Ronan Farrow Apologizes for Comments About Fox News

Oct 23, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“Ronan Farrow, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has extensively reported on sexual misconduct in the media industry, apologized on Wednesday for recent comments he made about how Fox News dealt with claims of harassment in the workplace,” CNN reports.

The apology came after Farrow appeared to praise Fox News for its handling of sexual harassment issues. Farrow was criticized for his comments, including in a letter from four women who have settled claims with Fox News.

In today’s apology, Farrow told CNN: “Let me be clear: I in no way intended to suggest that networks like Fox have fully addressed these issues. One of the lessons of the past few years is that there’s still a long way to go. I’ve heard what these women have said and join with them in the hopes that people in power are listening.”

“I’m sorry if my comments implied anything else — it certainly wasn’t my intention,” he added.

The apology followed a letter signed by signed by Juliet Huddy, Julie Roginsky, Tamara Holder and Diana Falzone. CNN notes that Huddy, Roginsky and Holder have all settled claims of sexual harassment or assault with 21st Century Fox, the former parent company of Fox News, while Falzone has settled a gender discrimination claim with the company.

The women wrote in their letter to Farrow: “While we appreciate the work you have done to expose and explore sexual assault, harassment and retaliation in the news and entertainment industries, we are curious as to the basis of your effusive praise of Fox News for its response to the revelations by women who described the toxic work environment they faced.”

The letter followed an appearance by Farrow on Fox News last week in which he criticized NBC News for its response to sexual harassment claims.

“As he called out NBC News, Farrow mentioned that Fox News dealt in recent years with its own problems related to sexual harassment and settlements,” CNN reports. “He told anchor Bret Baier that the network ‘has done a great job of confronting some of the issues’ it has faced.”


  1. Fox News no longer has any issues with sexual harassment. I applaud their progress. Just another reason why this is the ONLY network you should be watching.

  2. I shouldn’t be watching HGTV?

  3. And Alex is a forever Trumper. Sad….

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