was the CBS replacement for the evening news! I thought it was a great choice and always enjoyed watching him! I think you’re making a big mistake replacing him with Norah O’Donnell! She has a lackluster personality! When Jeff is officially replaced I will stop watching. I was watching Lester Holt who I enjoy watching but when I found out about Jeff I was excited and started watching him! Back to Lester and in time you will see it wasn’t a good idea to replace Jeff with Norah! Signed a devotee of Jeff Glor!

  31. I like Jeff Glor and he DOES show emotion. I have seen him with tears in his eyes more than once. Please don’t replace him with Nora O’Donnell,. That is a huge mistake.

    I watch the CBS Evening News because of Jeff Glor!

  32. Jeff Glor is GREAT on the evening news! He needs more time in the position. CBS This Morning is also PERFECT as is. Love Norah in the AM.

  33. Please do NOT replace Jeff Glor! My husband and I watch CBS evening news BECAUSE of Jeff Glor. We will NOT watch if Norah replaces him. Jeff is THE BEST news anchor, we used to watch ABC and NBC, but now we ONLY watch Jeff Glor on CBS. Please don’t take him off the evening news!

  34. Jeff Glor is awesome and I will not watch cbs if they replace him in the evening news.

  35. I think no Jeff Glor is lackluster. I really like Scott Pelley and switched when he left

  36. The only thing I would recommend wold be for him to speak a little louder. But it may be me. Lol

  37. I really liked him, initially, but now he lowers his voice in a way that smacks of affectation; just read the news, Jeff and don’t try to “act” sincere…you’re not that good of an actor.

  38. If Jeff Glor gets replaced, I will not watch the CBS Evening News. He is a terrific Anchor and reporter.

  39. Jeff Glor is the only evening anchor that my family watches. If he is replaced by Nora O’Donnell, we will no longer tune in to CBS evening news. Jeff resonates with “real” people. Nora does not.
    I am not always in agreement with Jeff Glor, but he is compassionate, professional, and real.
    We switched to CBS from ABC and don’t wish to go back. KEEP JEFF!!

  40. Please keep Jeff Glore and I am not a relative or friend of his. I am just a viewer who sees him as genuine and sincere. He is no frills, ( we’re not watching for frills) and delivers the news professionally and seriously.. Rich, entitled little liberal, snob Nora O’Donnell is angling but no one wants to see that poster child of white privilege. Just read her story of skin cancer, every other sentence is bragging of her upper crust aristocratic family, my mother the doctor, my sister the doctor, my father the scientist blah blah blah. Go ahead hire her but have the hook at “the ready” because no one wants a rich, smug, entitled, “I am better than you” face in their living room after a long difficult day of work and struggling something Ms odonnell would know nothing about

  41. We switched from watching NBC Evening News, for the past decade, to watching the CBS evening News because of Jeff Glor. He is superb in his unbiased reporting, professionalism and delivery of a positive, hopeful message for us in this crazy world. Please do not make the mistake of replacing him with any other newscaster. Thank you for your consideration!

  42. Please keep Jeff Glor on CBS evening news. He exhibits a genuine sensitivity, compassiom, and intellect.

  43. We have really enjoyed watching Jeff Glor grown into his position as a news anchor.
    There are enough talking heads offering their opinions as news. We appreciate hearing the NEWS of the day and look forward to the positive or feel good stories at the close of the broadcast. If he goes we’ll have to look elsewhere for the news of the day.

  44. We really enjoy watching Jeff Glor, please do not replace him. We will discontinue watching cbs news if Jeff is no longer the anchor.

  45. My husband and I love Jeff Glor!
    He is the best, caring newscaster there is.
    Please keep him on the evening CBS news, will quit watching CBS and go to NBC if he leaves, keep Nora on CBS in am, which we enjoy.
    Jeff has a heart for all that he reports, everyone web know feels the same.

  46. I will miss him so much the news won’t be the same he has compassion and why are you doing this he’s about family,who cares about Rating do the right thing and keep Jeff Glory please think about it.

  47. I will miss him so much the news won’t be the same he has compassion and why are you doing this he’s about family,who cares about Rating do the right thing and keep Jeff Glory please think about it.

  48. If you replace Jeff Glor, it would be a huge mistake. He is the reason I watch. And if this happens, I would definitely switch newscasts. He is terrific in this spot

  49. No to Norah O’Donnell for the CBS evening news. Keep Jeff Glor

  50. Will quit watching news if Nora takes it.Quit watching CBS this morning when Charlie Rose was fired. In my area ABC news precedes CBS news. Put them on at same time and see who wins. Have already seen news when Jeff comes on. Not his fault.

  51. Jeff Gloor is the Walter Cronkite of the 21st-century. He’s authentic genuine and trustworthy don’t do anything to replace him.

  52. Please keep Jeff Glor as the anchor for CBS Evening News. He is a breath of fresh air. He is genuine. Please keep him where he is.

  53. I switched from ABC to CBS because of Jeff Glor and Gayle King. They are the rare, unbiased anchors people want their news delivered from.

  54. I like Jeff Glor and his no drama approach to the news. The others are too busy with “breaking news” and endless weather reports about the east coast. And if the anchor asks the reporter about the news and has already half given it, all the reporters can say is yes is is, or yes it does. Why bother? Like – we understand the prisoner broke out with the help of a girlfriend? So what is left to say? Yes he did. The questions should be what do we know about the prison breakout? Keep Jeff!

  55. Please keep Jeff Glor. He belongs in that anchor chair. He’s no nonsense when it comes to news, but has a twinkle in his eye for an uplifting story.
    I get weary of too many changes in a short period of time and a year is not long enough. I remember looking forward to Jeff’s first appearance on the CBS nightly news for the longest time and I want him to stay.

  56. We tape all three news channels (NBC, CBS, and ABC) for later watching. Jeff Glor is by far the best. Why would CBS want to replace the best anchor in the business? Bad, bad move, and WILL be costly!

  57. Keep Jeff Glor and get rid of those so-called people that say they know how to run a network !

  58. jeff has true emotions, he is not the problem, look elsewhere!

