Former ‘CBS Evening News’ Anchor Jeff Glor Finds a Landing Spot

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The questions about where Jeff Glor would end up — and particularly about whether he would remain with CBS — have been answered. Glor, who recently was replaced as anchor of “CBS Evening News,” will remain with the network, landing a spot on “CBS This Morning: Saturday.”

Deadline reports that Glor will be co-hosting the weekly program with Dana Jacobson and Michelle Miller.

“Glor also has been named CBS News Special Correspondent, in which capacity he will report feature stories and investigative reports for the network,” Deadline reports. “He starts his new gig June 22.”

Deadline adds: “In the coming weeks, Glor will begin a new ongoing series for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms under the banner ‘Who We Are,’ CBS News chief Susan Zirinsky said in today’s announcement. That franchise will feature stories similar to his reporting on Gold Star families and people across the country who are ‘defying the odds,’ the announcement described. And, Glor will work with the CBS News investigative unit on reports such as his recent examination of the National Flood Insurance Program, which sparked congressional action.”

Glor signed off as anchor of “CBS Evening News” on May 10, with Norah O’Donnell to replace him and the show moving to Washington.

Jeff Glor (CBS)


  1. I was very disappointed that Jeff Glor was released. From the evening news but happy to hear I will be seeing him again?

  2. Horrible, Mr. Glor was the best news reporting in years…..sooo upset and why, did he get a better offer…..he was credible, professional, intelligent and simpatico. Oh no, I don’t like the now correspondent and she is not credible nor does she show feelings of a human heart. Very upset and too bad for that time slot is soo important.
    Need more info as to Mr. Glorianni new assignment.
    One more lost for great news reporting. CBS is really in need of better leadership.

    • Did you even proof read your comment before posting it ?

  3. Jeff Glor is worthy of MUCH more than Saturday morning when people are busy with errands, housework, etc. No comparison to laid-back Sunday mornings! I was very disappointed that he was replaced, I loved his style and credibility. I like Norah, but Jeff will be made an offer by another news outfit, and I hope in the evening.

  4. Wish he had taken an offer from another network and told CBS to go pound salt.

  5. Jeff Glor is a great newscaster..
    We will be watching another evening
    News program as not fond of Nora.

  6. So glad Jeff landed on CBS, he is the best, really enjoyed his reporting. Nora just doesn’t do it for me, nor reporting from Washington. Best of luck to Jeff!

  7. Very arbitrary and thoughtless treatment of a very fine newsman. Will give Nora a miss in the evening.

  8. Sad to see Jeff Glor leave the evening news
    He was great
    Don’t like Nora

  9. Jeff Glor was great.

    No longer watch CBS world news go to NBC world with Lester Holt.

    Many more will change after the stunt CBS

  10. Jeff Glor was” lame”, for lack of better words. Boring. No personality. A tad bit arrogent.

  11. So, so happy Jeff Glor will have a brand new platform for his special reporting skills. CTM Saturday will also be great for him, a nice team. I am not a big fan of Gayle King, (she needs a talk show somewhere besides CTM). The new men to the morning are great , but I do a lot of fast forwarding.

  12. Very disappointed in CBS releasing Jeff Glor. He is a good anchor, professional and credible.
    Putting a women in that slot doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
    Ill be watching ABC.

  13. Nora O’Donnell REALLY!!! What were you thinking!!! Comes across very cold, impersonal and calculating. Why mess up a good thing that you had going with Jeff with being very personable and caring. Will switch to ABC till Saturdays so can watch Jeff.. Huge mistake you made!!!

  14. Jeff was simply the best at what he did, I will definitely not watch CBS evening news, after yrs of watching CBS this morning I have switched to good morning America.

  15. So glad to see Jeff again but….wish he was on a different channel…..he was not treated with respect i feel…still…….glad he’s back!!!!

  16. Are you kidding me Saturday mornings who watches Saturday mornings. I remember watching him in Binghamton New York. He should be back on Evening News that’s where he belongs and that’s where everybody watched him. Jeff you deserve better than this.

  17. We are so disappointed with the most recent changes to CBS Evening News. We really sorry when John Dickerson left the newscast, but had come to like and respect Jeff Glor for his intelligence, warmth and his integrity. He deserves better than a Saturday morning program.

