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‘SNL’ Accused of Plagiarizing Lewd Sketches

Mar 15, 2019  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is being accused of joke theft, with the attorney for the founders of a comedy team known as Temple Horses contacting the network to point out similarities between two “SNL” sketches and two clips posted by his clients to YouTube.

In both cases the sketches in question concern lewd themes. Variety reports that a “Saturday Night Live” sketch called “The Pumpkin Patch,” which aired last October, is “about a pumpkin patch where the employees, much to the consternation of the proprietor, engage in sexual intercourse with the product. ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ was lewd, funny, and seasonally appropriate. But according to Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman, it was something else — theft.”

Ruggia and Hoffman are the founders of Temple Horses, whose material can be found on YouTube by clicking here. The troupe posted a clip four years ago called “F—ing a Pumpkin,” also referred to as “Not Trying to F— This Pumpkin,” which they say is similar to the “SNL” bit.

Also at issue are similarities between the “SNL” sketch “Pound Puppies” and a Temple Horses sketch called “Pet Blinders.” All of the sketches, both from “SNL” and from Temple Horses, can be found on YouTube.

Hoffman told Variety: “Imagine, one day you come home and it looks like somebody’s robbed your house. What do you want from that situation? We feel like somebody took our stuff, and this isn’t the kind of thing where you can just get it back or call your insurance company to have it replaced, so at this point we’re just speaking out about it.”

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