  59. Why would you do this? I enjoy Jeff Glor and CBS is all I watch for the evening news. I think you are making a huge mistake if this is in fact true.

  60. Jeff Glor is what has made me truly enjoy CBS Evening News. He is genuine and shares emotions. Norah is better for the morning show with Gayle, Bianna, and the others. Don’t replace him as this will be a big mistake. I would go elsewhere.

  61. Jeff Glor is genuine…Nora not so much

    CBS, you hit a grand slam with Jeff Glor, just give him time to prove how lucky a choice you made.

    Tim Kuhlman
    Dana Point, CA

  62. Keep Jeff Glor!! He is competent, articulate, kind; he delivers the news as it should be delivered; what more do you want? I’m all for women’s rights and power and all this stuff, since I am a woman; however, don’t fix what’s not broken. You don’t need another woman and Norah O’Donnell is very opinionated and as a newscaster is not supposed to editorialize, but she has no problem doing so in the morning show.

    Give this man a chance. Keep politics out of it and do the right thing.

  63. Stopped watching Lester after all the fake stuff rom the Olympics in Korea. David Muir is alright, but sometimes too dramatic. Love Jeff the best. Also love the “headlines in 50 seconds” part. Scott Pelley was fried for being too partisan. Seems you would want to keep Jeff Glor. He isn’t your problem CBS—and putting Nora in there is just not gonna cut it.

  64. We thoroughly enjoy the nightly news w/Jeff Glor and never miss it. Some evenings we watch others for comparison, and always find Mr. Glor to do the best job. We don’t care for Ms. O’Donnel, not even on the morning show; it seems to flow much better when she is not there. Please retain Mr. Glor.

  65. Replacing Jeff Glor simply means we will be watching another channel for our evening news. We already tape two channels (watch both each evening), and Jeff’s broadcast is always the best, every time. His humanity shines through and in this day and age, he is a refreshing breath of fresh air. I’m clearly echoing many other thoughts shared here and am glad that I found a place to voice my concern on this frequent news story about him leaving. Truly would be a mistake in my book. I can see watching him for years to come and hope that’s what happens here. Please seriously consider all the sentiments shared in this forum.

  66. I think that Jeff Glor is a very good news castor. I look forward to watch his program each night. If he is replaced I will stop watching cbs night time news.

  67. My husband and I look forward to watching Jeff during the week on the CBS evening news.
    Jeff is a so sincere and a kind caring person.
    Jeff is what we all need after a long day, someone who cares about people and someone who is not into him or her self.
    If Jeff leaves the CBS Evening news, we leave and will leave the CBS morning show to another network.

  68. I’m devoted to CBS News in the evening BECAUSE of Jeff Glor. If you replace him, I will switch to another network.

  69. I just read that CBS might be replacing Jeff Glor, I hope your president of CBS thinks twice on this!! I enjoy watching his news every evening! He does a great job on reporting the nightly news. I’ve watched CBS for several years and hate it when they change up program when you have a great thing! I always dave his program so I don’t miss out on his nightly news. Thanks for reading .

  70. Please dont take Jeff!!! Its the only reason I watch the evening news!

  71. The reason they would move it to D.C. is because O’Donnell’s husband has 12 restaurants there.

  72. Jeff GLORIA is the ONLY REASON we watch any Network News Programming. The reason the ratings are not as high as management wants, is because he doesn’t show a bias which liberals feed on. As conservatives, we encourage all to watch Jeff Glor. His sincerity and compassion is displayed as in his demeanor.

  73. Please don’t move Nora we like her where she is and we love Jeff glor we think he’s great please don’t replace him

  74. I like quite a few others do NOT want to see Jeff Glor leave. He actually seems more down to earth the Norah or Gayle. I stopped watching the CBS news in morning due to both Gayle and Norah’s attitudes when giving the news. For over two years I had listen to them constantly bash our President and create more discord than this country ever needed. I don’t want to hear what their opinions are! Just give the news without your attitudes! I finally stopped watching it when it became so bad. Jeff relates to the public much better than either of them. Let Jeff get more experience under his belt. If he is taken off the evening news I will no longer watch CBS news.
    Maybe you ought to start cleaning house for the upper management before you take Jeff.

  75. Please keep Jeff Glor on the evening news. My husband and I love watching Jeff on the best news channel ever. I would not enjoy searching for a new channel.

  76. Please don’t replace Jeff Glor. He is the only reason we watch news at 6:30

  77. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT REPLACE JEFF GLOR!!!! He is so professional in his delivery yet remains warm and concerned when presenting the news.

  78. I love Norah, BUT….
    PLEASE KEEP JEFF GLOR on the CBS Evening News. Jeff shows a human side to the news like no other newscaster I’ve ever seen!
    STAY WITH JEFF. You won’t regret it!

  79. Jeff is the only breath of fresh air in news reporting lately…. we love Norah in am but Jeff is perfect in the pm slot and gives us hope for the future!

  80. Do not replace Jeff Glor. The ONLY reason we stick with cbs is him.

  81. Why would you consider replacing Jeff Glor? As you can see people really love him!! He is the best one on any station. I for one will not watch the news on CBS if you remove him. Please keep him.

  82. Jeff Glor is THE reason we watch CBS News every night. We can’t imagine replacing him with Norah O’Donnell. He makes us want to watch the news, and watch it on CBS. If he is replaced, I guess your channel will also be replaced in our household.

  83. Since Jeff took over he has made you feel the seriousness of the news at hand and kept the news moving at a rapid but calm pace. He always remembered other news castors names. He always has a bright beautiful smile and what everyone I know loves about him is how moving he can be with his teary eyed stories.
    Good luck Jeff, you’re awesome.

  84. I prefer CBS evening news because of Jeff Glor.

  85. Jeff is the best!! I cry when he cries, if they replace him no more CBS evening news for me. He’s not the problem, other news crap they have is

  86. We make it a point to watch or record-then-watch Jeff Glor every night. He covers what is important and doesn’t focus on the merely sensational. While we do deeper dives into news with PBS and other non-Fox sources, we trust Jeff to give us a good overview of the day. We are also addicted to the moving and inspiring stories he ends the show with.

