Howard Stern Opens Up About Cancer Scare, Trump ‘Regrets’

May 8, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Howard Stern revealed in an in-depth piece published today by The Hollywood Reporter that he had a brush with what he thought at the time was cancer.

“All I’m thinking is, I’m going to die,” Stern told the publication, talking publicly about his 2017 health scare for the first time.

“For the better part of the previous year, he’d been shuttling between appointments as doctors monitored a low white blood cell count revealed during a routine checkup and, later, discovered a growth on his kidney. The chance that it was cancerous: 90 percent,” THR reports.

But it turned out to be what THR says was “a tiny, harmless cyst.”

Stern also opens up in the interview about Donald Trump, who was once a frequent caller to Stern’s radio show.

THR reports that Stern, who has backed Hillary Clinton in the past, was caught off guard by Trump’s success in the 2016 presidential race.

“Early on, Stern was still fielding his calls from the campaign trail and spending time at Mar-a-Lago,” THR reports. “Sure, he considered Trump among his greatest all-time radio guests — raw and unfiltered — but leader of the free world? He insists in those days, he never imagined Trump would get anywhere near that far, and he’s convinced Trump didn’t either.”

Stern and Trump reportedly haven’t been in touch since Stern declined a request from Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention.

“It was a difficult thing because there’s a part of me that really likes Donald, but I just don’t agree politically,” Stern told THR, adding: “A more self-serving person would have gone all in on Donald because I’d probably be the FCC commissioner or a Supreme Court justice by now.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to THR to read the full feature.

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