Fox News Personalities Hit With Lawsuit

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A Fox News anchor and a contributor to the channel were named in a lawsuit filed by a makeup artist. TMZ reports that Juan Legramandi sued anchor Harris Faulkner and contributor Angela McGlowan, along with the network itself and others at the channel, alleging they discriminated against him because he’s gay.

TMZ reports that the court documents allege McGlowan walked past Legramandi and another openly gay stylist in a green room in February 2018 and said, “Ugh! It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah in here!”

“Juan also claims in September 2017 he was doing Faulkner’s hair when a news story involving Hispanic women crossing the southern U.S. border came on a nearby TV,” TMZ adds. “In the suit, obtained by TMZ, he says Faulkner launched into a xenophobic, anti-Latino tirade … which allegedly included the statement, ‘Hispanic women are so ignorant.'”

Legramandi reportedly told Faulkner his mother is Hispanic and he was born in Colombia, to which Faulkner allegedly responded, “Your family is from a third world country.”

Legramandi says he filed a complaint with HR but nothing was done.

“After he filed that report, he claims, Jill Van Why [senior VP of programming operations] told him, in June 2018, everyone is replaceable … which he took as a threat,” TMZ reports. “Juan says he was later fired — the lawsuit doesn’t mention the date — by Van Why and Marsheila Hayes, a VP of diversity and inclusion at Fox News.”

Legramandi is reportedly suing the network and the four women for sexual discrimination, ethnic discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination and retaliation.

Fox News responded with a statement saying: “Fox News denies these allegations and will vigorously defend against these baseless claims.”


  1. Poor little snowflake

  2. First of all, acompany should be able to hire and fire at will. It’s not ‘your’ job. It is the company’s job.. and they should be able to fill that job… or UN-fill it as they deem fit.
    But a law suit? You file a law suit every time someone hurls an insult or disparaging remark your way?? Just stupid. Never, Ever.. let the bully see that he’s hit a nerve.

  3. Harris Faukner calls Haitian migrants ” asylum seekers” with legitament reason to be in USA but Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans “illegals “that should be deported. She laments the Deaths and suffering of Jews and Whites at Surfside Florida , but cutoff and did not allow talk about the death or suffering of Hispanic Children at Surfside. Could a White anchor cut off talk of Black children being killed in Chicago.

  4. To Tvexec: Under age 18 years , 29% of voters are Hispanic and 8% Asian. 37% of population. Total votes of 2020 election of only 1.5% (12% of 12%) were African American . White Conservatives are 28% of total USA population other Whites are independent or liberal. with White population shrinking. I would recommend assimilation not alienation. Gaining allies against liberal Blacks and whites not making more enemies. Stacy Abrams stated without Asian vote the GOP would have won two GA Senate election, Kung Flu maybe it isn’t so funny. Maybe it is as Funny as if non White called the White rural pill problem ‘The inbreed pill pandemic”. Maybe Fox News instead of considering Americans as only Black and White with their ‘All Americans Black and White” should give equal time and respect to conservative Asians and Hispanics as they do to Conservative Blacks that are their smallest by far voting block.

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