    We had suggested that a couple of friends check out the show for the above reasons. If Jeff is able to continue to anchor and shape the show, we’ll be sure to do a better job of promoting it more widely. We hope you will give it more time (and promote it more yourself). We think people might only need to see it a time or two before realizing that they like it better than the other shows.

  87. I, too, will never watch CBS Evening News again if you replace Jeff Glor. He is the best anchor of all broadcast news programs.

  88. Since Jeff is being replaced CBS news is one more news cast this household will NOT watch. Up till now CBS new was just that news. All the other news shows have turned into fashion and gossip shows. The old adage “ If it ain’t broke don’t fix it “

  89. I agree with others who say they will no longer watch if Jeff Glor is removed as anchor. He is the reason I watch because he relates to viewers and we feel we are actually watching a ‘real person’ and not a programmed robot with a network approved script.

  90. Jeff was so calming after a stressful day.. I will switch to Lester Holt. CBS management isn’t getting it right.

  91. It seems it is already too late since CBS officially announced today. A real shame and very short sighted. Lost all confidence in in upper management decisions with this one and they are just ensuring that ratings will get worse. Good luck to Jeff…he deserves a better spot where he is truly appreciated for the talent and grace he brings to his profession, which is even more necessary in the current news environment.

  92. We too watch CBS evening news because of Jeff Glor. He is the first anchor that shows compassion and doesn’t convey his political views or opinions. Please don’t take him away! Guess we just won’t watch network news anymore.

  93. When I want commentary I will watch cable (CNN or FOX ) this move puts the very opinionated AM host in the National Spotlight. Can her opinions be left at the door and report the News as accurately and fairly as possible ……. had to Switch to NBC in the morning

  94. Purposely called my husband in our Family Room to show my husband who my FAVORITE anchor is….JEFF GLOR!!! So pleasant to listen to, kind, knowledgeable and NOT BIASED. NO MORE CBS NEWS FOR ME..

  95. I haven’t been this despondent since the election results. I look forward to Jeff Glor every night. He is professional and human at the same time, two traits that rarely emerge simultaneously. I wish I had the power to reinstate him; however, I predict that although the ratings will plummet, he will persevere.

  96. I haven’t been this despondent since the election results. I look forward to Jeff Glor every night. He is professional

  97. I switched to CBS Evening News because of Jeff Glor. He is professional, honest, shows emotion when appropriate, smiles and is an excellent anchor. When on assignment, I always look forward to the stories he is covering. I will no longer watch CBS once he has been replaced.

  98. zon.

  99. I will no longer watch the broadcast if you replace Jeff Glor. This changing anchors every 2 years is rediculous! I do not watch the morning shows because they are talk shows not news! Replace Jeff Glor and see just how bad the ratings get!

  100. I will never watch CBS again in the evening if Nora or especially Gayle takes over the evening news. Jeff Glor is the only reason I still tune in.

  101. I really liked Pelly too and you took him off. What is going on at CBS..leave your evening anchors where they are!

  102. The only reason I watch CBS news is because Jeff Glor is on and he is great at his job. Seems like a regular guy and not a dandy like Scott Pelley. Been thru too many anchora now and looking for a stable anchor. I even watch the cbs local news channel even though I don’t like one of the reporters.if you pull Glor then I just switch to both local and national broadcasts to ABC or NBC. Jerking your viewers around since Dan Left. Can’t believe that smart people don’t see that what this network needs is a stable anchor and you have it in Jeff Glor.

  103. I would like to reemphasize the majority of the comments made above. CBS News has become my go to broadcast for national news and it is because of Jeff Glor. Based on the competition I find it hard to believe the ratings cited he is the bes based on the other network competition, I find it hard to believe the ratings. Jeff is the best.

  104. I like Nora but I love Jeff. Have you ever noticed Jeff’s emotion after one of those heart warming stories at the end of the broadcasts? May the road ride to meet you, Jeff. You will be just fine but CBS will continue to suffer this unwise decision.

  105. Add my name to the Jeff Glor supporters. I change stations to watch his reporting. He is the least biased of the evening anchors. Please reconsider this unfortunate change. I so appreciate Glor’s fairness and on air manner.

  106. That should have said , may the road rise to meet you.

  107. That should have been rise

  108. I am astonished and broken hearted. My evening lift after tough days is Jeff Glor. His presentation outranks any newsman I’ve ever seen. I am 83 yrs old. I cringed at most newscasters. H e is IT for me. Goodbye CBS and all the rest.

  109. The news MUSTS for us: Jeff Glor and 60 Minutes. Jeff is such a refreshing newscaster with his compassionate demeanor combined with his intelligence and excellent news coverage. We switched to CBS because we preferred his style of news presentation. If he will no longer be the Evening News anchor we will NOT watch his replacement!!

  110. I love to watch and listen to Jeff Glor, I like the a.m. morning team too, so why the change. Norah is good, but no match for Jeff, and John is way too good for the morning show…..wishing the best to you Jeff. Your compassion many evenings was a blessing to observe!

  111. Please change your mind, Jeff Glor is the best!!!

  112. Please do not change our current CBS News Anchor, Jeff Glor. Jeff is very professional, one of the best anchors CBS has ever had. I hope you have an ideal job for him if not, other stations will definitely want him on board. Anthony Mason is a great journalist and used in this capacity when needed as well, great guy and very loyal to CBS. He deserves this promotion on CBS Today. I say the regrouping with different individuals as in process, CBS will loss higher ratings, hoping to accomplish .

  113. DARN SHAME CBS jumped on the sheep train,at least Glor stands up for what he BELIEVES. To be a fly on the wall during the big meeting. Singing off good day CBS.

  114. I am an 87 year old lady from the south and Jeff Glor is the only news report that I will watch. He is an amazingly compassionate reporter in his reports especially about children. You can be sure his show is clean and comments are also. In todays world you never know what will be said and how it will be shown. Keep Jeff Glor and do not let these women try to push him out. They should be better than that.

  115. Keep Jeff ! He is professional, passionate and he genuinely understands his profession and people ! Why should the wheel be fixed ? It is not broken at all .

