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YouTube Pulling the Plug on Hate Speech Videos

Jun 5, 2019  •  Post A Comment

YouTube announced a new policy Wednesday that is expected to result in the removal of thousands of videos and channels advocating neo-Nazism, white supremacy and other bigoted ideologies, The New York Times reports. The move is part of an effort by the popular video site to pull the plug on extremism and hate speech.

“The new policy will ban ‘videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion,’ the company said in a blog post,” The Times reports. “The prohibition will also cover videos denying that violent incidents, like the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, took place.”

The report notes that YouTube did not name any specific channels or videos that would be banned.

The YouTube blog post can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

The Times report adds: “The decision by YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the latest action by a Silicon Valley company to stem the spread of hate speech and disinformation on its site. A month ago, Facebook evicted seven of its most controversial users, including Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and founder of Infowars. Twitter barred Mr. Jones last year.”


  1. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? It is going to be difficult to determine where to draw the line.

    • Yes, exactly sir. And Black Lives Matter and far left terror cells, sites advocating the killing of the unborn, extremist gay lesbian sites which threaten the foundation of the American family, etc., etc. They would all have to be expelled for this move to be fair. This has politics written all over it. All Americans should have a voice. The definition of hate and extremism is purely in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone one of us believes that what we believe is in the best interest of the country. Don’t let some liberal Silicon Valley company tell you otherwise.

      • “extremist gay lesbian sites which threaten the foundation of the American family,”


      • I still cannot, for the life of me, understand the level of insecurity and ignorance that must exist in someone who feels threatened by the existence of gay people.

        Alex, please explain, what exactly is an “extremist gay lesbian”?

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