Stunner: Arrest Warrant Issued for New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft

Feb 22, 2019  •  Post A Comment

An arrest warrant has been issued for Robert Kraft, owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, who was named in a prostitution sting, TMZ reports.

“Officials say Kraft is accused of soliciting a prostitute on at least 2 separate occasions at a massage parlor in Florida roughly ‘a month ago,'” TMZ reports, adding: “Cops say they have obtained evidence from body cam video and surveillance that has been conducted over the last several months.”

The report notes that the State’s Attorney has the warrant, which will be sent to Kraft’s home in Massachusetts. TMZ quotes Jupiter, Fla., Police Chief Daniel Kerr saying Kraft will be charged with two counts of “soliciting another to commit prostitution.”

A spokesperson for Kraft told the publication Kraft denies the allegations. The spokesperson is quoted saying: “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

The report notes that multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the operation, including Homeland Security, the IRS, the Jupiter Police Department and the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, among others.

In a video report posted online by WPTV, Chief Kerr updates the media on the investigation. He begins taking questions at 2:35 in the clip, and immediately gets specific about the allegations against Kraft. You can watch the clip below …



  2. I have a new use of the term, “WTF” ….
    “Whore Town Florida”

  3. Hey, if I was a 77 year-old billionaire I’d be so proud that I got caught in a whole house, I would stand on the tallest building and scream it to anyone that would listen. Hey everyone I’m 77, I’ve got more money than I can possibly spend and I just got a giant Bonner!!! And if my girlfriend doesn’t like it, she can go find another billionaire to pay her bills hahaha ! You go Mr. Kraft, I’m 70, and I wish I had what you have !!! 😉

  4. Another Republican fat cat who can’t get any at home.

  5. Hey Fred,
    Robert Kraft is a Democrat fat cat who can’t get any at home. Do a bit of research.

  6. Are they serious that this sting was conducted by homeland security as well? What a waste of tax payers money!

    Havent they got real criminals to catch rather than a 77 year old man looking to get a massage and a hand job ??

  7. Yes, they have real criminals to catch. He happened to pick a massage parlor that is part of Trump’s initiative to stop trafficking of women for prostitution from other countries. He has put together a task force of FBI, ICE, and other law enforcement people to catch the traffickers. Kraft just picked the wrong place and got an unhappy ending.

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