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Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike to Recall a New Shoe That Was Scheduled to be in Stores This Week

Jul 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick “apparently has a lot of influence over Nike — because the quarterback-turned-activist convinced Nike to nix plans to sell a flag-themed sneaker Kap considered offensive,” TMZ reports.

Kaepernick said the flag, by Betsy Ross, depicts the original 13 colonies and is offensive “because of its connection to slavery,” the report says.

TMZ says its report was based on a piece – that is behind a pay wall – published by the Wall St. Journal.

Notes TMZ, “The sneaker giant was set to put a new colorway of its popular Air Max 1 sneaker on the market this week, featuring an old U.S. flag with 13 stars from the American Revolution….Nike even sent the sneakers to retailers, but then the company asked to have the merchandise back.”

Here’s a picture of the new shoe as shown on Fox News:



  1. I hope Nike goes under. They listen to one person say that 350 million others will be offended?! What’s this world come to ? In business don’t you generally let the sale of the product dictate its continuance? I just don’t get it. Semper Fi

  2. Semper Fi Riggarob ! Well stated.

  3. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Providence Plantations. Were ALL of these colonies connected to slavery? It’s not Stars and Bars! I bet if they put a Gay Pride flag on a shoe and someone said that was offensive they wouldn’t pull that one off the shelves.

  4. Why do you care about the sale of some random product so much? Haven’t you ever heard of “social responsibility”? Sounds like you’ve never been responsible for anything that really matters in your entire life. Prove me wrong.

    I bet you’re the type that would be okay with this scenario if there was some sort of slang word printed on the shoe canvas. Grow up. Care about things.

    • I have a feeling Riggarob has already done more and had more responsibility than you ever will. There is also a “social responsibility” to remember and honor our history. He who ignores history is bound to repeat it. There is also aa “social responsibility” to not be offended by every thing. Instead of banning things, educate people. Learn about history. Understand what happened and why. Instead of telling people “you can’t have that because it offends me!” start a discussion as to why someone would find it offensive. In that discussion, not a lecture, but an actual discussion, both sides can gain insight and learn.

  5. Aw boohoo the snowflake liberal swoops in and makes a compelling argument and is met with the classic “Learn about history” talking point. Get off your high horse, champ. Give me literally one good reason to represent an old version of America’s flag other than to infuriate blacks or progressives. If I had to bet, you’re probably mid-50s/60s, were taught by your dad that god comes first over humanism, and don’t really have much else to hang on to than trying to gaslight democrats into believing that the 1800s really “weren’t so bad”. Read a book. The “Betsy Ross” flag probably wasn’t even made by Betsy Ross. Shows how much you actually care. Oh, and based on your “Name” you probably read into Orwell’s book thinking that you’d be the main character. Let’s face it, your ideologies are far closer to fascism than you’ll probably ever realize. ;)))))))

    • Explain how learning from history & having discussions to help people understand actual racism in this country is fascist? I know Betsy Ross most likely did not create the flag. I also know that during Jim Crow laws, young black males were often arrested for loitering and sent to hard labor in coal mines where they often died. Another thing I know is anti-busing riots were worst in Boston than many southern cities. My Grandfather immigrated to this country with an Engineering degree. He became a factory worker because his college education was not recognized in this country. My grandparents were proud to be Americans and they passed that pride on to me. I’ve spent a couple months in a communist country and 4 years in a socialist one, so I know from experience how much better we have it here. Is it perfect? No and it never will be as long as humans run things. I just don’t believe erasing history is the best way to strive for perfection.

  6. Betty Ross being racist or offensive is news to me! She was a woman who loved her country and made a beautiful flag representing her homeland! Nothing more. Nothing less!

  7. CK has no clue about American pride. Who runs the Nike .org? Whoever it is should be investigated for bias against America. Or is that ok now? One person decides HE is offended and Nike agrees to do what HE says. Cowards!! Not a free country anymore. We should all be afraid .

  8. With you on all counts Rigga!

  9. Why stop with just one flag might as well ban all 50 states flags because I am sure there was some racism tied to all of them also at some point in time.
    Why are people so bent on trying to ERASE HISTORY. People just need to stop trying to silence it instead they need to work on not repeating the same mistakes. If they erase the History of how this country was formed then there won’t be anything left the stop it from happening again….just saying

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