  18. Disappointed to hear that Jeff is no longer on the evening news, really liked him as the news broadcaster.

  19. Not sure if you’ll read this CBS, or if you care but here it is..
    I like CBS news and have watched it for years. Jeff Glor was doing really well and added a humaneness to your broadcast that no one else has been able to do. You really made a bad derision to remove him. Your bad ratings will increase Im sure. Changing networks because of this decision.

  20. I was very disappointed that Jeff Glor was pulled from the evening news. I adored him and he was a top notch anchor. I am happy to hear he’s staying on with CBS and look forward to his compassionate nature in reporting stories.

  21. I miss Jeff already! He was REAL and human and caring…all things Nora is not. Bad choice!

  22. What a shame. Jeff glory is the only reason I watched CBS evening news. I’ll watch ABC from now on

  23. Jeff was good. Cannot see Nora doing better. Liked her in the morning.

  24. Agree will miss Jeff Glor and will not watch Nora O’lack Of integrity.

  25. We sure miss him of the CBS evening news…… yes , he was why we checked into the
    the CBS news…… I don’t understand why that decision was made

  26. Jeff Glor will be sorely missed on the evening news. I am sure you will regret this decision. It has been years since I have seen a more professional, caring and non-biased anchor on our news, and we really need that in today’s world. A bad decision on your part.

  27. When Jeff was let go from the CBS morning news program, I was upset. I use to watch it every morning Monday through Friday and when the decision was made to replace him with Gail King and Nora O’Donnell, I thought “what is CBS doing?”. Jeff hung in there with CBS and when he landed the CBS evening news I was very excited for him. He is a man of character, caring character. That is something that you just don’t see much of anymore. I probably would’ve told CBS what they could do with their offer and move to another network. Enough is enough! How many times can you stomp a man in the ground and expect him to stay with you? CBS, you think your ratings were not good enough with Jeff, watch what happens with Nora! You will be dead last! Local news will have better ratings than you. Hope you enjoy it. As the Bible says, “you reap what you sow”. Jeff, if you read this, please don’t turn down a good offer from another network. I will watch you wherever you go. I think you’re a good man and a good reporter with morals and ethics. Just so you know.

  28. I miss Jeff Glor on the evening news. I switched to CBS evening news when he was there, because I think he gave the news better and more grace than any other news anchor. He reported with the dignity and grace that appealed to my ways than others. He will be greatly missed.
    Judith Miller

  29. He is a great reporter and anchor. We are very unhappy he was pulled from the nightly news. And We don’t like nora, very cold

  30. I feel very sad that CBS dropped Jeff from evening news. I found he was the only anchor who tried not to put his spin on the news. I thought he was one of the most honest and ethical people reporting today. Glad he still got a job on Saturday mornings and maybe another network will see how good he is and get a better evening slot for him. It takes an extraordinary person to stay with a network who axed him in a more popular spot. I give him so much credit.

  31. Jeff Glor was the best CBS had to offer. Replacing him with nora, are you serious? This is a mistake CBS will regret and whoever made the decision should be replaced, maybe with Jeff Glor. Anyone who has read all of these comments will agree that the general consensus does not bode well for nora at the helm of the CBS evening news and hope for improved ratings. I agree with the comments made because anyone that has observed nora would have to agree that she comes across as cold and calculating. Jeff Glor will succeed in all his future ventures because he is honest, fair, intelligent, and charismatic. I will be watching any program Jeff is on, which I will do the opposite with anything nora is on.

  32. I agree that Jeff Glor was far superior to Nora and whoever else has replaced him on the CBS evening news. Jeff is very kind, impartial and seemed to love his job. The ones who have replaced him have not shown that. Jeff made you feel like he was a personal family friend. Time for me to switch networks for the news.

  33. Jeff was great! We loved watching his unbiased news reporting, integrity and empathy. We switched to CBS for Jeff. Nora has not a warm and fuzzy feeling in her. She comes off as cold and impersonal. I don’t know why the new head of CBS felt it was necessary to change as they did but they may want to look at all their female anchors who come off as Iron Maiden’s! We need more in this day and age, a little warmth and caring would serve you well.

  34. My husband and I were very disappointed to see Jeff be replaced. I will probably stop taping evening news and go to 24 hour news coverage on MSNBC or CNN. Nancy

  35. We thought Jeff Glor was the best for the CBS evening news since Cronkite! Replacing him can only be poor CBS management.

  36. Jeff was the best! I am no longer watching CBS evening news. Hopefully another network will pick him up for the evening news.

