‘SNL’ Goes After ‘The View’ — and ‘The View’ Responds

Apr 22, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The ladies of ABC’s “The View” found themselves in the crosshairs of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” which parodied “The View” on the April 14 show. And based on a clip posted today by “The View,” which you can watch below, the show’s co-hosts generally took it well.

Here’s the clip, which starts with a brief segment of the “SNL” bit that was replayed on “The View” …


  1. The View is a terrible show. And the SNL parody was below average. And yes, Behar is right, she should have been played by a man.

  2. The “I” “ME” “MY” GIRL is such a waste of air. Can we please see a running meter of every time she says I, ME. MY or tells us again who her father was, and a flag when she does her 2 year old take over. That would be entertaining, a little. We have heard everything she has to say at least a few dozen times on and off her meds.
    Will someone please explain to her that a “POLITICAL ANIMAL” is not a great thing. A politician will spend your and you child’s lunch money. A political animal will smile at you while they feed you, your child!
    Please post a notice about the days she will be away, So many of us will tune in again then.

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