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ABC News Doing Damage Control Over Leaked Video

Nov 5, 2019  •  Post A Comment

“ABC News faced questions Tuesday about its reluctance to air a sensitive story of alleged sexual misconduct after a leaked video emerged of reporter Amy Robach complaining about how her bosses handled an interview with a Jeffrey Epstein accuser,” the AP reports. “The conservative web site Project Veritas released video of Robach venting that ‘every day I get more and more pissed’ that her 2015 interview with Virginia Giuffre never made the air.”

The Robach video reportedly goes back to August, when she was in front of a microphone in a Times Square studio. She was not on the air.

“ABC said Tuesday that the interview didn’t meet its standards because it lacked sufficient corroborating evidence,” the AP reports. “Robach, co-anchor of ABC’s ’20/20′ newsmagazine, said the leaked video caught her ‘in a private moment of frustration.’”

ABC was downplaying any comparisons to a controversy over NBC’s handling of Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein reporting. The AP notes that ABC said it has pursued and aired other stories about Epstein, a New York financier who died Aug. 10 while in police custody on sex trafficking charges.

A portion of the Robach clip can be seen by clicking here to go to The New York Post’s report on the story.


  1. Every day something else comes out about the main stream media not reporting on the news, but picking and choosing, slanting and omitting, shading and outright lying. Just last week it was CNN exposed as a hyper partisan network, ignoring any other news in their quest to tell the world how bad President Trump is. It shouldn’t be any surprise that ABC (as did NBC) spiked the bombshell story of Jeffrey Epstein. That the Royal Family pressured ABC is a bombshell story in and of itself. Where would we be without alternative media sources nowadays ???

  2. Twice a day we get reports and examples of the right wing media/blogstream/twitter network which is fed by TeamTrump, its Russian robot corps and the rest of the Alt-Right trying to defame EVERYTHING about the “mainstream” media. There are mistakes made by mainstream media and even some bias. But there is nowhere near the amount of distortion and outright lies which begin from the White House and work their way down thru “anti-social media ” of all types. “Alternative” media ..Joseph Goebbels was the father of that with his “Big Lie” theory that propelled Hitler into power. Without mainstream, privately held media we are just like Russia, Communist China, North Korea, and any other dictatorship. “Fake News” is the cry which Pres. Carrot-Top hopes will lead us to his very own dictatorship. And the day American media caves is the day America dies.

    • Sitting on a story with proof of children being abused isn’t a MISTAKE!!!!

  3. Everyone has the right to free speech under the constitution. That is why we can have all the ignorant slanderous comments on this web site every day. The constitution protects the free press. If you disagree with the position of any network or website or other news source, you have the right to ignore that distributor, and go to another for more information, or because the anchor there is good looking. That is why the United States voters have the free right to vote for anyone they want. That is why there are numerous parties on the ballot, not just the two that believe they know all the answers and should run the country. The most offensive part of these arguments between the parties about what is fair or truthful and what is not; is that it is completely condescending to the people of the US. It assumes that we can’t wade through all of the current nonsense and make a decision for ourselves; just like we do when buying a TV. I am sure that the people at Sony would want all of us to only consider and purchase their TVs, rather than LG. But we can make our own decision. We can review the information and make a decision for ourselves about TVs or about Political candidates. And all you have to do is review the elections since the 50’s, and see that the voters do not hold to one party or position. The voters look at the positions and views of the people running and make their own decision on who to vote for. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have different Presidents, from different parties, regularly; and different parties holding different houses of Congress frequently. Give the voters credit for being intelligent enough to make their own decisions. We have been doing so for over 200 years and this is still the greatest country in the world.

    • Your analogy of televisions to news media organizations is specious. When shopping for a television, you can literally compare “both sides” of the Sony vs LG argument. If all you get to see are Sony products, you cannot discern if their claim of “best tv” is true or not.
      The problem with news media now is that there is a political bias in virtually every outlet and every show. In addition, there are scant few true Journalists who know that his/her job is to present all sides of the news that can be verified as FACT. I would argue that Chris Wallace stands alone in that category, as he drills down on interviewees with equal depth regardless of their political affiliations.

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