  37. I join with so many others in being disappointed that CBS Evening News has replaced Jeff Glor with Nora O’Donnell. We’ll be joining so many others in finding another evening news program to watch.
    Nora presents an arrogant facade. She presents herself as being “better than”…and we don’t need any more of that. I can’t even wish her “the best”.
    On the other hand, once more I watched Jeff on CBS This Morning Saturday. He presents “a real” delivery. Thanks Jeff for staying available to us.

  38. july8,2019 i am sad to see that Jeff Glor has been replaced. He was the greatest anchor i have ever seen. I will now watch another favorite on abc news. this was a poor move on your part. he was and intern here at channel 12, and he was superb then. very sad!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I am so glad to read all these comments! When I learned of Jeff Glor’s release from CBS’s Evening news,I too was appalled.He is the main reason that I continued to watch CBS Evening news nightly without missing one episode.I will give CBS Saturday Morning a view to see how he fares because he is worthy of my continued loyality wherever he decides to do his special style of broadcasting. Blessings on him.

  40. I think CBS made a big BooBoo taking Jeff Glor off the evening news He did an excellent job keeping us informed. Should he get hired by another station, I’ll for sure be watching God Bless, Good Luck, Stay Safe

  41. Jeff was great, although I like Nora she does not have the charm Jeff has,
    CBS you messed up this one, whoever made the decision to release Jeff from the evening news needs a reality check

  42. I will miss Jeff he always showed how we all should have a heart and I don’t like Nora she doesn’t seem to have that same kind of heart stop watching it now. Really 😢.


  44. We miss you and wish the best for you. Glad that you are still with CBS and look forward to seeing you on the shows.
    Doris & Gale Bandy, Sanford, Florida

  45. Miss you Jeff. It’s not the same compassionated and caring news correspondence. Jeff added a personal touch to this evening news. Not the same for me after our local news here in Cincinnati, Ohio. There was a family and personal flow with the news. Now I’m afraid that I will be looking for another channel for world news. GOOD LUCK JEFF. And, you have my permission to post.

  46. I join all the voices who felt blind-sided and betrayed to hear that Jeff Glor was being replaced. He was the best news anchor on the air – by far. I always felt his humanity, integrity and fairness come through in his broadcasts and looked forward to the news every evening. I am giving Nora O’Donnell a chance, but every evening when I watch the news now, I can’t help feeling the loss and saying aloud that I miss Jeff. I always felt good after watching him, even when the news might have been depressing. His attitude and delivery gave me hope. He was a genuinely nice person and I miss him. Whatever thought processes went into getting rid of him were way off base. I am afraid CBS will not find anyone else to do a better job or bring about whatever it is they want. Any problems CBS may have had were not because of Jeff. He was sacrificed for no good reason and it still makes me very sad.

  47. CBS is STILL number three in the ratings and will remain there with Ms. O’Donnell. Many, many changes at the anchor desk and nothing changes! Perhaps a few layers of upper management should be let go instead of everyone else taking the “fall”. Jeff Glor is a better newsman than to be isolated on Saturday mornings. Just think of the money CBS wastes on upper management. Get out Jeff…..you’re better than all of this!

  48. ABC and NBC networks and anchors just breathed a huge sigh of relief as their CBS competitor —Jeff Glor, an incredible talent whose integrity and heart raised us all up was just chopped.

    Please let me be the boss of CBS for just one minute so I can fix this!

  49. I’d would like to see Amna Nawaz or Elaine Quijano.

  50. Have turned off CBS Evening News. Please bring Jeff Glor back.

  51. I have never been one to watch much tv, but I began watching Jeff Glor on the CBS nightly news. And even though the news can be extremely depressing at times I found that by watching Jeff I was able to enjoy it. And especially the “feel good” news at the end of the program. Needless to say I will no longer be watching CBS News.

  52. I’m watching Jeff Glor on CBS Saturday morning and what a waste of talent. He should have never been replaced by the cold, stone-faced, mannequin, Norah O’Donnell. I watched her first show and have not returned and will not return to CBS. Jeff was a totally delightful anchorman, not so extremely angry and bias as O’Donnell and that disaster, Scott Pelley. BIG MISTAKE, CBS!

  53. Jeff, I have never met you but I feel like I knew you from the first time you anchored the show. You are that believable and likeable. Good things happen to good people and you are definitely good people. Your delivery and emotion was just top notch. Many who have written comments to you have experienced a negative job situation like you have gone through. We understand but will never accept it. Bad decision by CBS upper management.

