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Report: ‘CBS This Morning’ Co-Host Is ‘Officially Out’ After Being Pushed Out by Her Co-Host

May 2, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A new report cites “bad blood” between two of the regulars on “CBS This Morning” as the reason Norah O’Donnell is “officially out” as a co-host of the morning show.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that O’Donnell’s exit was “demanded” by Gayle King.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that CBS has settled on a “CBS This Morning” lineup consisting of King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil. Variety cites two unnamed sources who are familiar with the situation.

Variety also notes that current co-anchor John Dickerson “is widely expected to take up a role with ’60 Minutes.'”

The Post reports: “Sources close to CBS say that the new anchor lineup for ‘CBS This Morning’ has been set and it doesn’t include O’Donnell because King — riding high off her big interview R. Kelly — has demanded she be sent elsewhere.”

The Post report cites a CBS insider saying O’Donnell has been hard to work with and has helped fuel rumors that Jeff Glor is headed out as “CBS Evening News” anchor. “Norah is toxic,” the insider is quoted saying, adding that O’Donnell is maneuvering for his job.

The Post adds: “The blood is so bad between the morning news co-hosts that King demanded O’Donnell be moved off the show as part of her recent contract negotiations, which kicked off after her now-infamous Kelly interview, sources said.”

O’Donnell will reportedly continue to appear on “60 Minutes,” and The Post cites an insider saying she has been offered a “monster anchor” job that includes a chief political anchor position with the network, along with the “CBS Evening News” anchor job.

“Glor, who has struggled to improve on the show’s third-place ranking, will likely be offered a correspondent or weekend anchor role, an insider close to the situation said,” The Post adds.

The report notes that CBS News President Susan Zirinsky denied King had anything to do with O’Donnell’s exit from “CBS This Morning.” Zirinsky is quoted telling The Post: “This headline is offensive and 100 percent false.”

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  1. If there is any truth to this it will change our viewing in the AM. We like both women but if not supportive of each other we gone too.

  2. Gayle is anything but a news person…she and O’Donnell have let their egos get way out of hand on-air since Charlie left. His being at the desk kept an even keel if you will with the two ladies. The other men who have sat in are good on their own, but in that mix only Charlie kept the peace just by being there for he way out shined the two ladies. It’s chemistry…and in communication on-air it is intrinsic…that back-of-the-mind stuff where the “chemistry” comes together, or it doesn’t.

    Good luck, Ms. Zirinsky…you’ve got your work cut out for you moving forward.

    Peter Bright

    • Charlie Rose was an idiot. Charlie Rose is an idiot. Charlie Rose will always be an idiot. He played absolutely no role in “keeping the peace” between the “ladies” on CBS This Morning, in spite of what a supremely ignorant, sexist pig named Peter Bright may want to foist off on readers of TV Week. What an idiotic, vapid, unintelligent comment.

  3. I’m with Gayle King all the way. She’s fabulous. She’s smart, insightful, unafraid to say the truth, and she’s funny. I will join Gayle, any time, any where, in sticking another knife in the back of of a self-indulgent and self-satisfied Norah O’Donnell. Bye bye, Noraaaahhhhh.

  4. Gayle is not a real news person. She is fluff, pure and simple. Norah is a news person. I like the CBS morning show because it is more “newsy” that the vapid garbage on the other networks. That Page Six report (Norah vs Gayle) is obviously BS that only an idiot would believe. I thought Gayle and Norah made a nice duo in the morning. This is very disconcerting. Getting rid of Jeff from Evening News would also be a mistake. This is all bad news. CBS is shooting itself in the foot, as usual.

  5. Gayle King is the one they should get rid of. She is so bias in her reporting, and the thing with R Kelly was just a publicity stunt that tried to make her look, good poor job CBS. Norah should be the the anchor there. I have watched CBS news for several years and you keep getting rid of the wrong people. Jeff Glor is very good and you should not be moving him off. I will find a different news program to watch in the am I will now refuse to watch Gayle King as a host.

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