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Smollett Legal Team Blasts State’s Case, Wins Ruling on Cameras in Court

Mar 12, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A judge on Tuesday agreed to allow cameras in the courtroom for “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s next hearing on charges that he lied to police about what was portrayed as a racist and homophobic attack Jan. 29 in Chicago.

Smollett faces 16 felony counts in the case, as we reported previously. Mark Geragos, one of Smollett’s attorneys, has characterized the indictment as “prosecutorial overkill.”

In court today, Tina Glandian, another attorney for Smollett, argued for cameras in the courtroom, saying they would allow the public to “see the evidence and the lack thereof.” The AP reports that both sides agreed on the issue of cameras for the next hearing, scheduled for Thursday.

“During that hearing, the case will be assigned to a trial judge who will then likely ask Smollett to enter a plea,” the AP reports. “Judge LeRoy Martin Jr. said Tuesday that the new judge will decide whether or not to allow cameras in the courtroom during subsequent hearings and the trial.”

Glandian was quoted telling reporters after today’s hearing that the evidence presented against Smollett is “demonstrably false.”

The AP report quotes Glandian saying: “We welcome cameras in the courtroom so that the public and the media can see the actual evidence and what we believe is the lack of evidence against Mr. Smollett and we look forward to complete transparency and the truth coming out.”


  1. This will be the last time this jerk is in front of cameras.

  2. This schmendrick is going down in flames, but true to his craft, wants to do it on camera and ensure that he gets a book deal from this poor excuse for a circus that he created.

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