  54. I’ve been comparing Nora with Jeff since her start. It’s obvious that she’s reading a teleprompter, has little emotional connection (with the content; audience; maybe herself) and in today’s broadcast, dealt only with female correspondents.

    I utterly fail to see how this is better than Jeff Glor’s excellent reporting and presence. Sorry to say it, but it smacks of sexism.

  55. Now that Jeff Glor is no longer the anchor, I no longer watch CBS evening news. Instead of letting him go, whoever made this ridiculous mistake, should be relieved of their duties.

  56. Congrats CBS for making the super boneheaded decision of removing Jeff Glor from our Evening News. The other choices are impossible to watch and I refuse to watch a robot in Jeff’s chair.You should bring him back before it’s too late. If he is going to arrive on a different network today would not be soon enough.

    Regime changes translate to shake ups. We understand that fact. However, replacing the most sincere and professional anchor pin the air is inexplicable. Come on CBS pull it together. You’ve been our family network for decades. Good luck Mr. Glor!

  57. Find a way to bring Jeff back!!! We tried staying with C B S news but it just wasn’t the same standard of reporting. We have watched the other networks and their standard of reporting does not come close to Jeff’s. My husband and I miss his objective, humanistic and refreshing style of presenting the news. Please consider bringing back!!!

  58. I so enjoyed watching Jeff Glor on the CBS Evening news. Since CBS removed him, I have switched to another channel. So sad he was removed because he was on of the best I have seen in long time. I enjoy watching him on Saturday mornings, but his talents are wasted there. Don’t know who made that choice, but it was a huge mistake in my humble opinion.

  59. We so miss Jeff Glor. Haven’t watched CBS since he left. Isn’t it time to reconsider. I guess you do not read the comments that are posted. Not one negative comment about Jeff and many reporting that they have changed channels. Can’t wait to see the ratings😫

  60. Sooo miss Jeff Glor on nightly news…CBS really messed up! He was such a pro with empathy in his reporting ~ one could sense his honesty… and a personality that you just could not wait to relax with the news reporting he transmitted.
    Nora is so device under that fake front she tries to present when you know very well she is not into what she is trying to report…her distain for certain people comes through loud and clear!!! I watch NBC after years with CBS both morning and evening. The guy, Vlad, gives me a very uncomfortable feeling whenever he would come on…I would just switch channels…now, I just go totally with NBC. I hope another station will make Jeff an offer he deserves so he can get out of that CBS mess! God help him and bless this fine soul.

  61. This is exactly how I expect American Corporations to behave. They care about profit, only. They feel no sense of obligation to the communities, states, or nations in which they reside, and they certainly don’t care about their employees. People are so afraid of Socialism, but this is Capitalism at its worst. You can see how cold and heartless this system can be. Economic systems are only as good as the corporations that manipulate them. Jeff Glor was gracious and smart and excels at his new job, but he deserves more. Anyone of us could be treated this way by
    Corporate America. Many of you probably already have been.

  62. I totally agree
    Jeff Glor’s warmth & sincerity was why I endured CBS’s news despite more ads then news- I miss his smile ~ and~
    I loved the balance between Nora and Gail but evening news has now directed Nora into lifeless robotic delivery……
    Why no humanity or personality.
    Person responsible for these blunders should be replaced immediately.

  63. Bring back Jeff Glor. Nora O’Donald lacks personality. Her delivery of news is robotic. Smiles appear forced.

  64. I totally agree with the other remarks. Jeff Glor was an asset to the evening news. I didn’t like Nora on the morning news because of her lack of compassion. Everyone had to agree with her or they were wrong and that is the way she reports the news and does her interviews. Jeff was not that way he listened that is a good reporter. I hope he gets a new position where they appreciate his reporting. Putting him in the Saturday morning news was a demotion.

  65. Well, I too am joining the mass of other comment writers praising Jeff Glor and lamenting his removal from CBS prime-time news. He brought presence and class to his news delivery and provided an uplifting and caring persona instead of rote or common-place recitations of information. Miss him!!!

  66. They said Jeff Glor was going to still be reporting (something?) for CBS but I can’t seem to find him. Our family (still) really misses him. Neither of us watched CBS morning news because we didn’t like Nora O’Donnell and now her plastic “style” and neon suits are all over the Evening news. Too Bad.

