Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plummet Since Conclusion of Mueller Investigation. Meanwhile, a Competitor’s Ratings Soar

Mar 28, 2019  •  Post A Comment

MSNBC show host Rachel Maddow “isn’t backing away from her coverage of President Donald Trump and any connection to Russia’s involvement in trying to influence the 2016 presidential campaign,” writes David Bauder for the Associated Press, adding, “The question is how much her fans want to listen.”

The story explains: “Maddow’s audience has dipped on her two days back on the air since Attorney General William Barr reported that special counsel Robert Mueller had found no collusion between Trump and Russia’s efforts. Her audience of 2.5 million on Monday was 19 percent below her average this year, and it went down further to 2.3 million on Tuesday, the Nielsen company said.”

On the other side of the ledger Bauder writes: “Meanwhile, her head-to-head competitor on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity, saw his audience soar on Monday to 4 million viewers, a 32 percent increase from his average. It slipped to 3.57 million on Tuesday.”

As Bauder notes, “Hannity and Maddow have run neck-and-neck atop the cable news ratings this year, with Maddow having the slight edge.”




  1. Good. She is out of her mind….but so is Sean…

    • From what I’ve observed over the course of my life, being out of your mind is a prerequisite for being involved in politics.

      I supposed that also holds true for those who focus on reporting politics as well.

  2. If all were equal which they are not I would watch Rachael M over Mr Hannitty anytime.And to those people who need instant gratification by making decisions about what the future will decide based on overnight ratings…..,You Need to wait a month or two or even longer to see what the ratings of these shows will be in for in regards to Rachael, to us And lastly to mr Trump/ mr hannitty( kind of like 2 tails on 1 coin,,,,,especially IF we get any descent about of “ the Mueller Report” Bar any withholdings from Barr

  3. I’m still seething for allowing myself to be sucked into trusting Rahael Maddow. For almost 2 years I was glued to the TV watching CNN and MSNBC (especially Rachael) assure me they had proof positive that the Trump administration was going down. Now I learn it was 2 years worth of lies. All Maddow did was give Trump an arsenal full of weapons and ammunition to support his claims about “fake news.” I don’t know where I will be getting my news from here on out but I will no longer watch either CNN or MSNBC.

  4. I see a bumper sticker that reads “I resist” and think that I need the same bumper sticker — with another one right below it, so that the two read : “I resist Truth resisters.” What could be more obvious about their being Truth resisters ( NOT Truth tellers, and Rachel is not one ) than claiming their hearts weep for children in cages but not for children being torn apart, literally limb by limb in wombs? They LIE and they lie incessantly, and their fighting to deny the voting populace the Constitional Right to a peaceful rule of Law after legally electing their president is merely MORE hypocrisy and treason.
    It’s exactly the same as when conspirators in High Office assassinated JFK after we, the people, narrowly elected him, simply because they didn’t like JFK’s ALSO being “a mover and a shaker” — then lying to us some MORE, of course, about the patsy being the only one pulling a trigger — killing the patsy off also, within two days, to silence his exposure of their treason. They are exactly of the same mindset. THEY are murderous of human Rights and Life — lacking of any sound logic, sanity, & righteousness. When Gore lost narrowly to the dork who somehow, ( AMAZINGLY, ) mere months later ducked taking responsibility for 9/11, Gore wasn’t malignant, like Hillary and her pack of hyenas have been. There was probably SERIOUS voter fraud in Florida, but Gore was still a gentleman : he respected The Rule of Law and did not LIE, cheat and Resist The Rule of Law — the election process completed by the American people — attempting to Steal The Freedom of election from The People, which IS Treason. By the fruits shall we know if the tree is good or evil. Just keep watching the fruit that’s coming out. More Americans die from drug overdoses each year because of drugs coming over the border than Americans who died on 9/11, ( because of that cheating dork — and his brother in Florida — — the dork who may even have been a conspirator. Read up on Mueller and 9/11 cover-up aftermath in which he participated. ) Just WHO ARE THE REAL PATRIOTS? The fruits : look at the fruits. Evil fruit comes from evil trees.

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