  116. Jeff Glor is the only reason my husband and I watch CBS news. He is so compassionate and caring. I think you are doing a disservice to your viewers by changing anchors so often.

  117. Removing Jeff is a huge mistake.Jeff is the only reason I watch CBS.He is so professional and has so much empathy for those segments during those heart felt segments.

  118. My husband and I really enjoy watching the evening news with Jeff Glor. He is very real, he’s human and not sensational. Jeff, we will miss you. Good luck in whatever you do, we know you will shine!! Sheri & Jerry Sochor, Putnam, CT

  119. Jeff Glor is a fantastic news anchor and journalist. I’m a long time viewer of the CBS Evening News, and I’ve seen many anchors come and go. Jeff Glor rates among the best. He comes across as a very caring person during the broadcast. Replacing him would definitely be a huge mistake. And, I would not continue to be a viewer of the CBS Evening News.

  120. I love Jeff Glor’s work. His demeanor is warm as well as professional. His emotional but restrained reaction to the final story each night is a joy to see. You feel like part of his family. The recent introduction of forced hilarity on the CBS morning show has forced me to turn it off as I did over the years with their competition on ABC and NBC. Boo CBS on both counts.

  121. I love Jeff Glor, I watch him every night and don’t take any calls during that half hour! He is the most genuine reporter on TV today, replacing him is a huge mistake, don’t do it!

  122. Jeff Glor presents the news in a clear, concise and unbiased manner—–no sensationalism like other news shows. The last news segment, allows Mr. Glor to share his compassion and trust in the positive events of daily life. We cheer, laugh and cry along with you. We’ll be looking to see Jeff Glor in other endeavors.

  123. Jeff Glor is the main reason I watch CBS. Like Nora on A M news. Bad decision CBS! No longer watching CBS evening news after Jeff leaves.

  124. Glor is SUPERB! Susan Zirinsky needs her head examined. All I want is the news not the bias. Jeff delivered that. Way to go Susan, you fixed something that did not need fixing. You needed to support and promote Jeff Glor and you might actually have had a chance. Instead we have Nora. Ugh.

  125. drjudith@comcast.net
    Jeff Glor is the BEST anchor we’ve ever experienced , evening news or any news. He brings the news alive with his clear and compassionate articulation. Why kick him around? We always feel full,satisfied, like a good meal after Jeff’s broadcast, always ending on a positive note with a story of humanity in connection. Shame, shame on you Susan Zirinsky!!! Poor judgment on your part.

    Reprogramming my tv DVR recordings, deleting CBS evening news. 😳

  126. Well, The only main stream media my husband and I watch is the evening edition of the CBS News with Jeff Glor. He is truly genuine. I don’t hear the hateful, biased stories that are prevalent on the other networks. So, we will no longer watch any main stream news because he is being replaced with Norah O’Donnell. You have made a huge mess-up today and I predict your ratings will drop even lower.

  127. Jeff Glor is the reason we watch CBS Evening News, for his fair and compassionate reporting. He is someone we feel we can believe, and would like to know personally. Please keep him as anchor; otherwise you will be losing viewers.

  128. My husband & I look forward & enjoy watching Jeff Glor. He is so genuine. His smile uplifts you when you’ve had a bad day. He’s very intelligent & reports the news very well. We will not be watching CBS evening news. Big mistake to let him go.

  129. DO NOT , and will say again DO NOT get rid of Jeff Glor! He IS the BEST of the evening news in forever. Unbiased and professional are such strong attributes of his and the list goes on. The top management of CBS better rethink this! Nora doesn’t come across the same at all! Helen and Ray

  130. Jeff Glor is a decent, heartfelt reporter. I will miss him. You will need luck in replacing this kind reporter with the one announced. Anything for ratings….

  131. I changed to cbs evening news because Jeff presents the news in a very intelligent, caring, calm and human way. I refuse to watch other news shows because of their hysteric pitch. I have looked forward to his show every night. Now I’ll just forget it or switch to some other station. Bad move cbs!! Good luck, Jeff. I hope that you find something that you enjoy and where they’re smart enough to appreciate you and your abilities.

  132. I won’t be able to watch his replacement if Mr. Glor is removed from the anchor desk. He is absolutely the best! Clear, articulate, keeps his biases to himself, avoids loaded language intended to suade opinion and sticks to the facts. What a shame if we lose him.

  133. My husband and I are so disappointed to see Jeff Glor go, he is the best anchor on tv. I thinks CBS owes an explanation to the viewers. Seems such a bad decision. Hopefully, we will see him on another station

  134. We watch the news BECAUSE of Jeff Glor. He is genuine, sincere, unbiased and a decent human being. We definitely won’t watch any more. What a shame.

  135. I love the Jeff Glor evening news. I can’t believe that your taking him off the air. He is the best news anchor of all the other stations. I as well as others will not watch the CBS evening news anymore.

  136. Jeff Glor is the real deal. Keep him in the anchor chair. I will not watch cbs or Norah o’donnel.

  137. Merrily Wieland why on earth would you remove Jeff Glor. He is my favorite. Will switch stations now

  138. Jeff we will miss you. We will not be watching CBS news anymore.

  139. Add me to the long list of former watchers of the CBS Evening Newscasts if Jeff Glor is replaced by Nora
    O’donnell. Jeff reports the news the most unbiased of any of the newscasters with a little emotion when
    something merits it.

  140. John Thomas

    I will no longer watch abcnews without Jeff Glor as anchor. very talented in hjs approach delivering evening news. I left ABC for cbs becasue Jeff Glor is as good or if not better than David Muir. -.women are NO good anchoring evening news . . .example – Diane Sawyer and others who have failed miserably!!! MY family and FRIENDS will return to ABC. Jeff Glor should be hired by ABC – he is very talented and they could add him to their stable of good journalism.
    YOU SCREWED YOURSELVES – now you will soon see the MISTAKE you have made.
    Yeah to Jeff Glor – Boo to cbs.

