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ABC News Names New Co-Anchor for ‘World News Now,’ ‘America This Morning’

Oct 8, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The ABC News programs “World News Now” and “America This Morning” have a new co-anchor, with ABC News naming Kenneth Moton for the job.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Moton, who was formerly with that city’s WFTV Channel 9, joins Janai Norman, who also worked at WFTV, on the anchor desk for the network’s overnight programming.

The report quotes a note sent Tuesday by ABC News President James Goldston to the news division in which he says: “Kenneth is a formidable reporter with a genuine and great curiosity about the world. We’re very fortunate he’s joining our overnight team at the anchor desk. Both shows are stronger than ever, finishing the recent season #1 across the board.”

Following his four years in Orlando, Moton went in 2011 to WPVI, ABC’s station in Philadelphia.

Kenneth Moton


  1. Wow. Where’s the diversity? If the shoe was on the other foot, the naacp would be screaming racism.

  2. He’s been on for months! Congrats, tho, Kenneth. My day doesn’t start right without news from you and Janai.

  3. Congrats to your new job! Best wishes!

  4. Congrats Kenneth, I didn’t even know that you were a temp. I started watching you and Janai about 4mts.ago and I can’t get enough of you two, keep up the great work!!! PS. I am 63 years old!!!!!!!!

    • I feel the same way!!!! What a great team! These two are so fun to watch !

  5. I thought he was already co-anchor, anyway congrats Kenneth. The chemistry between you and Janaiis right. You guys have a lot of fun as well as being true professionals.Very enjoyable.

  6. Thanks For Caring, Sharing, Laughing, And Listening….And Just For Being You! I Think You Two Are Very Enjoyable Congratulations, However You Share The News. You Always So professional With Janaiis, Even Though You Share Bad News You Make It So Acceptable, And Fun. You Two Smiles Bring Joy To The Day. The Screw With You Dose a Awesome Job Supporting You They’re Bless To Have You Two. Thank For Being A Rainy Day, Sunny Day, AnyDay, Again To You Both Congratulation You Make The Day Better! “Keep Up The Great Work.

  7. P.s. May God Continually Bless You Two For You’re Fulfilling Your Purpose God Blessing!

  8. I was thrilled when watching the other morning that Kenneth is now the permanent World News Now Co-Anchor; there was no other choice. Janaiis & Kenneth the “Dynamic Duo are the epitome of teamwork providing a refreshing professional approach to reporting. J&K complement each other in all aspects. They are the best team ever on WNN. Hopefully they will remain together for a long, long time. They make watching the news an actual event.

  9. I thought Ron and Paula was my team not. NOW!! They have been replaced. simply love you guys.. Janai and Kenneth (congratulations)
    Wow.. We watch you guys every day, night,morning..Keep on trucking baby.. My husband is from S.C. with the accent..
    The real fan..

  10. I love watching you and Kaylee Hartung together. You two make the new so much more interesting and you are fun together.

  11. I love Kenneth and Janai together.
    Information and laughter 👍👏🥰

  12. You guys are amazing love your chemistry spot on news better than anything else on

  13. Kenneth is a sarcastic, pompous jerk who acts at times if he’s doing a ridiculous comedy routine. I find him offensive at times. Way too many different cohosts. Find a team that works and stick with them. Till then, I’m with CNN in the morning.

  14. You have almost single handedly ruined a once informative and entertaining news program. Your semi humourous rants, your feigned ignorance of anything scientific or technical and your frankly stupid response to any news item that doesn’t pique your narrow, anti-conservative viewpoint is boring. I’ll meet you in any public forum to discuss or debate any current event. You are an embarrassment to the news gathering and reporting industry. Try stand-up comedy. You won’t get many laughs, but at least those seeking news and information will be spared from your idiocy.

  15. Goodmorning, iam watching as i always do to world news now, but it saddens me to see that Kenneth has turned into a very loud, overbearing person, that over talks, anyone who should be talking, iam sorry, but this is not inviting to anyone that is trying to listen to the news, its the cause of myself and others ,to turn the channel, PLEASE all of you , take your proper turn, We as listeners, would appreciate it, as of 4/27/20 iam through with ,trying to figure out ,what all your talking about, i WANT NEWS! NOT TO HEAR A BUNCH OF OVERTALKING!!! thank you sherry yoerger.

  16. I love love Kenneth & Mona- they really work well together. I just started watching two weeks ago thanks to my friend Ronnie Webb & now I’m hooked. I would rather watch these two instead of Fox, NBC or CBS they are all scripted. These two lighten up my day. Keeping on truckin 🙂 ya’ll are marvelous together. Don’t change a thing. Thank you

  17. I enjoy the news presentation by Kenneth and Mona.These two make a well-working twosome, almost as good as with Monae. What really bugs me is how Mona is tucked at the end of a wide wrapping desk while Kenneth has a whole desk at his disposal. Even with the distancing problem ABC can provide for a reporter’s comfort better than this.

  18. Morons has turned a once great news program into a platform for his semi humorous rambling and his biased comments. Please, just give us the news and keep your editorial blather to yourself

  19. Spell check got me again. Of course I meant Moton.

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