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Can a 21st Century Teenager Fold a Map, Use a Phone Book or Dial a Rotary Phone? Let’s Find Out!

Nov 12, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A 17-year-old girl had the opportunity to demonstrate the ability of modern young people to function using old-fashioned items such as a map, a phone book and a rotary phone.

The experiment took place on a recent episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show — where the host was clearly pleased with the results. Here’s the clip …


  1. In the Zombie apocalypse, they won’t stand a chance.

  2. Two days before I saw this I was asked how people were able to find their way around before GPS. How did they know where to turn to go anywhere. I thought that was pretty absurd and put my facetious hat on. I started out with: a very looonnnggg time ago we had these things that were made out of paper. They were called maps. I went on saying there were maps of cities and counties and you could get one for an entire state! Why, there were some maps that showed all of the United States on one map! And then seeing this girl trying to fold a map. Almost unfair, Ellen. Most people back then couldn’t refile a map. I kept 4 to 6 maps in my car and 2 or 3 had been force folded at any given time. Kind of like little fitted sheets. The phone book was good. But the rotary phone was priceless!

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