  67. Posting my first comment, EVER, because I agree with everyone’s kind comments regarding Jeff Glor. My husband and I gave Nora a shot, but NO. I will stick with CBS Sunday morning and catch On the Road, there.
    If CBS had advertised/promoted Jeff the way they have done for Nora, people may have tuned into CBS. We loved the way he modernized the evening news and he was so heartfelt in his reporting. We really don’t understand why he stayed with CBS after the way he was treated. Saturday Morning is not the place for him. Saturdays are for watching Game Day not CBS’ weakest news slot. Such a shame. We miss you Jeff!

  68. Enough is enough, Jeff Glor is far superior than Nora plus she has likely missed more work than Jeff ever has “special assignment” bull

  69. Jeff is an outstanding anchor and certainly one of the very best! My family and I have been loyal CBS Evening News fans since we were kids back in the 50’s.

    I am sorry but your removal of Mr. Glor was a terrible decision and an insult to the history of the CBS Evening News. My wife has stopped watching the program altogether and I personally find the new format and anchor, Nora far less than what your long-time viewers deserve.

    While I understand your new News TO felt a stronger female presence might be required, I respectfully feel that decision was seriously flawed; and, in this instance rather sexist! You replaced as very professional, experienced, and warm hearted warm personality, with someone who comes across to us as cold and self centered.

    PLEASE… Bring Jeff Glor back to your Evening News’ anchor seat. We need him, and CBS needs him!

  70. I really enjoyed Jeff’s reporting style. Norah lacks style she reminds me of a robot. Bring back Jeff

  71. Please bring Jeff back. A real human with feelings. Things suck now. We used to look forward to the evening news with Jeff.

  72. Well, Nora was not treated well by CBS on her morning show. Rumor has it Gayle King didn’t like her so CBS booted her to the evening news. Jeff Glor was a wonderful anchor, trustworthy. I looked forward in watching Jeff each night. Why didn’t CBS just add Nora to co-anchor evening news with Jeff? Its disgusting how many lives were affected in order to please one person. I do not watch the morning show or evening news on CBS anymore. Dirty deed, CBS. I sure do miss the days of David Brinkley. Jeff had integrity which is seldom seen anymore. The media is a real mess these days. Journalist are there to report the news of the day. Truth, non-bias & balanced but I suppose that’s a thing of the past too. The public should NOT be exposed to anchors PERSONAL opinions! Stop the brain washing, CBS.

  73. I stopped watching when Jeff left, Nora just doesn’t do it for me. Same with CTM . Gayle is not trustworthy,
    she is one sided where Trump is concerned.

  74. My wife and I enjoyed Jeff Glor’s Evening News, especially since we can’t stand Tom Llamas on ABC. He is so overly dramatic in his presentation. David Muir is a little easier to take, but still not as unbiased as Jeff. Nora is a bit of bore. CBS should have left Jeff in the evening slot. Hope he finds a better gig soon and gives the CBS executives the finger.

  75. You cannot fill the evening news with Norah because after Walter C. retired, that job has to be a male. Do not get me wrong I think Norah is outstanding of what she did in the am slot. If you look at the other 2 networks a male is in that evening news slot. I think CBS News chief Susan Zirinsky needs to back up and punt and try again with some male in that news slot. Jeff was great !!!

  76. Still really missing Jeff Glor. What a loss to CBS evening news. I agree with the theme of the comments above. When Jeff smiled, he lit up the whole screen! I have never seen anyone else with that effect! I did not know he went to Saturdays; I will go look for him there. I hope he has found something that fulfills him.

  77. yes, still miss Jeff. didn’t know where he landed, but unfortunately this is not a program we watch and the evening news is where he should be! nora lacks the ability to come across as caring and sympathetic. darling girl but super rigid! best to Jeff….in whatever his endeavors are.

  78. Still sorely miss Jeff Glor a year later. Before Jeff was replaced by Nora, we looked forward to watching CBS evening new and it was the first network we watched every evening. Now, CBS is the last network we watch, if we even get to it at all. We miss you, Jeff, and we pray that you will soon secure a great spot with an employer who respects you and appreciates your open, honest, warm and credible reporting style. Don’t settle for less, Jeff. May God Bless you and your family!

  79. still really missing Jeff Gor’s superior reporting!!! Was MUCH better than the current program!

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