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Ellen DeGeneres Fires Back After Taking Heat for Friendship With Former President

Oct 9, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Daytime talk host Ellen DeGeneres has been under fire since she was seen over the weekend sitting next to former President George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game.

As DeGeneres put it when she discussed the controversy Tuesday on her talk show: “People were upset. They thought why is a gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president?”

DeGeneres defended her friendship with Bush, making a case for civility between people with differing views. She highlighted one supportive tweet that read: “Ellen and George Bush together makes me have faith in America again.”

Here’s the clip from Tuesday’s installment of “Ellen” …


  1. Fkn awesome! This clip makes me love Ellen even more. She is spot on. Be kind to everyone. Not just those people who share the same views as you. Make america great again 😇

  2. Dear human beings,

    I have been kind since 1976 when I became a Peace Activist with the SGI.org.

    All people deserve respect and kindness.

    Sincere wishes to “pay it forward,” kindness needs to be recognized all over the planet.

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