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Netflix Under Fire After Viewers Are Shocked by Footage in New Series

Apr 9, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Netflix was hit with a wave of blowback after viewers were shocked by footage of walruses falling to their deaths in the new docuseries “Our Planet.”

A sample of the footage is contained in the short behind-the-scenes clip that you can watch below.

TMZ reports that the series, which came out Friday, “documents the effects of climate change on wildlife around the globe. One episode focuses on Russian walruses that are dying off due to receding ice levels.

“In covering the epidemic, filmmakers recorded several walruses scaling rocky cliffs near the ocean, and some of them fell over the ledge … leaving them seriously injured or even dead from the impact.”

Viewers reported being traumatized by the footage, with a number of them taking to social media to voice complaints about the series.

“Do not recommend the new David Attenborough series on Netflix, just watched walruses fall down an 80m cliff (in slow mo) because they can’t see where they’re going well out of water and I’m emotionally unstable,” wrote one Twitter user.

TMZ adds: “Some critics accuse the producers of emotional manipulation and twisting facts … and that includes some zoologists and prominent environmentalists, who claim the walrus scene is out of context.

“For instance, Dr. Susan Crockford went public this week saying the walruses filmed for this scene were falling off the cliff to escape polar bears … not because climate change is reducing their natural icy habitat. Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, backed that up too.”

Netflix insists the series is legit, and says the walruses will remain in the production, TMZ reports.

“Netflix is standing firm behind what they say is a documented fact — that walruses are being forced to gather on land because there’s less ice available … which leaves them in unfamiliar, dangerous territory,” TMZ reports. “Additionally, Netflix tells us the “Our Planet” team worked with a seasoned Russian biologist who’s worked on that stretch of coastline — and with those walruses — for 35 years.”

Here is the behind-the-scenes clip, which includes the warning “This video contains scenes that some viewers may find difficult to watch” …


  1. What we are seeing here is the ostrich mentality. If we don’t see it it doesn’t count and we can send thoughts and prayers. The shootings, the climate change the impacts that our decisions create, must be looked at so we can realize the consequences. Maybe if we were all horrified enough there would be fewer minutes of silence, thoughts and prayers and actual actions,

    • No need to see this film. Standard nature footage politicized to get a rise out of people. And when you and your fellow snowflakes begin to raise your children in Christian homes with Christian values, maybe then we will have fewer moments of silence.

      • Even better, you’re commenting on something you’ve never even seen.

        I think Alex would make a great film critic. “Yeah, I didn’t watch the film, but it was terrible and no one should see it, because I’m religious and that makes sense to me.” *throws bible at movie-going dissenters*

  2. anthropogenic global warming is a hoax and a tool of leftest power hungry cult of mindless sheep

    • Thank you Jazmine. I don’t believe in climate change, but if I did, God has given us this planet to use as we see fit. Humans are sovereign, we rule earth. We use the planet to serve our needs, not the needs of lowly animals. While I don’t want them to suffer, I will not prioritize the welfare and happiness of people over my own species. I will not worry about a walrus when I have family here to in America to feed and nurture.

      • I love your take, Alex. Selfish as selfish gets with no comprehension or respect for the importance of harmony with the natural world. You know, the rest of creation that God (©) in all of his infinite wisdom endeavored to bring about. Back when everything was pure and we lived in harmony with the beasts. Or have you forgotten that part of our fake history?

  3. The producers have an agenda and aren’t going to let something as silly as facts get in the way of that.

    Pure propaganda, and hopefully someday this will be seen in the same way as the Disney lemming footage,

    • What silly facts are getting in the way?

  4. Maybe those who are emotionally unstable (self-described or otherwise) shouldn’t watch nature shows. The rest of us don’t need reality sanitized for our protection. Reality… meaning the world and the universe it’s in… isn’t a pleasant place. Only the humanity of civilization makes it seem so.

  5. Do any of you have proof that there is no such thing as global warming ?

  6. The climate is changing. it’s been changing since the earth formed. Whether humans are the true cause and can stop it from happening is up for some debate. I remember in Elementary School being told that all the air pollution was going to bring on another ice age. anyone my age can remember major cities having smog so thick you couldn’t see the buildings. So much has been done to clean up the environment since then. Can more be done? Yes. Will it make a difference? That we don’t know for sure. We can all do our part. Stop littering for one. Get a water filter for your home & quit using bottled water. Getting upset because a nature show has the harsh reality of the world? Get a life. Bad things happen, even to cute animals.

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