TV Guide’s ’50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time’

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1. Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
2. Ben Cartwright (Bonanza)
3. John Walton, Sr. (The Waltons)
4. Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie)
5. Danny Williams (Make Room for Daddy)
6. Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best)
7. Steve Douglas (My Three Sons)
8. Andy Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show)
9. Howard Cunningham (Happy Days)
10. Ray Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)
11. Reverend Eric Camden (7th Heaven)
12. Steven Keaton (Family Ties)
13. Dan Conner (Roseanne)
14. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch)
15. Tom Corbett (Courtship of Eddie’s Father)
16. Alex Stone (The Donna Reed Show)
17. Forrest Bedford (I’ll Fly Away)
18. George Lopez (George Lopez)
19. Herman Munster (The Munsters)
20. Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)
21. Ozzie Nelson (The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
22. Rob Petrie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
23. Tony Micelli (Who’s the Boss?)
24. Archie Bunker (All in the Family)
25. Sandy Cohen (The OC)
26. Doug Lawrence (Family)
27. Michael Kyle (My Wife and Kids)
28. Ward Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver)
29. Jack Bristow (Alias)
30. Chester A. Riley (Life of Riley)
31. Andy Sipowicz (NYPD Blue)
32. Lucas McCain (The Rifleman)
33. Tom Bradford (Eight is Enough)
34. Philip Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
35. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
36. Rick Sammler (Once and Again)
37. Jason Seaver (Growing Pains)
38. John Robinson (Lost in Space)
39. Martin Lane (The Patty Duke Show)
40. Will Girardi (Joan of Arcadia)
41. Jim Walsh (Beverly Hills, 90210)
42. Fred Sanford (Sanford and Son)
43. Andy Brown (Everwood)
44. George Jefferson (The Jeffersons)
45. Rocky Rockford (The Rockford Files)
46. Michael Steadman (thirtysomething)
47. Bernie Mac (Bernie Mac)
48. Paul Hennessy (8 Simple Rules)
49. Graham Chase (My So-Called Life)
50. Benjamin Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

bill cosby as cliff huxtable.pngBill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable


  1. Where’s Julius Rock? Everybody hates Chris…

  2. Where’s Robbie Ray Stewart from Hannah Montana?

  3. they should have danny tanner from full house…

    • Daniel Tanner. Smh. He should be in the tip 10 for sure, and Barone barely even acknowledged his kids. I could understand a bit if they added barones pops but under no circumstances barone himself…

  4. How did Al Bundy not make the list???!?

  5. I agree we had some good tv dads I think a tv dad knowing and understanding how to resolve a problem without violence and spitefulness is great I tip my hat to the producers for choosing good actors to fulfill what we need in life

  6. Al Bundy not being on the list is a disgrace!

    • Why should al Bundy be on any list of great dad’s. Al Bundy is the worst tv dad ever

  7. Frank Reynolds

  8. Why is ray barone higher than dan conner?everybody loves Raymond barely ever even involved scenes with the children while Roseanne was all about parenting and dan conner is number one in my book!

  9. Does being a serial rapist knock Bill Cosby from #1 ???

    • If that is so, than you need to get rid of Reverend Camden. He was predator!!! Danny Tanner had a potty mouth (off camera) according to the mothers of the girls.

    • No it does not. You cannot take that credit away from him. You must separate the character from the man.

  10. Julius Rock should be in the top 5 and al bundy deserves to be left off.

  11. bill Cosby should immidiately be reevaluated to zero status.His recent serial rape charges of innocent women, being raped by the use of drugs, highlights the need to remove him of who represents a decent best ever father role model.

    • You have to judge the character and the performer of that character and not the actor as a person.

    • It’s a character, Bill Cosby is not number 1, Cliff Huxtable is. The character and the actor are different people.

  12. Is about the character not the actor.

  13. Andy Taylor should be number one.

    • Agreed

  14. What about Danny Tanner from Full House?

  15. How does Morty Seinfeld not make the list? Losers!! Archie Bunker should have been much higher. A working man that loved his little girl

  16. Charles Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie should be number one. My husband and.and I would love to have him as a father. Cosby shouldn’t be on the list.

