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Sign of the Times: Norman Lear and Rita Moreno on ‘One Day at a Time’ and the Agony of Death by Data at Netflix

May 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Two television icons, Norman Lear and Rita Moreno, explained how their sitcom became a victim of the streaming algorithm, writing in a guest column published today by The Hollywood Reporter that there’s a lesson in the cancellation of the “One Day at a Time” reboot by Netflix.

“[W]e’ve learned that evidently all the details are in the ‘data,'” Lear and Moreno write. “We get it; corporations are responsible to their stockholders. And one could argue that it’s the data — what we’ve known through the years as Nielsen ratings — that inevitably drives the decision-making process. But something is missing if that is the only criterion for survival of a show, the only data point, the only litmus test. Perhaps media has gone the way of managed care — the focus no longer patient and doctor, but bottom line.”

They add: “There’s a lesson here for all of us — content creators, artists and consumers — to speak up. When you find a show you fall in love with, something that matters to you, something that makes you laugh louder and love harder, share it. Scream from the rooftops and swing from the chandeliers talking about it. Join your voice with others before, not after.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to THR to read the full column.


  1. Viewers did; the One Day at a Time reboot was not such a program, despite the creators believing it was.

  2. What broadcast network was out there bidding for a reboot? They should be happy for this second chance that Netflix provided to them.

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