Video Evidence Appears to Contradict Jussie Smollett’s Version of Attack

Jul 2, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Video footage from the night of the alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett appears to contradict Smollett’s account of what he has portrayed as a hate crime. You can click here to watch the footage, which was posted by TMZ.

The surveillance camera footage was reportedly shot near Smollett’s Chicago apartment building in the hour preceding the 2 a.m. incident on Jan. 29. TMZ reports that one clip captures the Osundairo brothers walking down the sidewalk, followed several seconds later by Smollett walking down the street in the other direction.

The attack, which is now widely perceived to have been a hoax, has been attributed to the Osundairos, Abel and Ola.

“There’s also a video captured in a loading dock that shows the brothers walking past, and then 25 seconds later … Jussie walks past the same loading dock, but again he’s heading in the opposite direction. With no one else on the street … it’s virtually impossible the 3 men didn’t see each other,” TMZ reports. “What’s strange is … if Abel and Ola Osundairo intended to legitimately attack Jussie, they had at least 2 opportunities prior to 2 a.m. Why would they wait and wander the streets on a night when the temperature was around hovering at or just above zero??”

TMZ adds: “The Osundairos’ attorney told Fox News the brothers had arrived early, and the video shows them milling around killing time before the hoax attack was allegedly planned to happen.”

The footage has also been downplayed by Smollett’s camp, which says it was edited together and doesn’t have a time stamp, TMZ adds.

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