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Why a Classic Episode of ‘The Simpsons’ Is Being Pulled From Syndication, DVD and Streaming

Mar 8, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The team behind “The Simpsons” is pulling an episode out of circulation because it features a guest appearance by Michael Jackson. TMZ reports that the decision was “made by the show’s honchos in the wake of ‘Leaving Neverland.'”

The controversial HBO documentary, which premiered March 3 on the pay-cable channel, revives allegations of child abuse by Jackson. HBO has been sued by the Jackson estate over the film.

“‘Simpsons’ executive producer James L. Brooks says he made the call after watching the 2-part HBO documentary about Jackson’s alleged molestation of Wade Robson and James Safechuck,” TMZ reports. “The 1991 episode features Jackson voicing the character Leon Kompowsky.”

The episode is “Stark Raving Dad,” from season three.

“Creator Matt Groening and producer Al Jean were in agreement with Brooks to pull it, with Brooks telling The Wall Street Journal … ‘There are a lot of great memories we have wrapped up in that one, and this certainly doesn’t allow them to remain,'” TMZ reports.

The report notes that Jackson’s appearance in the episode was uncredited for contractual reasons and remained unconfirmed until years later.

The process is under way to pull the episode from syndication, DVD and streaming, TMZ notes.


  1. There’s a difference between being accused and being guilty. Apparently the Simpsons’ creators forgot Jackson was acquitted, or they believe all documentaries is true, unbiased journalism – wrong!

  2. Suddenly the price of a particular used Simpsons DVD has gone through the ceiling.

    This is ridiculous.

  3. I can understand them pulling it from broadcasts, and maybe even from streaming — but I strongly disagree with pulling it from the DVD sets. If I buy a season set of a TV show on DVD or Blu-Ray, I expect to get the whole d**mned season, not the season minus whatever episodes the producers have now decided are no longer appropriate for whatever reason. And considering how much the market for TV shows on discs has plummeted in recent years, I figure that the people buying these sets are also the loyal fans who really want the complete season.

  4. Lisa Simpson stated when Homer was falsely accused of sexual harassment in a 1995 episode “the media is making a monster out of you because they don’t care about the truth. All they care about is entertainment”. That’s what is happening with Michael.

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