  141. We watch CBS BECAUSE of Jeff Gor. He is the best of all CBS has hired for decades. This is a big mistake. Debbiefelliott@outlook.com

  142. Man, I never watched the evening news for years because I couldn’t tolerate the anchors. Then I heard about a guy on CBS that everyone was talking about. I decided to give it a try and was so heartened to observe a real person doing the news. As stated a million times in previous comments, he is personable, not phony, intelligent, charming and oh so good at what he does. He truly comes across as someone who cares about so many things. I am with the others who say they will abandon CBS COMPLETELY. if Jeff goes. I am positive he will turn up somewhere else in broadcasting and have a huge following. We will find him! I was totally in shock when I saw the broadcast last evening about “changes”. I almost cried , I was so outraged. I had no idea such a thing was even in the works. I am sure Nora is a fine person, but will not tune in to find out. Jeff is the only reason for watching your network.

  143. Jeff Glor is outstanding journalist and should not be replaced. I’ve decided not to watch CBS news anymore after all these years. I wonder how Bob Schieffer feels about this. Not in the tradition of Walter Conkrite’s legacy.

  144. I am really disappointed that you are replacing Jeff. He is the reason that I watch CBS Evening News. Why would you do this? He is so likeable, professional, and just pleasant! I had always watched NBC until one evening I just accidently watched Jeff. You are making a big mistake. I am almost in tears…good luck to Jeff!

  145. I’m done with cbs news, I’ll follow Jeff wherever he lands. Will not watch odonnell front the news, she was horrible in the am, so PM will be worse when it’s just her.

  146. I love Jeff Glor! He’s a great journalist which is rare now. I will switch to another network when he’s gone. You didn’t give him enough time to build ratings. Shame on you!

  147. I love watching Jeff Glore in the evening
    It is because of him that I watch CBS news, if he leaves so will I. He is personable, and professional. You are making a big mistake!!!

  148. HUGE mistake replacing Jeff Glor. It was because of him that I even tuned into CBS Evening News. When he leaves, I leave as a viewer.

  149. Yes a very big mistake replacing Jeff. He is caring and a compassionate news reporter. I will no longer watch CBS if you replace Jeff

  150. I stopped watching CBS Morning Show because of Norah O’Donnell. She is too liberally opinionated. She blows up like a blowfish when anything good comes out about Republicans. Jeff Glor was a breath of fresh air – on to another network!

    • Well said

    • I totally agree that Jeff has a rapor that is equal to the task of evening news anchor, which Norah will never achieve. By removing Jeff you have increased ABC/NBC ratings.

  151. Time to switch networks.
    Jeff Glor has done a wonderful job.
    Norah is overrated.

  152. Heart broken in Nashua New Hampshire. We watch Jeff every night nothing against Nora huge mistake Taking Jeff off. We will now follow Jeff wherever he goes we will not watch CBS evening news

  153. I often wished that CBS would give Jeff Glor a decent news reporting position. Finally they did. I was satisfied with his demeanor, his honesty and accuracy. I looked forward to his evening newscast. I believe that you’ve made a mistake in removing him. Of course you’ve made mistakes before like removing Dan Rather. I can’t think of a good reason to watch CBS for World news. Nora belongs on the CBS morning news. Jeff is a clean cut, well spoken anchor. I will miss him and be looking for him to show up somewhere and I’ll watch HIM wherever he surfaces.

  154. CBS you are really in trouble. You get rid of Jeff one of the best anchors you have ever had. Is this another example of money talks? The only reason I watched CBS evening news was because of Jeff. I can’t Stan Norah. I can only wish this move brings lower ratings. I am done watching CBS.

  155. WHY Would you do this???? Jeff was the next Walter Cronkite. He had a huge soul we loved him and everything he reported with such compassion. Again what is going on ugh. Not watching anymore after so many years. BYE. Huge mistake.

  156. Jeff Glor IS the reason we watch CBS News. We’ll probably switch to NBC when he leaves

  157. Ditto to many of the above comments in support of Jeff Glor being one of the best news anchors CBS has had in a very long time. CBS’s so-called producer’s decision to replace him is a huge mistake and will result in the loss of many faithful viewers, me included, many of whom came back to CBS News after Katie Curic was replaced (she was a terrible anchor). I along with my family will no longer watch CBS news b/c I can barely stand watching Norah O’Donnell on the CBS morning show. Bottom line, your decision is totally misguided.

  158. We always watch CBS especially with Jeff Gloor if you get rid of Jeff Gloor we are not going to watch CBS. Jeff is a great reporter and we have enjoyed him since he started in 2017 big mistake if you let him go.

  159. what can I say except GOOD BYE cbs news. I can’t understand this type of thinking !

  160. I watch Jeff Glor every night. Don’t make another mistake by taking him off. Norah is a waste of oxygen. Jeff, I’ll be looking for you.

  161. Precisely! I loved the CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. I will follow Jeff Glor if he decides to leave CBS and I hope he does after the way this fiasco has panned out! He is a wonderful anchor and person. I loved the stories he produced about children and honest, hard-working Americans. Sorry CBS but you have lost a lifelong viewer with this decision. I will now watch ABC Nightly News.

  162. People love Jeff Glor. He is not the problem. Jeff is a great well respected journalist. Norah comes across as way to rigid. What is the benefit to moving the show to D.C.? The whole idea is a BIG Mistake.

  163. I really looked forward to watching Jeff Glor on CBS nightly news. He had exceptional broadcasting skills and delivered the news in an highly professional and compassionate manner. I will definitely switch networks. CB S you made a huge mistake. I wish Jeff the best as he deserves to work for a network who definitely appreciates him for the wonderful person he truly is.

  164. Jeff Glor was the only reason I watched the evening news. I felt his sincerity and humanity. I can’t watch Nora and I won’t. She always seems like she does not live in the real world and doesn’t have a sincere bone in her body. Nora is So cold and no personality!

  165. I think Jeff Glore was the best if the evening news newscasters. CBS is making a mistake on replacing him. I won’t be watching CBS anymore

  166. Retired in Apalachicola Florida. We only watch the CBS News because of Jeff Glor. We will not be watching from this point on. Mickey and Martha.

  167. We can’t stand your CBS morning program because of your three clowns and now you have moved one of them to replace the best anchor there is that I have ever seen in recent times, in Jeff Glor.

