Showrunner Blasts Writers Guild’s ‘McCarthy-Like Tone’

Apr 30, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The showrunner on a major broadcast drama series lashed out at the Writers Guild of America in an email. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Glenn, the showrunner on CBS’s “SEAL Team,” called out the guild for what he described as its “somewhat McCarthy-like tone.”

Glenn also said he felt lied to and threatened by the guild, THR adds.

“But he also noted in an interview that the guild was making valid points and the agency business needed to change,” the article reports.

THR reports: “The undated email was addressed and sent to WGA board member David Slack on April 16, said Glenn in an interview, as Slack had reached out to Glenn to see if he had signed the guild’s required talent agency termination letter. The guild delivered termination letters April 22 to the agencies from what it said were 7,000 of its 8,800 members who had agents. Glenn, who has an overall deal at CBS and previously at Universal Television, said he did not sign a termination letter until April 23.”

Glenn is quoted telling THR: “I’m so conflicted. Agents have been instrumental in my success. [And] agents are very helpful in staffing. You depend on them to present you with new talent.”

But THR notes that Glenn also said that “there needs to be an evolution. Packaging needs to change. And at the end of the day, it’s only going to get solved through negotiation. Like a lot of members, we want to get the parties talking.”


  1. Agencies used to represent writers now they represent the studios and networks. The WGA is totally correct to try to change it back to the old model. Writers are not servsnts employed by agencies!

    • I’d say it’s pretty obvious that agencies really represent… agencies.

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