How Many Minutes of Commercials Are Shown in an Average TV Hour? The Number Has Been Steadily Climbing

May 13, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The number of commercials shown in a typical hour of television has increased steadily over the past five years, the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town reports, citing a study from Nielsen.

Broadcast networks averaged 13 minutes and 25 seconds of commercial time per hour in 2009, which grew to 14 minutes and 15 seconds in 2013, the story reports.

On cable TV, the growth has been even more significant, the report notes. Last year, the average was 15 minutes and 38 seconds, up from 14 minutes and 27 seconds in 2009, according to the report.

And more commercials are being jammed into that growing ad hole, with the number of 30-second spots decreasing while the number of 15-second ads rises.

"In 2009, 30-second spots accounted for 62% of all ads on television; 15-second spots were just 35%. In 2013, the percentage of 30-second ads fell to 53% and 15-second spots increased to 44%," the story reports. "The increased number of commercials has translated to more money flowing into television. According to Nielsen, advertisers spent $78 billion on TV commercials in 2013, compared to $64 billion in 2009."


  1. i was watching a cable channel program and there was a commercial break every 6 minutes, makes me want to stop watching tv

    • A year ago or so I was watching Star Wars on a cable channel and I counted about 6 minutes of ads for every 5 minutes of movie. Aggravating, distracting and actually counterproductive. And it made me NOT want to buy the products advertised,

    • It’s getting even more annoying this year. I usually just keep switching channels, then after an hour or two, I just put some music on, something relaxing to bring down my ire from all of those terrible advertisements. One thing that is ironic: I do enjoy some of those ‘comedy’ commercials from time to time.

  2. That’s why the only way we watch TV is to DVR the shows and fast forward through the commercials.

    • Boycott Cable, even CNN, there is no other way they will learn.

  3. I believe the 30 minutes of nightly news has more than 10 minutes of ads. It seems the news interrupts a stream of hideous car ads etc.

    • It sure does. A commercial every 3 to 4 minutes.

  4. My sense is that many cable news are more than 1/4th consisting of ads. I could be interested in watching them but stopped watching. I also doubt that the commencials happen every 6 minutes, that would mean 10 breaks but only 90 seconds of commercials at a break, way lower. Perhaps there are also in-house commercials for the network pushing itself constantly. If half of the time is news would be it.

  5. Its no secret. We, as human beings, watch way too much tv, and its been proven make us more complacent rather than free thinking, emotionally intelligent people.
    So I’m glad these commercials breaks are growing and seeming to drag on more and more, like pushers trying to force products down your throat. Because i dont care how addicted you are to TV, the way this is going is pushing me away from the ordeal of it, and I know I cant be the only one.

  6. I can go the bathroom, make a sandwich, and finish it, and the commercials are still not over. It makes me not want to watch TV.

  7. I have learned to be very good at commercial cleaning. I watch General Hospital at 2 PM EST. The first commercial comes in just a couple of minutes. That’s when I wash any dishes in the sink. The next commercial is in four minutes; I set up my vacuum and pick up newspapers and shoes that are cluttering the floor. The next commercial is in four minutes and that gives me three minutes to run my sweeper and put it away. I still have time to pour myself a cup of coffee. The next commercials are in five minutes, allowing me plenty of time to polish the tables and start my laundry. The wash is started and I make my beds during the next commercials. Soon I transfer my washer load into the dryer while I sweep the kitchen and dining room. Back to my soap opera! Now my rooms are clean, my laundry is ready to fold or hang during the next set of commercials. Soon my show is nearly over and I still have six commercials left to start supper! I think we’ll have a casserole, so I can watch Dr. Phil at 4PM. It’s all a matter of scheduling your day!!!

    • Bless you and your formula for resisting consumer propaganda.

    • You are so funny. I love your comment.

  8. Is there any address that I can send my feeling about how many commercials are being played at one time on Satellite TV. For fun yesterday I counted how many commercials played during break the average is 10 up to 13 that is crazy. I pay $90 a month for Satellite TV so I guess I am the crazy one.