    We will just watch FOX now, at least we can get some truth there. To bad you have ignored all that makes sense.

  168. Why is cbs doing this our family loves Jeff Glore this is a stupid move I like Nora in mornings and I’m guessing My family will be watching less CBS shows now especially the morning and evening news don’t like Dickerson’s has no personality … so long CBS ….

  169. Charlie Rose broke my heart. John Dickerson and Gayle King helped heal my heart. Jeff Glor brought sincerity, sensitivity and believability to the evening news. I trusted him.
    Nora O’Donnell … not so much. She seems superficial and phony and honestly I don’t see it working out.

    I wish only wonderful things for Jeff Glor.
    Thank you Jeff for your compassion and professionalism.

  170. I do not understand why Jeff Glor has left cbs. I will not be watching the evening news

  171. I realize this is a little late but seriously ,CBS is a bunch of goofballs for getting rid of Jeff glor. I am sure he is the reason the people were watching the news cast in the first place. He did great ,why you would replace him is even beyond comprehension.
    I along with the lot of other people will be watching a different channel news. We also will be looking for Jeff glor to be coming back thank you Jeff

  172. We love Jeff Glor and don’t want to see him go. Nora is nothing but an ass kisser and won’t be watching if she gets the spot. Gale King does a great job if your looking for a woman, but really, keep Jeff!!!

  173. I only watch CBS news because of Jeff Glor, I love his reporting, he is the best you have! I will not watch the program with Norah as anchor. She is arrogant and fake. Without her looks she has nothing. By the way, who dresser her? Horrible outfits. Keep Jeff or loose a viewer.

  174. I have enjoyed Jeff Gand he’s gotten so much better… and I adore Nora and Gail in the morning show- good luck too many changes is not wise or a sign of network health or confidence.

  175. I am very sorry to see Jeff Glor ousted from CBS Evening News. He was professional, but not slick. His compassion came through at the end of tragic stories in his eyes and his pleasure in light-hearted stories did too. He was understated and yet his kindness and compassion came through. He is a class act, and I hope he finds a soft place to be an anchor again.

  176. This is a horrible change. Removing Jeff Glor from CBS NEWS is so disappointing. Jeff Glor performed his duties professionally and always with the personality that showed a true concern for what he was reporting. BRING HIM BACK!
    We miss you Jeff Glor.

  177. My comment may be too late to be effective. But I just want to say I feel that removing Jeff Glor from the CBS evening news is a huge mistake. The program would just not be same without him. He is the perfect one to host the news program. His manner of speaking and his gentle demeanor is very endearing. From the reviews I’ve just read seems that most of them agree with my sentiment. If the decision to remove Jeff has already been made, I hope you will reconsider and reverse your decision. It sounds like I am in a huge majority. Where has Jeff gone and where can he still be found? Because I probably will not continue to watch the CBS evening news and I would like to continue to watch Jeff.

    • I agree with everyone who loves Jeff Glor. I think replacing him is a big mistake

  178. I personally will completely stop watching channel 13 period! You have to be idiots to make the change your considering! Nora is a joke. Are you really that afraid to have someone who is HUMAN? Fear runs a lot of people and I see 13 running scared! Sorry , sad channel 13 and now those who work for them!

  179. We love Jeff Glor bring him back please

  180. I admire and he is an amazing reporter! No one like him. He will be missed and hope you find that out!

    • Jeff Glor, that is will be so missed!

  181. I just looked at all the post supporting Jeff Glor
    It is so obvious why CBS wants to get rid of him.
    He is honest, fair, respectful and well thought of by most of his audience. CBS doesn’t not value his character nor those that appreciate him. I watch TV a lot and honestly mostly CBS, time for a change, screw the greedy SOBs.

  182. I started watching CBS again at 5:30 news just to hear Jeff Glor. I think CBS is making a mistake replacing Jeff Glor. I will switch stations

  183. I am very unhappy you have replaced Jeff with Nora. I HAD switched to CBS for Morning and evening news. First PLEASE do not make the morning news silly like the other major networks. I got very sick of hearing personal stuff about the anchors. I DON’T care about their personal lives, I watch to hear the NEWS. Jeff was true professional. I hope CBS keeps him someplace at the network. We shall see if I keep watching or may switch to only CNN or MSNBC. Nora I like, but will not last at evening news.

  184. Jeff Glor is refreshing. We love watching World News because of him. He has heart, compassion, family values. Sad day if you get rid of him. We do not think Nora O’Donall or John Dickerson are any match for Jeff Glor. Keep Jeff Glor!!

  185. Jeff Glor is the BEST ❗️ I will not watch your broadcast without him .

  186. The constant barrage of medical commercials is killing the evening news.

  187. I agree with the majority. I think Jeff Glor is the best anchor for the evening news, but I will stay with CBS because of its superior format.

  188. Jeff is the reason I watch that station. He is intelligent and I look forward to his genuine comment/reaction to the last segment of the show. I am changing stations. Such a lack of recognition for a fine anchor. Nora will not raise your ratings

  189. We love Jeff Glor and will miss him greatly. CBS has made a big mistake in replacing him with Nora O’Donnell. We hope he finds a good place that we can watch him in the future.

  190. I looked forward to the evening news each night with Jeff Glor. I wasn’t familiar with him but soon came to respect his calm, articulate delivery. But what I am going to miss the most are the last few seconds of each broadcast when his response to the final story always hit the mark. You just can’t fake that compassion.

  191. I looked forward to the evening news each night with Jeff Glor. I wasn’t familiar with him but soon came to respect his calm, articulate delivery. But what I am going to miss the most are the last few seconds of each broadcast when his response to the final story always hit the mark. You just can’t fake that compassion.

  192. What s mistake to move Jeff and replace him with Nora. He articulate, caring, and sensitive approach to broadcasting has just been so wonderful. You must have some real goofballs making poor decisions to switch To Nora. No longer will I watch your broadcasts.

  193. When you have the best anchor of the three why do you get rid of him
    Jeff Glor is the best

  194. As long as changes are in the wind, l think Gail King should also move on, Shes’s Become a bit self absorbed and tends to over talk guests. Nora would have bee a great morning anchor.

