Weather Channel Gets Political

Oct 21, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“The Weather Channel is moving beyond cold fronts and heat waves to wade into the politics of climate change,” the AP reports, noting that the channel has a special set to run early next month that will feature interviews with nine presidential candidates on the topic.

“The campaign’s most prominent climate change skeptic — President Donald Trump — declined an invitation to participate,” the report adds.

The one-hour special premieres Nov. 7 and features interviews with candidates at specific sites illustrating the effects of climate change, the story reports.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders, for example, speaks at the site of a devastating California wildfire and Sen. Kamala Harris along a flood-prone area of the Mississippi River,” the AP reports.

The story says this is the first time the Weather Channel has become involved directly in a political campaign.

Among those to be interviewed are the three announced Republican challengers to Trump — Joe Walsh, former Illinois congressman; Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor; and Mark Sanford, former South Carolina governor and congressman.

Also on tap are six of the top seven Democrats in the polls. Along with Sanders and Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke and Mayor Pete Buttigieg are interviewed.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden was not interviewed; his campaign said it was a scheduling issue,” the AP reports.


  1. Leave the President alone … He is the combination of the 100 year storm
    and Hurricane Donald … let him blow and blow and blow !

  2. THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!, JUST DELUSION. Enough with this fear mongering! John Coleman is rolling in his grave over this false propaganda and brainwashing. Stop with the man made global warming “spin” . Just report the weather and keep your beliefs to yourself.

  3. While Climate Change is real, the apocalypse is not. One thing about the Weather Channel is that it is supposed to tell facts. Yeah, temps have risen by 1 degree in California in the last twenty years, but anyone with half a brain can think, “I don’t think 1 degree is large enough to lead to the huge fires. It must be something else”.
    The Weather Channel continues to lose more and more viewers, yet they still tend to promote myths, not facts.
    I used to look at Jim Cantore and the other weather casters as heroes, but now I see them a charlatans.

  4. “Climate Change” has been occurring since the beginning of time!!- a NATURAL CYCLE!! Get the politics out of the forecasting!!

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