  9. Yes it is pathetic how many commercials that are on TV especially when they repeat the same commercial over and over during the break of the same thing. That is why I have gone to Netflix and antenna TV only I’ know other people will continue watching the cable and Dish and all the other ways out there. But I am finished paying for commercials. It is totally stupid to waste money on commercials that are longer than
    our shows..

  10. Stop watching TV or rent movies. Better yet watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or any of the other pay services. No commercials. This is commercial insanity.

  11. It’s the same with the national news media. It is merely a place for the broadcasters to offer an opinion or guests who push them or the show SO THAT THEY GET PAID. There are no actual reporters anymore WHO TRULY FIND THE NEWS AND DEVELOP IT What burns me up the most are the small viewer days like Friday, Saturday and Sunday. MANY TIMES, they simply show a complete hour of what they showed before many, many times.. I only use the TV for DVD movies where I can fast forward over the name promoting actors, director, etc. Many times the “broadcasters” are presenting it in a way that helps them to persuade viewers. NO MORE. I’M GONE

    • Thank you for this – I agree 100%. I have a method to this madness, I watch these stations and flip during the commercials: ABC News, CNN News, and HLN News. However, what I’ve found lately is that the commercials seem to be corresponding with each other – I can’t get a break. HLN will give tidbits of what’s to come, and by the time the commercials are done, you’ve forgotten what you were waiting for. CNN has gone totally political now, with the anchors boasting their ideas-not the public’s. And ABC is all about some crazy Hollywood stories-heaven help! Still, I am paying good money for this bull-help is very much needed!

  12. I mute all commercials, and if I do see an advertiser on way more than others, I never buy their product. I’m also in development of a product that auto-mutes commercials, as the existing products out there that auto-mute don’t work for long. So far, it’s coming along great !

  13. I have never ,and I mean never have bought one thing that I’ve seen on a commercial. I always mute them, I will come back into the room just to mute them. I usually always watch two shows at once , and sometimes it’ll be three , so when Commercials come on one I flip to the other. They are useless annoyances.

  14. I, agree with all these other vewers about commercials being out of control. I to, have never bought a prodect that has been adderverised. I also mute all commercials. It’s rediculus that some commercials last as long as 7 minutes or longer. Just watch the chiller channel.

  15. Just watched E channel. I counted 14 commercial at one time. Ridiculous!! Not only is commercials outrageous but the volume goes up during the commercials. What their next move? Can’t get much worse! Americans need to stand together and boycott certain channels on certain days to show our voice matters. GREED IS OUT OF CONTROL!!

  16. The irony is that consumer based propaganda (ads) helps sell the political propaganda that frequently masquerades as “news”.

    TV is rather revolting.

  17. I cannot stand watching the news anymore. There are some news stations that literally show a story for 30 seconds, cut to commercials, show another 30 second story and then have more commercials again. That is absolutely outrageous and should never happen. On top of that they show the same 3-4 commercials over and over again ON EVERY BREAK. The amount of times I have to see the same car ads have driven me to madness. I hate commercials so much. Thank God for Netflix and channels like HBO because paying to not have to see any commercials is more then worth it. Plus DVRing all TV shows is the way to do it.

  18. Thirteen minutes per hour? How is the word “commercial” defined? My hunch is that the 13-minute figure is way low! I watch CNN frequently and as often as not when I turn it on what comes on is a COMMERCIAL. If the 13-minute figure was accurate I would only see a commercial when I turn the TV on once in four times. Fox news is just as bad, as in MSNBC. None are worth the bombardment of their commercials. These channels won’t keep discriminating audiences for very long at the rate they are going down the road to commercialization. Happy profits and goodbye!

  19. I am getting rid of the cable contract. I have kept it for my husband, who loves sports. But it is so not worth the huge fees. I actually watched a ‘Friends’ episode specifically for the purpose of timing the commercials. I promise you that over 15 minutes of the ‘half hour’ show was ad time. Sick. Greed. The world of business is, in general, a very pathetic comment on the human state.

