Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney Predicts the Quarterback’s Next Team

Feb 19, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Following the settlement of Colin Kaepernick’s grievance about alleged collusion by the NFL, the quarterback’s attorney Mark Geragos spoke to CNN about the case — speaking mainly in general terms because of restrictions on public comment about the settlement.

But Geragos was willing to talk about Kaepernick’s future in football, including making the prediction that he will wind up on “one of three teams.” Geragos identified just one team by name — the Carolina Panthers — but dropped hints about the other two, with one of those being the New England Patriots.

Here’s the clip, with the talkative Geragos beginning his predictions around the 4:45 mark …


  1. What ever team he lands on will lose a lot of fans. He’s mediocre at best and now carries a lot of negative baggage. His attorney must be a real dumb ass. The Patriots? Oh sure.

  2. Fine for him to go to New England. Most of the country hates them anyway!

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