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'King of the Hill' Canceled

Fox has canceled long-running animated comedy "King of the Hill."

The show's most recent episode order of 13 half-hours will be its last, a Fox spokesman said Thursday. Given the lead time for animation, it's likely the series will air its final episode sometime during the 2009-10 season.

News of "King's" death isn't a surprise. The show has cheated death several times over the past few years, with Fox coming close to pulling the plug more than once.

Gary Newman, co-chairman of 20th Century Fox TV, told TVWeek earlier this month that renewals for "American Dad" and "The Simpsons" were imminent, but he wasn't so sure about "Hill."

"It's probably time [for Fox to make a decision]," Mr. Newman said. "I don't know if the network will be ordering more seasons or not. That show has had its last rites read to it several times, and keeps rearing its head again."