Will Felicity Huffman’s Probation Report Affect Lori Loughlin’s Case?

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A sentencing report from the Probation Department that was submitted as part of the college admissions cheating case involving actress Felicity Huffman could become a factor in the case against fellow actress Lori Loughlin, TMZ reports.

The Probation Department reportedly found that Huffman, who TMZ notes pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for paying $15,000 to “give her daughter a leg up on her college entry exam,” should get as little as no jail time. The department reportedly concluded that nobody suffered any loss due to her actions.

Prosecutors in the Huffman case have reportedly recommended a one-month sentence.

“We just got the Probation Dept’s sentencing report, and the reason the Department thinks no time behind bars is fine is because there is NO VICTIM,” TMZ reports. “The report is clear … no one lost a penny as a result of Felicity hiring someone to rig the SAT test. The Dept. repeatedly rebuffed prosecutors who claim various forms of loss, including emotional distress, harm to the reputation of the schools, etc.”

TMZ adds: “This may be the most important sentence, especially for defendants like Lori Loughlin — ‘There was no actual or intended loss.’ The word ‘intended’ is significant, because presumably Felicity wanted to get her daughter into a university — something that could displace another applicant — yet the Probation Dept. didn’t feel that was an INTENDED loss. This could help Lori argue there was no loss in her case as well.”


  1. Nobody suffered loss? What about whatever student would have filled the spot her child did?

  2. many people were the victims of a crime of this sort. The children who worked extremely hard, did fantastic on their SAT’s and lost chance for the opportunity to further their education at the school of their choice will suffer in the long run. Some may possibly suffer for life because Huffman’s daughter was a slacker who did not earn the privilege of attending this school where the same would still probably happen to her. So really the daughter can become a victim as well. By living a lie concerning her abilities, if she had no knowledge of her mother’s’actions, she could fall flat because she was not ready for this. Then the kids who wee ready and did great go through the process and lose, go through life wondering what they didn’t do right. But they did. so their self esteem and 12 years of education to some would be considered a waste. They still have many opportunities available to them as long as this bribery practice is so widespread that they lose their choice more than once. When they took scoring out of many children’s sporting activities so no one lost and no one got hurt, they made a horrible mistake. These children did not learn about competition and real life unless they learned it at home. So now you have a generation that has to take courses after high school to teach them about Love and relationships, cooking, employment. Saw a kid and his dad at the hardware store recently. his dad told him “okay you have to fix the gate. Everything you need is down this aisle. Go get it and come back. The boy, who was a High School graduate came back with 4 hinges that would be used on cupboard doors, not an 1800 lb metal fence. He also had nails , not nuts and bolts or screws. He was clueless. Now his dad was equally responsible for this as the school was. He should have showed him these things, so he could figure it out and do the repair himself. But schools today don’t teach kids how to succeed very often. They teach them to be victims. So the kids that are lucky enough to have parents who teach them and a good education are both victims. This happens often especially in single parent households where the mother or father is trying really hard to help their child grow, but they themselves don’t have all of the knowledge needed. Maybe Mom doesn’t know much about carpentry, plumbing or auto mechanics because they should never have been necessary skills for her. Not in her interests either. So Huffman spent 18 years parenting from a book. There are no books on parenting. You learn it from parents, not a book. So her bribe makes her daughter and many others victims because she slacked.She thinks she can make up for her short comings with a little money into the right hand. So brains and common sense do not run in the same league as her, but excuse to take an earned privilege away from someone else. Shame on that sort of thinking. Money wasn’t intended for that purpose. Gives new meaning to The New Green Deal.

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