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Kathy Griffin Fears for Her Life and Has Contacted the FBI

Oct 16, 2019  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Kathy Griffin, who got in hot water over her infamous “Trump severed head” incident a couple of years back, now says she fears for her life after a new parody video surfaced in which Donald Trump goes on a mass shooting spree.

“They made a video of Trump doing a mass shooting inside a church, and the last two people he murders are me and Hillary Clinton,” Griffin said during an appearance this week on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“This thing will get all ginned up again,” Griffin said. “The same groups that came after me two-and-a-half years ago, they’re going to be reinvigorated, and frankly, we don’t know how people will take that video.”

“I already have been in touch with the FBI,” she added.

Here’s the clip of Griffin on “Wendy Williams.” After discussing the Trump severed head incident she begins at 4:08 talking about the new Trump video …


  1. What she did may have been over the line and stupid but our President does this on the daily. What kind of America have we become? Trump has got to go. Kathy can go too.

  2. Oh puh-leeze. She brought this on herself. Entirely her own fault.

  3. F*** you all. Comedy is not pretty. Comedy is ABOUT pushing the limits of free speech and holding a mirror up to our societal hypocrisy.

    • As defined by Mel Brooks, comedy is when you fall down and break a leg… and tragedy is when I get a hangnail.

  4. We all see and hear every president makes a good comedy target poo on those that can’t take a joke and to our current president he is better then many we have had and isn’t there to make friends. I may not like every decision but I Will still back him

  5. You need to stop giving this person any more of your time or our time. Her time has come n gone, she is a crude washed up has been. She doesn’t care how she contributes to our society all the vile she spews out of her mouth within children’s hear shot.

  6. It’s no Different from Ted Nugent; threatening former President Barack Obama; we live in a Evil Generation and World where morality and Compassion is an after thought: Trump is not of those Values nor does he have Empathy and Compassion our Former Presidents had have Compassion being able to reach across the Isles of Party lines just not this guy it is like having a mob boss in the white House: he lacks a moral compass and has never learned how to Communicate correctly he has anger issues rage attacks over the tiniest thing’s not something you want in a president he will be voted out of office:

  7. Our president says and does worse and his job is not comedy. He is supposed to running the entire country. She is a comedian and whether you like her or not, her life should not be in jeopardy over a parody video. Its rediculous.

  8. And has anyone in the House ever read anything about Due Process? Even Ted Bundy was allowed to defend himself in Public. All of us old enough, can remember that trial, as it was the best TV show the summer ’79. I am shocked that the News Networks aren’t demanding to put this impeachment “trial” on live TV. The ratings would be huge!

  9. Hello
    Kathy Griffin is delusional. Why would anyone care about her enough to do her in?
    I mean really. She is a sick person.

  10. Kathy and you dumbcrats are all for socialism. Try the crap she pulled in China. Our President is the best we have had since Washington. Did you see what the little wannabe dictator said? She said its time to get rid of our Constitution and write a new one. You know the one that says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (originally it said property).
    Hitlery is capable of anything.

  11. If Trump’s video would have been the other way around it would have been absolute perfection

  12. Socialism is coming. Whether you fucking hypocrites like it or not.

  13. This better than thou attitude that this foul mouthed hypocrite has just isn’t right! She can dish it out but can’t take it. Boo hoo! Ppl already didn’t like this woman so any video isn’t gonna make it worse! Ppl like her are a dime a dozen! She deserves anything coming at her!

    • And by anything coming at her, I mean comments, before anyone gets it twisted!

  14. I have laughed, and continue to laugh, whenever she performs. So hilarious and one of the best story tellers around. Didn’t approve of the photo but we have ALL done something we regret. If you haven’t seen the video of the President, yes the President, shooting up a church I suggest you do so before throwing more stones at her. Why aren’t the makers of the video being harassed like they did Kathy? Talk about hypocrisy.

  15. I love Kathy. People don’t have to like her but it’s been 2.5 years. Get over it and move on.

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