  20. Why don’t they just run commercials 24 / 7.THEY ARE NOT FAR FROM IT !

  21. You cant channel surf anymore, all the channels are on commercial breaks.

    Too many channels, too many commercials is killing tv.

  22. I agree. I limit my TV view on cable to mostly free movies on certain channels Tha t have no commercials. Can forget HGTV and a number of other stations. They have like 25 minutes of commercials and 5 minutes of programming.

  23. True Roy. The Liberty Insurance ads are on at least 200 times a day.

    • Maybe they’re on a lot more, but we just can’t watch all the channels at once. I’m sure it’s much, much higher, as in up in the thousands. Liberty ads are really annoying too, with all that loud repetitive background ‘music.’

  24. Commercial creep was a factor in my decision to dump cable altogether in favor of ad-free streaming services. I find traditional cable simply unwatchable — bad shows loaded with ads — and it offends me that cable companies charge a premium for access to this garbage. So now I stream ad-free movies and shows for far less money, and am much more satisfied for it. I do maintain a subscription to Sling for sports, but now find it hard to watch even a high profile football game, due to the sheer number of commercials being pushed out. Don’t they realize they’re alienating their customer base?

  25. We’ve stopped watching television in our house.
    Our days now don’t have enough hours in them.
    Best thing we ever did.
    I never realised how much utter nonsense was on tv.
    And the best part is…. our dose of corporate vomit (adverts) has been slashed significantly.

    I can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Your imagination comes back – you may even start to question things – which is a long lost art.
    I’m proud to say that I don’t recognise a single advert on TV when I see one played – wherever I might be.
    Try it…. your lives will come back.

  26. There are thousands of complaints about the excessive commercials the TV networks are running. Action must be taken for all these legitimate complaints. What can be done to set new regulations on advertising interruption time of network programs. We are paying a lot of money for our TV viewing, and feel that customer satisfaction in the most important. The greed of TV networks has overrun our program viewing. The consumer has rights too, and need help with this matter. Please help us!

  27. I would be curious to know if the reason for more and more commercials is that operating costs keep going up or if it’s going into profits for the cable companies and their executives.

    Yes, we have options–shut the box off! But truth be told, “customer satisfaction” is no longer a meaningful factor.

  28. CNN

    When I was a kiddo news-junkie in the 60s, networks did not saturate their news programs with commercials. They have done a very good job at alienating viewers now by LOADING the broadcast with commercial interruptions.

    This is cheapness on a grand scale and the average viewer doesn’t realize that by having MORE commercials and less news, the news divisions also need fewer employees.

    Gone are the days when broadcasters believed they had s commitment to “broadcast journalism” and covering news from around the world.

    These days, “cheap” is in. Notice now how CNN has added Anthony Bourdain? It means they can block out real news (and have smaller staffs) and kill-off an hour time block that was formerly occupied by real news. Oh, and let’s not forget when Martin Savage was run into the ground OVER and OVER again with the guy in the mock-up cockpit of a Boeing 767 to make “news” stories well after the fact when the airplane went down in the Indian Ocean. It was cheaper for CNN to just go back to Martin about every 7 minutes than it was to actually send a news crew out on a story to investigate facts.

  29. Back in the day when I was a kid (a long time ago!) my dad told me that there was an FCC regulation on how many commercials could be shown at one time. I don’t know if that still applies but I just got finished watching a movie on Oxygen channel and I counted 18 commercials in one break and 19 in the next one and those were just the last 2 commercial breaks. I believe he also told me that they were limited on how long the commercial breaks could be. If that is still the case most of the channels are not following that. I get so sick and tired of seeing nothing but commercials that I promised myself that I would not buy ANYTHING that was advertised by these stations. Start hitting them where it hurts the most, in the pocketbook. Do not buy from their sponsors and maybe they will back off on some of this crap. GET A GRIP ADVERTISERS, SPONSORS AND TV CHANNELS……WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE SO DARN MANY COMMERCIALS………PERIOD!

