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Popular Amazon Series Canceled

Jun 4, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A series that has had a good run on Amazon has come to the end of the road. The streamer will not order a fourth season of the drama series “Sneaky Pete,” Deadline reports.

“For the most recent third season, which debuted May 10, production moved from New York to California with $9.2 million worth of Golden State tax credits,” Deadline notes. “For Season 3, Blake Masters joined as new executive producer/showrunner, while executive producers Graham Yost, Fred Golan and Michael Dinner exited.”

Deadline adds: “Created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, ‘Sneaky Pete’ starred Emmy nominee Giovanni Ribisi as con man Marius, who left prison only to find himself hunted by the vicious gangster he once robbed. With nowhere else to turn, he took cover from his past by assuming the identity of his cellmate Pete, ‘reuniting’ with Pete’s estranged family.”

The series, which originated as a CBS pilot but was not picked up to series at the broadcast network, was produced by Sony Pictures Television, with Cranston, James Degus and Masters as executive producers.


  1. The third season is mired in a plot (one of far too many “plots”) dealing with extremely high-end collector wines. It’s messy and unconvincing and tedious. It was the wrong idea for Sneaky Pete. Pete Gerety and Margot Martindale are fantastic troupers and do a great job, but the rest of the cast largely phone in their performances. You can almost see the eye-rolling. It’s a sad and ignominious end that could have been avoided. Giovanni Ribisi deserved something better than this.

    • Totally agree Roy. It’s as if you took the words right out of my fingers. Season 3 was simply awful. The first two seasons I binged on but 3 was way too hard to watch. Still haven’t finished and probably won’t and yes Giovanni is amazing in every role he’s played but this was as they say in the hood “a hot mess.”

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