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McDonald’s April Fools’ Prank Falls Flat

Apr 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

McDonald’s appears to have angered some customers with an April Fools’ joke that had people looking forward to something the company’s Australian unit announced as the “McPickle Burger.”

McDonald’s Australia took to social media to announce the new sandwich — you can see the Instagram post below.

Along with an enticing video of the pickle-heavy sandwich, the company posted a message saying: “Pickle lovers, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. We’re super stoked to announce the launch of our brand new McPickle Burger. It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns. It’s sure to be a treat for all your senses.”

But the U.K. publication The Daily Mirror reports that people began responding that they couldn’t wait to eat one, which was followed by anger when word got out that the sandwich wasn’t real. McDonald’s later added a comment saying the McPickle was “available until yesterday.”

Some online users began insisting that McDonald’s offer the McPickle for real. The report quotes other users commenting: “Omfg if this is april fools joke imma be mad” and “Cruel this isn’t real.”

Here’s the Instagram post …


  1. Why on earth would anyone with an ounce of grey matter remotely think this was an actual product?

    Let alone want one?

    • Because they like pickles? Seems pretty easy to figure out.

      • Easier to figure out that it wasn’t real

  2. I can’t imagine getting upset over it…even if I thought it was real and wanted it.

  3. If people hear a joke product announcement and say “I want that, take my money” a smart company will figure out how to make the joke real. Considering McDonald’s already has everything they need to make this sandwich and people want to try it, the next part should be obvious.

  4. Even with all those pickles you still can’t kill the taste of that terrible piece of meat. Take note Burger King, Wendy’s, Hardee,s and all of you other berger joints.

    • Read the description. There is no meat.

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