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Drama Series Canceled

Nov 26, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A drama series has been canceled after two seasons, with The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reporting that CBS pulled the plug on “Strange Angel.” The series has been running on the CBS All Access subscription streaming service.

THR notes that the move marks the second cancellation for CBS All Access, following the drama series “One Dollar.”

“Strange Angel,” which stars Jack Reynor, “quietly” rolled out its second season in June, THR notes.

Julie McNamara, executive VP for originals at CBS All Access, is quoted saying: “The series brought new meaning to the idea that the truth is stranger than fiction and we are incredibly thankful to the creative team of Mark Heyman, David DiGilio, Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker for their vision, as well as the fantastic cast for bringing the bizarre story of Jack Parsons to life.”

“The news arrives as the platform is poised to get a content injection following CBS’ remerging with Viacom,” THR notes. “The two companies announced Monday that Nickelodeon library content would soon be coming to CBS All Access, giving a boost to the platform’s recent entry into the ultra-competitive kids programming space.”

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  1. This raises one question. When will the “mergers” of the streaming services begin. With cable you were forced to buy everything, even what you don’t want. Not anymore. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, provide more than enough content for the average family. There may be enough room for AppleTV, but that isn’t clear yet. Right now people are in a trial period and then sometime in 2021, there will be cancellations of streamers, as people realize that there are streaming services that they don’t use enough to justify the monthly cost. There isn’t enough time in the day to use all of these streaming services and the companies with big catalogs of content will realize that their content is nice, but not worth paying another monthly fee by consumers. At that point streamers like CBS are going to need to go to the successful streamers and try to make an exclusive deal to sell their content. But that may prove to be a problem as the major streamers may not see their content as valuable as the owner. CBS is a great example that a couple of original shows is not going to sell a streaming service. They may be better off making a long-term deal with a major streamer now, rather than swimming upstream against the sharks.

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