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TV Anchor Issues Tearful Apology After Comparing Her African-American Colleague to a Gorilla

Aug 27, 2019  •  Post A Comment

It has been an emotional few days for one television host after she slipped up during a morning broadcast on Oklahoma ABC affiliate KOCO-TV. In a feature on gorillas at the local zoo, Alex Housden quipped to her African-American co-anchor, Jason Hackett, that one of the gorillas “kind of looks like you.”

The comment can be heard in the clip below, where it is followed by Housden’s apology a day later. Be forewarned that the volume is very low during the brief initial clip, but then goes way up for the subsequent apology.

Hackett initially responded to the comment by saying, “He kind of does, actually.” But he admitted during on-air Housden’s apology the next day that he was hurt by the comment.

The co-anchors insist they’re good friends, and Hackett noted that he hopes the incident can be a “teachable moment.”

Here’s the clip …


  1. This is honest and heartfelt. The apology and the acceptance of the apology so much better unscripted than in a Prompter.
    Jason could anchor a broadcast or network anywhere in the country with the generosity, class, and command of the moment. Should never have happened, but this team is believable and congratulations to the management team for allowing the anchor to rise to the challenge. My guess is we will be seeing much more of Jason.

  2. Yes, Jason Hackett has plenty of class. But that doesn’t excuse the class-less comment from Alex Housden, who most obviously is a racist. Then she compounds her problem during the scripted “fake tears” apology?? by taking her hand and constantly touching Hackett’s leg. I am not making this up. Watch the video. This is what’s called a “power move,” taking your hand and placing it onto the person you are speaking to in an aggressive manner. Turn the tables here and imagine if Hackett had made a sexist comment about Housden and then started touching her leg? He would’ve been fired on the spot! The employees of KOCO-TV should support Hackett and all threaten to walk out if Housden is kept on staff by a clueless and white management.

    • Trying to turn up the racial tension up a few notches, Richard? I think most Americans wouldn’t even agree that an apology was necessary. It was just a harmless quip, not made as an intentional insult. And there you are banging the drum, trying to get this talented, hardworking white woman fired. Shame on you. YOU are the race problem in this country.

    • Richard, I am not certain what video you are watching. Not once does Alex touch Jason’s leg. Actually, Jason places his hand on her leg! I think the tears were sincere, but if you choose to assume they are fake, you are entitled to your opinion. How unfortunate for Alex to receive national notoriety for a stupid, flippant remark. But as Jason said “words matter.”

  3. What’s wrong with Oklahoma City?

    First Brian Davis loses his play by play job for
    saying cotton picking kidding me while announcing
    an OK Thunder basketball game. Now this..

  4. IS A JOKE made in huse between friends but NO in the air in tv…..

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