  195. I hope the ratings drop even more! Jeff Glor was the best! No longer watching CBS evening news. It’s gone downhill already. 🙁

  196. I’m really sad to hear that they are replacing Jeff Glor. I really liked him and thought he did a really good job reporting the CBS Evening News. The reason I liked him is because he kept his personal views to himself. Now we’re stuck with Nora O’Donnell? I think your making a big mistake. You think your ratings are bad now, just you wait, I for one won’t be watching the CBS Evening News anymore and I can bet there are a lot more people out there that feel the same way I do about this change! Good Luck on your rating’s!!!!!!


  198. I watched CBS evening news because of Jeff Glor. With them removing him, I will be switching networks. Another terrible move by management!

  199. Hate the news. But would only watch CBS because of Jeff. And the way he presented it.
    You all messed up BIG TIME.
    WAIT AND SEE !!!!!

  200. I will quit watching the evening news without Jeff Glor. I like Major Garrett but not for the evening news. Definitely don’t want a talk show host.

  201. I don’t understand why CBS ratings have declined. Jeff Glor was great!!! Best night time anchor in a long time!!! Way better than Scott Pelly! Really going to miss him!

  202. I stopped watching cbs morning news because of Nora’s attitude. She is arrogant and opinionated which is not what I want in my news
    Reporter. I watch CBS evening because I like Jeff Glor. If he doesn’t come back I’ll find other reporters.

  203. Replacing Jeff with Norah is like replacing sunshine with rain. Jeff is very genuine and often shows it with tears. Norah is in it for the glory and is not genuine. She is extremely liberal which is probably why she got the job. She will not resonate with the main stream of people and will cost cbs the ratings they so desire . Too bad that Susan zirinsky will not listen and will most likely be replaced because of it.

  204. What HAVE you done? Jeff Glor did a professional, efficient, terrific job as anchor of the CBS evening news. He is was a joy to watch and could make today’s ugly news almost bearable. Since he has been ousted, I no longer watch your network’s evening news, and I certainly won’t go back once O’Donnell starts. Why EVER did your people think this would bring more viewers to CBS? It will have the opposite effect.
    Can you rehire him?

  205. Jeff was the only reason I stopped what I was doing for the day so I could see the national news from a unbiased approach. He was the most personable of all the anchors. I, for one will not watch the CBS evening broadcast anymore. CBS, You ruined a very good thing, only to replace a great anchor with a brat of a person with their own agenda to get across. I wish you and her the worst of luck. I’ll follow Glor where ever he goes!

  206. Jeff galore the best anchor man why has he been replaced? He was doing great. CBS news needs to get their stuff together

  207. Where is Jeff Glor now ?? Why oh why are you replacing him? He is awesome & delivers the news like no other!! My husband & I ate very disappointed with CBS for letting Jeff Glor go…….Shame on you !!
    Please reply as to where he is now.

  208. Do not replace Gore! He has such a heart for what he does. I’ll switch channels if he leaves.

  209. I absolutely love Jeff Glor. I watch Fox, but wanted to hear something w/no bias so I found Jeff. I’ve watched news for 40 yrs. I will never watch your channel again if Jeff is not your Anchor. He’s the best anchor I’ve ever watched. Please bring him back

  210. I think this is a huge mistake. Nothing against Nora she’s great on CBS this morning and special reporting, but she’s no Jeff Gore. If these comments are a sampling of Americans news watchers, your demographic reports are wrong.

  211. I have ceased watching CBS evening news since you took Jeff Glor. What a mistake!!
    I set my Dave to record so I didn’t miss it. We do not always need female anchors and I am a female.
    Such a great disappointment.

  212. Jeff is not the reason your ratings low.
    You replaced Scott Pelli because his ratings were low.
    Do you see a pattern here???
    Figure it out.
    Maybe the person running the news department needs to be replaced.

    I really can’t believe your letting Jeff go.

    Also maybe people are just tired of hearing about all the negative stories your reporting.
    Try more positive uplifting stories as well.
    People are sick of the negativity and crap in the world. They are just turning the tube off to escape.
    Mark G

  213. I switched to CBS because of Mr Gore his reporting because the other newscasters were so biased so guess I will quit your network now!

  214. I only watched CBC because of Jeff Glor. He was great as your anchor. No one will be as well liked as Jeff. He was always so professional and so well informed. His manner made you feel like he was your friend and you trusted him in giving you the news that was not fake. I guess I’ll just go back to Fox News. You just lost a viewer.
    I sure hope to see him again on another national network.

  215. Big mistake to replace Jeff Glor. We enjoyed how he reported the news and allowed us to decide what it meant. No stilted or biased reporting. He reported with truth and humanity. We were tired of the other national news networks and being mad at the end of each program for the way it was presented. We wanted to hear the news. We didn’t want to watch a news program that was more like Entertainment Tonight or a reality TV show. Because of your poor decision we will not watch CBS National News again.

  216. I miss Jeff Glor as news anchor on CBS.


    Noel mills MD

  218. Have ratings changed since the evening news for the different time zones??

  219. Can’t believe you replaced Jeff Glor, he is the only reason I watched Channel 6 he has class, compassion and warmth. I have gone back to watching Channel 10.

  220. This is one of the worst moves CBS has made. What a kind, intuitive, informed person Jeff Glor is. Why would you replace him with that woman? Really. You lost another viewer.

  221. Please don’t replace Jeff Glor he does a fabulous job. Unbiased clear concise reporting with a humanitarian approach. I only watch CBS news because of him

  222. The only way reason we watch the news is because of Jeff Gloor he reminds us of Chevy Chase, so sad

  223. Jeff Glor,I pvr cbs evening news so I can watch later. Jeff is one reason I watch it, his personality is electrifying in his broadcast.He is so sinser in commentating on human challenges and other topics. He is not the reason for your rating problems. If you remove him permantly you will be losing me as a viewer.

  224. We quit watching CBS news in the evening & switched over to David Muir on ABC when Jeff Glor left. We thought he was excellent & were very disappointed that CBS let him go. It is a shame that CBS did not realize what a good newscaster they had. Hope he can get on another network where he will be appreciated.

