Talk Show Host Files for Divorce

Apr 12, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A popular talk show host who has been in the spotlight lately for a number of personal issues has filed for divorce. The AP reports that Wendy Williams filed to divorce her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter.

Williams, 54, and Hunter, 46, who is also her manager, have a 19-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

“Her attorney, Mary Vidas, says the papers were filed in Essex County, New Jersey, where the talk show diva has a home,” the AP reports. “Vidas would not comment further on what she called ‘a private family matter.’”

The report quotes a representative for “The Wendy Williams Show” saying, “Kevin is supportive of Wendy and they are working through this process together.”

Williams, who has taken time off from her show recently to deal with health concerns, revealed last month that she was living in a sober house as she battled addiction issues.

“Williams recently told her audience that she was ‘still very much in love’ with her husband and that her wedding ring wasn’t ‘going anywhere,'” the AP notes.

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  1. I don’t understand that. Why would she continue to wear a wedding ring when she and her husband are getting divorced? If she loves him so much that even the ring does not want to take off, then let them continue to be together. Very strange.

    When I divorced my husband, I immediately took off my wedding ring. Why keep wearing it? Yes, my husband did not become a stranger to me, because we have common children. But I am no longer his wife, and he is no longer my husband. So we decided to part ways not to live together anymore, we got acquainted with the nuances of a divorce in our state https://paonlinedivorce.com/how-to-get-a-divorce-in-penylvania/ (thanks to the author, everything is written very clearly) … And then we decided not to take off the rings as a sign of great love for each other, it’s funny)) It seems that we are not together, but we will not have life with other people))

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