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Jack Reacher to be a Series on Amazon. Got an Idea Who Should Play Reacher? Here’s Where to Send it. And Why Tom Cruise, Who Played Reacher in Two Movies, Need Not Apply

Jul 15, 2019  •  Post A Comment

From the official website of Lee Child, the author of the hugely successful Jack Reacher thriller novels:

“The news is out! Jack Reacher will be a tv series on Amazon! For months, Lee asked his readers everywhere to suggest an actor to play Reacher and many of you sent us your candidates. Lee and the producers are looking for an actor (preferably lesser-known) who is in the 30-55 age range (don’t forget, Reacher is 36 in Killing Floor and there are the prequel novels to consider), BIG and muscular (near to 6’5″ / 240 lbs. with hands like frozen supermarket chickens). Soon as the casting is decided, we’ll let you know!

“As for the movies, they are no more. We thank Tom Cruise for bringing Reacher to the big screen and everything he did to promote the books to a wider audience. Lee says ‘I loved working with him, and he’s a terrific guy, and I loved what he did in both movies, but the fans never quite accepted the physicality aspect, so we’re making a change. But I’ll miss him and won’t hear a word against him.’”

Since casting isn’t decided yet, we’re guessing Child and his colleagues would still welcome your suggestions as who should play Reacher. Send your casting choices to info@leechild.com, which Child’s website says is the place to send fan mail.

As for the details of the TV series, here’s some of what Denise Petski wrote on Deadline today:

“In a competitive situation, Amazon has landed the rights to develop a script-to-series drama based on the Jack Reacher character from Lee Child’s bestselling book series, from ‘Scorpion’ creator Nick Santora. The project will be a co-production of Amazon Studios, Skydance Television and Paramount Television.

“Santora will write, executive produce and serve as showrunner for the series.

“Child’s Jack Reacher is a billion-dollar brand published in 49 languages and 101 territories. With more than 100 million books sold, the series has commanded over a billion dollars in global sales.”

Deadline adds, “Santora executive produces alongside Lee Child, Don Granger and Christopher McQuarrie. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross executive produce for Skydance. Carolyn Harris oversees the project for Skydance.”

To read the full Deadline story, please click here.

Here’s a video that we found on YouTube of Reacher author Lee Child talking on Aussie TV last fall about the new direction for Reacher on-screen:


  1. How about Gronk. He has the physical attributes and the charisma

  2. Adrian Bouchet. I liked him on “The Last Kingdom”.

  3. Josh Holloway would make an excellent Reacher.

  4. Paul O’Brien (Message Man 2018) would make a good Reacher as would David Boreanaz (Bones).

  5. Adrian bouchet, 6′ 4 ” last seen in award winning role on Last Kingdom would d be purfect. Size, physical skills (played greatest warrior) and great acting skills. Currently listed to play roles from 36 to 46 ( perfect for a teacher series)

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