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Before She Was Fired, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tried to Quit ‘The View’ During a Commercial Break — Here’s Her Expletive-Filled Tirade

Apr 5, 2019  •  Post A Comment

In a drama that began on the air and continued backstage, Elisabeth Hasselbeck got in a heated argument with “The View” fixture Barbara Walters over the morning-after pill, then stormed off the set, unleashed an expletive-filled tirade and said she was quitting the show.

Video of the on-air segment and audio of the backstage drama were posted by Variety — you can hear and see it below, but it comes with a language warning.

The incident took place in 2006. Hasselbeck, who took exception to what she saw as an on-air reprimand by Walters, tore up her notes and left the set, later saying she was quitting the show. She was apparently talked out of it, and remained with the program for several years. Hasselbeck was eventually fired from “The View” in 2013.

Here’s the clip …


  1. Hasselbeck is a child

  2. I love how the ones that love to tell others how to behave morally are always the worst. Never trust a moral trumpeter.

  3. Walters (as usual) tried to be the Imperial Queen and acted in a totally disrespectful way showing again that despite her “image”, she really had NO class. The show was designed to be a “discussion” and Hasselbeck was hired to provide a point of view. She did and Walters talked down to her like a child.. Hasselbeck was hurt and embarrassed as most anyone would have been. Walters should have apologized for the “lecture”.
    Behar proved the notion that even with differences, people can be decent and classy.

  4. I guess now I’m not surprised when I saw the picture of Barbara Walters with George Soros, The Gates, Rothchilds family and a few more of the 1% elite trying to take over the other 99% of us. I see what her purpose now was, and I quit watching The View shortly after radical Whoopie Goldberg joined it, boy was she a disappointment! Hasslebeck did the right thing by getting away from that show and I’m sure her mental health and relationship with God is much stronger for it today!!!

  5. Barbara was clearly wrong and took no ownership.

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