  225. Jeff Glor was good on the CBS evening news. Nora, Gail and John Dickerson were the best on CBS morning news, so why change it??? I watched CBS morning news for years but after this last shake up, I don’t watch it anymore. I just don’t care for the cast there now as of June 2019 and too often now there are different people filling in when the regulars are away on assignment. The woman that got promoted to producer seems to be doing too many changes to make a name for herself…..Trouble is, it won’t be a good name!!!

  226. I no longer watch the CBS Evening News program since Jeff Glore has been replaced.I find it boring, slow paced and no longer interesting. I always made a point of making sure I switched to CBS at 6:30 p.m. so I could watch his take on the national and international news. I no longer bother to watch CBS Nightly News. You made a BIG mistake in replacing him.

  227. BIG MISTAKE in removing Jeff Glor. And especially replacing him with haughty Nora O’Donnell. I can’t tolerate a person who seems to look down their nose at everyone and who thinks they are better than anyone else. Of all the talking heads on news shows at least Glor made you feel he was interested. Oh well another channel change in looking for the news

  228. Jeff Glor is awesome. I love his sincerity in reporting. I always looked forward to the last segment of the show. He showed such empathy and compassion. Bring him back!!!

  229. My wife and I started watching the CBS Morning show when the hosts were Charlie Rose with Nora and Gayle. We liked their focus on news rather than opinions and fluff. Likewise we were very much in favor of Jeff Glor when he replaced Scott Pelli for much the same reasons. We liked John Dickerson (from Face the Nation where he far exceeded Margaret Brennan, his replacement) when he replaced Rose because of his news focus and non threatening interview style. This was also supported by Biana when she was added. Unfortunately at this point Nora and Gayle appeared to act threatened and became more opinionated and giddy which appeared to be frowned upon by John and Biana. By the moves of Dickerson to 60 Minutes, Nora to the evening news, Brennan to Face the Nation and Glor to the Saturday morning show, CBS has given up the best talent for each show and changed the character of each show for the worse. In the future we will be watching other networks for our news.

  230. I will miss Jeff Gore unbiased reporting.
    I wish him good luck and fortune in all his future endeavors!!!

  231. I can not imagine CBS removing Jeff Glor, who to so many listeners, was one of the BEST evening news anchors on TV. I don’t believe for a minute it was because of low ratings. If Katie Couric could not carry a evening anchor newscast, I don’t know how Nora O’Donnell will do it!! Big, Big mistake CBS. She must have had some pull or you are all going way too Liberal!!

  232. That’s it. I’m done with CBS news.

  233. I miss Jeff G
    I stopped watching Ch 2 news show
    Bring Jeff back

  234. We are a Canadian family who ONLY watches Jeff Glor ! His compassion and story telling skills as well as his ‘ no rush ‘ style is why we watch ANY American news ! This would be a sad day to see him go . We would no longer watch .

  235. I prefer a serious newscaster ( in the style of Charlie Rose) and I think Jeff Glor filled that role perfectly. He was there to share the news not give his opinions and personal political preferences which come through with the banter of other broadcasters like Norah O’Donnell. Stick to news on news shows. If I wanted entertainment I would go to channels 4,5 or 7 which seem to have lost their way as morning news shows.

  236. I will miss Jeff Gore unbiased reporting.. I liked his broad cast very much. Always loved his feel good story at the end. Nora should of stayed on the morning show.

  237. Disappointing, with the news of change with Jeff Gloor. Rob Johnson was also a reason I watched the channel 2 news. I will NO LONGER Watch the CBS evening news. The ratings will definitely drop with the removal of these two amazing news reporters!!

  238. Please put Jeff Glor back on!!! He had emotions and authenticity!

  239. we no longer watch CBS evening news since Jeff Good was removed. bad decision was made. Enjoy news without having to hear the reporters obinion. Can make my own it news is correct.

  240. A huge mistake that CBS me by letting Jeff Gore go he’s very different the way he does his stories and shows emotions as well and Choisy and he always has a story that you think about he is amazing CBS wake up and smell the flowers we want him back why would you even do such a thing

  241. Its time to weigh in on removing Jeff Glor as the CBS News Anchor.

  242. CBS problem did not compete during the same time frame but chose to be aired after the other news networks. Besides Jeff Glor being an astute news anchor, David Mour should run for congress as he is off more often then anchoring the news. I hope OANN picks up on his talent. CBS ratings will not change, keep Jeff Glor, just change the air time for starters to compete.

  243. CBS problem did not compete during the same time frame but chose to be aired after the other news networks. Besides Jeff Glor being an astute news anchor, David Mour should run for congress as he is off more often then anchoring the news. I hope OANN picks up on Jeff Glor’s talent. CBS ratings will not change, keep Jeff Glor, just change the air time for starters to compete.

  244. What is wrong with you people, don’t you go out and talk to real people. And seriously moving the show from New York to DC. That will make the news more slanted and more in a bubble than network news already is. We changed to watch Jeff because he was the least oppionionated. People can read body language and tone of voice and this comes across with other anchors, especially, ODonnell. We have already switched from any of the “prime time three” and will go to other sources. Wake up media people, the American people that VOTE know crap when they see and hear it. Your only hope is to influence the young that haven’t been around the bend and rely on one 30 tv show to form their opinions of the world. I have a degree in journalism and remember a time when sources had to be identified and such sloppy one sided coverage was a joke to the news business. Here’s the jest WE KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!!! This rates right up there with ABC taking Last Man Standing off due to scheculing conflicts????? #1 show but gone, seriously,

  245. I really miss Jeff Glor and will now be switching to another channel for world news.

  246. My goodness, everyone is so invested in Jeff Glor and will not watch CBS News again if he is replaced? We’re not talking about Walter Cronkite here. The reporters in the field carry the day, not the anchor. The evening news used to be the flagship broadcast of all three networks, but now it’s not as important with the Internet. CBS News is outstanding because of its outstanding reporters, producers, videographers, and editors. Let’s focus on that and not Jeff Glor vs. Norah O’Donnell.


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