Jon Stewart Unloads on Congress

Jun 11, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Comedian, TV personality and filmmaker Jon Stewart unleashed a tirade against the U.S. Congress during an appearance today on Capitol Hill as an advocate for 9/11 first responders.

An angry and emotional Stewart spoke at a hearing to reauthorize the 9/11 victims’ compensation fund, expressing anger in particular at the lack of attendance by lawmakers.

Here’s the clip, posted by CNN …


  1. John, please run for president. America needs someone who cares about the people of this country.

  2. Wow. Our government is crap. If you think it’s about a party or just swindling Trump, you’re the problem. This is disgraceful.

  3. I think what got me the most was the fact that not once was it mentioned that all the widows and widowers of the people who died in the tower got paid Millions upon millions of dollars based on what their spouses would have made during their lifetime. I might add that WE paid for it. But the people who actually went in to save everyone and do what they could to respond get any and all benefits taken away every few years because of the budgetary demands. What budgetary demands could be greater then to take care of the people, who tried to save all those lives on that horrible day? I knew that our government was corrupt beyond belief, and immoral, but to not even show up to listen to these people… I have no words. Thankfully, Jon did. We need more people like Jon Stewart and the government, and get rid of the Pelosi’s and all the others who became multi-millionaires from their positions in the United States government.

  4. Oh God do I miss Jon Stewart. It’s shameful that these men and women are forced to go hat in hand to ask members of Congress to do their job. This is the important work that is not being covered by the media that focus on the latest tweet storm instead of the issues that have an impact on the lives of ordinary — in this case, extraordinary— Americans.

  5. The worst part was that none of our our representatives had the courtesy to even show. Apparently the two parties have finally found something to agree on; Ignoring our heroes over less money than they spend on their meals, fitness center, health care and other benefits that taxpayers provide.

  6. Hypocrites all for not passing a bill to take care of first responders from 911. For it to take 18 years is a disgrace. Over 300 hero’s dead and not to see it the bill passed in 18 years is a crying shame. Yesterday the bill passed in Congress. Now let’s see what the cowards in the Senate do, lead by the do nothing, self serving Mitch McConnell. Find the funding. Do your jobs!

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