    • I agree that Charles Ingalls should be number one with Burt Hummel from glee at number two

  17. It is not about Bill Cosby, you idiots! Cliff Huxtable is a character, and the character was a PHENOMENAL father!

  18. Bob saget as Danny Tanner

  19. No Red Forman? No Al Bundy?

  20. Where’s Al Bundy? He surely should have made the list!!

  21. No Gomez Adams rich and you can blow up dynamite in the house

  22. It is funny, but Without seeing your list I would have listed Ben Cartwright as number one, Charles Ingalls as number two, John Walton as number three, Cliff Huxtable as number four, Andy Taylor as number five, and the great Lucas McCain as number six. I also like John Kennish in Switched at Birth. It is kinda strange having Bill Cosby on this list now – very sad!

  23. How did you miss James Evans, Ward Cleaver, Jock Ewing, Timmy Martin’s dad?

  24. And don’t forget Gomez Adams and Steve Douglas

  25. You got it right. Cliff Huxtable should be number one. Some people need to be able to judge the character, not the actor who played the character. Sin is sin, and all sin is wrong. If this list would’ve been compiled according to how saintly the actors lived their personal lives, many would not have made the list.

  26. Al Bundy, hands down, should have been somewhere on this list!

  27. Are you guys seriously looking pass homer simpson? He suck as a father. In that case peter griffin should have been on the list we all know how good of a father he is.

  28. Carl winslow from family matters, al bundy, and robert peterson from the parenthood should have made the list too.

  29. How did Andy Sipowicz beat out Philip Banks? NYPD Blue had nothing to do with the kids. James Avery played an amazing father.

  30. Bill Cosby did not make the list. Cliff Huxtable did. Bill Cosby played a good dad = Cliff Huxtable. It is separate from the person he is in real life. Sad.


  32. Yep…..fred sanford !

  33. Cliff huxtable should be removed immediately and be replaced with Charles Ingalls. Cliff reputation is disgraceful.

    • Cliff Huxtable’s reputation IS still intact. What Bill Cosby did was shameful but the character did none of those things. You can’t discredit a person’s life’s work because the person turns out to be a creep.

  34. All the focus is on Cosby. You do know that the actor who played REVEREND Camden in 7th Heaven was a pedophile, don’t you?

  35. where’s robert young? – aka jim anderson as the quintessential dad in FATHER KNOWS BEST!!

    • Look again. He’s #6.

  36. They took The Cosby show off TV. Why haven’t they taken Seventh Heaven Off TV?

  37. I don’t understand how Ray Baron, George Lopez, and Homer Simpson made the list. What about Danny Tanner ?

  38. Why are people so up in arms that Cliff Huxtable is number 1. Cliff is the character, he was an awesome dad. Bill Cosby created and portrayed that character. You cannot take away his accomplishments based on recent accusations. It’s ludicrous. Playing a character doesn’t mean you have that character’s attributes, it’s called ACTING, sheesh lighten up!

  39. No Ricky Ricardo? Ay! Ay! Ay!

    • They forgot Fred Flintstone, too! 🙁


  41. I think “George Baxter” should be on this list. Maybe I’m bias because I enjoyed “HAZEL”. Eventhough “Hazel” interacted more with “Harold” than “George” did, it didn’t make him any less a “Great TV Dad”. Personally I don’t think that “Jock Ewing” was a great “TV Dad” at all. Neither would I have chosen “Fred Sanford”, “Archie Bunker”, “Ray Barone” “Homer Simpson”, “Fred Flintstone”or “Al Bundy. I would have chosen “James Evans Sr” though. And “Jim Anderson” did make the list, at Number 6. Also “Ward Cleaver” made the list, too, at Number 28.

  42. HTF is Charles Ingalls not #1?! Blasphemy! And what’s with Cosby being #1? Seriously?

  43. Azale-You got it exactly right!

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