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‘The View’ Fixture Hit With Blackface Scandal

Feb 7, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Another high-profile television personality has waded into a scandal over the issue of blackface — the same issue that brought an end to Megyn Kelly’s rocky tenure at NBC. This time the controversy surrounds Joy Behar, a longtime co-host of ABC’s “The View.”

Jon Levine, media editor for TheWrap, wrote on his Twitter account: “Joy Behar admitted during a taping of The View in 2016 to dressing as a ‘beautiful African woman’ at a Halloween party when she was 29 which involved makeup ‘that was a little bit darker than my skin.’”

The tweet includes a brief clip of the segment featuring a photo of Behar in the makeup, which you can see below.

The AP reports that Behar and ABC were keeping mum about the incident today.

“The 76-year-old didn’t mention the clip on Thursday’s show, one day after an editor for the entertainment website TheWrap tweeted the three-year-old segment of Behar discussing a resurgence of curly hair,” the AP reports. “During the 2016 segment, Behar displayed a 1970s-era photo of herself at a Halloween party when she was 29. She says that the hair was her own and that she had dressed as a ‘beautiful African woman.’”

The report adds: “Critics were quick to point out that NBC cut ties with host Megyn Kelly last year after she created a furor by suggesting that it was OK for white people to wear blackface on Halloween.”

The report notes that Florida Secretary of State Michael Ertel resigned in January after a photo surfaced in which he wore blackface and dressed as a “Hurricane Katrina victim.”

“Other white celebrities who have been called out for using blackface include Julianne Hough, who in 2012 dressed as characters from Netflix’s ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ and ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star LuAnn De Lesseps, who dressed as Diana Ross for Halloween in 2017,” the AP adds.

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  1. This will be VERY interesting to see how ABC handles this. They are really over a barrel here. And it’s not like Behar hasn’t said about 500 ignorant, controversial or insensitive things before this came out. I doubt ABC has the moral fiber to cut the cord with her though. After all, The View is watched by more people than Rosanne’s show ever was (hahaha) and is worth THOUSANDS of Venezuelan dollars to ABC. 🙂

  2. Cut her some slack. She’s a liberal. Liberals can do and say anything they wants and her fellow members of the liberal media will back her 100%. She probably won’t even get a slap on the wrist. Maybe she might even get a pay raise for being so “honest” about it. One other comment. She said, “she had dressed as a ‘beautiful African woman.’” Her opinion that she was beautiful leads one to wonder what she was high on when she made that statement. Her mirror was probably broken.

  3. NBC fired Megan Kelly for just discussing this on her show. AL Roker said that there is no excuse and that black face is always wrong no matter what. Virginia has a huge problem with this right now and it will cost them. Democrats and left wing progressives are always talking about justice being done except when it is one of they’re own. Then they clam up.. the hypocrisy is deafening. I bet ABC gives her a free pass.

  4. OH PLEASE!!! This is NOT “black face”. It is Behar dressed as a lovely black woman for Halloween. It isn’t disrespectful, not racist, and I do not believe Joy Behar is a racist. Do a little research on what “black face” really is. It is not this.

  5. It’s ok because “that was a little bit darker than my skin”. The Governor of Virginia is ok because he has changed. How long after the yearbook did he change? Was it just about the time he decided to get into politics? Was it him in the photo or was he photoshopped out overnight. The excuses are the funniest parts every time a celebrity or politician gets caught. No matter which side of the aisle they are on.

  6. oh, please. any excuse to disrespect this outspoken teacher comedian, anti-liberals will bite like bloody leeches. she did nothing wrong.

  7. I can’t stand Joy Behar. I think she is one of the least intelligent people I’ve ever seen on TV. But I am tired of the PC nonsense about what someone did 40 years ago. So many people are quick to thump their chest and feign outrage for the smallest reasons. Too many stories about people being raked over the coals for something they said a lifetime ago have been popping up. It’s quite ridiculous.

  8. People blasting Liberal Behar, are likely the same Conservatives who are perfectly okay with what their Messiah, #45, says and does everyday. Al Franken gets quickly railroaded by his own party, while the GOP allows it’s fuhrer to continue to run wildly in the streets. Sick of the double standards exhibited by countless people on our seriously disturbed planet. I’m not always the biggest fan if Behar’s, but what she did is even remotes the same as what’s going on in Virginia. Cut her some damn slack

  9. whats good for the goose is good for the gander…. what goes around comes around….. i,m just saying dems who live in glass houses should not throw stones…

  10. even shoe polish couldn’t help that face 😁

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