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Four ‘Classic’ Sitcoms Eyed for Possible Reboots

Jul 2, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Reboot fever is showing no signs of cooling down, especially when it comes to older sitcoms — which in this arena tend to be referred to euphemistically as “classic.”

Deadline reports that following the success of Netflix with projects such as “Fuller House,” WarnerMedia, which is working on its own streaming platform, is contemplating reboots of at least four Warner Bros. TV library titles for the upcoming service.

The company is reportedly considering “Step by Step,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Family Matters” and “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper.”

“Sources stressed that talks are in exploratory stages, and it’s unclear whether any of the potential revivals would come to fruition, but there is interest,” Deadline adds.


  1. What a pathetic excuse for artistic creativity.

    Hollywood is full of overrated losers.

  2. Too bad there’s no rebooting The Golden Girls. Has Hollywood’s creativity and originality dried up? Seems so.

  3. Reboots can be good however wr seem to have lost creative people to make new shows

  4. How.about.early.edition

    • They did. It’s called GOD FRIENDED ME.

  5. I think reboots are great ideas! I love watching to see what they come up with. Plus I love watching my old favorites come to life again.

  6. Let me put this as simply as I can in regards to rebooting these four shows, as well as most 80:s / 90’s sitcoms…

  7. Two words: QUANTUM LEAP

  8. How about Mike & Molly?

  9. ALF

  10. I saw a report recently that they’re looking at ANOTHER reboot of “Battlestar Galactica”.
    No. Just, NO.

  11. If those shows were so great, they’d still be on they wouldnt have to reboot. They might have been good for the eras they were in but now they would just be tired worn out oldies. I have no desire to see repeats, re-dos, or reboots. Not one of the four was good enough in their first incarnation let alone resuscitating the darn thing. Let it stay dead!

  12. I’m not sure about this. Reboots right now is mostly trial and error. Sitcoms seems like the hardest things to reboot; actors, directors, and writing will be very different. But hey, maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Let’s see where this will end up.

  13. All 4 of those shows were crap… wouldn’t watch them then and never ever now.

  14. What about Pootland?

  15. Those shows were pretty great for their time. They all had their own following, with plenty of crossover episodes as well.
    The problem is, there are actual reboots with new actors, and there are “reboots” with the original actors. The latter tend to be much more palatable than the former.

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