  30. My Doctor friend told me while eating lunch that if a drug was heavily advertised a patient should never, never ever take it. A lawyer friend told us same lunch, that those drug companies had help put his children through college, med school and law school. He further said out of ten heavily advertised drugs four to five would cause major medical issues and the company would more than likely know they were a problem drug, hide the data and sell it anyway.

    So we take that even further and do not buy products advertised on TV, we feel if it’s heavily advertised the product is over priced. We go to the least expensive product that has the safest ingredients. Our cable bill is out of sight, we are cutting the cable and going over the air or even tossing out our tV’s. We were happier without the darn crap on TV anyhow.

  31. Just stopped watching MSNBC. News 40-60 seconds news then cut to 4 minutes of ads. Could not bear it any longer.

  32. MSNBC unwatchable. One minute of news then cut to 5 of adverts.

  33. As soon as a commercial comes on, most of which are about side effects from prescription medicine, I mute it and catch up on my reading or do small chores. I too have never nor will I ever purchase any product that interrupts a show I’m watching with their stupid advertising. Because of all the commercials I cut my cable subscription to just basic and purchased a roku stick. Cable companies are thieves and there is no bigger thief than Comcast. I would love to cut cable entirely and watch over the air but because of where I live, even with best antenna, I cannot get a signal.

  34. I assume it’s a matter of financial survival – or rather profit-growing to keep investors interested in supporting the model. I would expect that advertisers will only throw so much support behind the rising costs of program licensing and production, so stations/networks need to increase sales opportunities in order to maintain (and/or grow) the return on investment. The practice continues because it works – and again, it is a necessary component of the business model. Most people simply live with it, of course. That’s the other reason that it will continue.

  35. I DVR a lot of what I watch. For kicks I sampled a number of popular channels* to see what the percentage of commercials to programming averaged. FYI my 2014-15 data indicates an average commercial load of 29.54% commercials*. In other words, they expand the viewing time by almost half for your commercial enjoyment. What bothers me most is that a number of networks edit as much as 15 minutes from a movie to steal the time for advertising!
    *Includes, but not limited to AMC, Chiller, This, IFC, SyFi, TNT, and FX

  36. It is true that he advertising pays for the program. In terms of golf on the golf channel I believe there are more commercials than golf which is rather disruptive and makes viewing totally unfavorable.I would prefer to tape and fast forward on all commercials and I believe more and more people are doing this.

  37. I looked this up and wrote this while waiting for some actual news on CNN. The commercials FINALLY ended! No telling how long the news will actually last.

  38. you may all hate the commercials, but it is what pays for the programs you watch. we can always go back to the formula from the 50’s where advertisers “sponsored” a whole program, of course, if you look at shows now they are pretty much sponsored anyhow, I remember a few episodes of Burn Notice when Fiona got that Hyundai, and the blatant advertising was horrendously written into the script!


  40. I m just sick of paying for dish cable ads where are the t.v. shows 15 mins of ads 10 mins of shpws and the ads are getting longer..stop with the ads we allneed to stand together and cut cable and t.v. r uou with me on this ???

  41. Stop the ads ..we are sick of them where are the t.v.shows with out sooo many ads

  42. CNN has a quality second to none in it’s content and news reporting… There is no doubt about that. But the mere frequency and length of the advert breaks makes the channel unwatchable. Do they think their veiwers are morons with large wallets?
    How to really enjoy CNN as a male news junkie…. Tune in to CNN and imeadiatly set the pause button. Then proceed to the bathroom and complete the three S’s, ending with a shower.
    Start up your car and wait until the ice melts off of all wind shields.
    When respectable visit your local tattooist. Choose to have the Teracota Army stencilled on your back and wait for it to heel.
    Upon your return you should have a decent amount of news with the ability fast forward through all the adds and guff this news opperater wishes to chuck at you…..Nuff said.

    • I question the value of CNN’s news “reporting,” which usually puts the same handful of toothless stories on endless cycle and frames them with blocks of advertising. I get much better information from online news sources, apps like The Guardian, and from international streaming sources, all of which are free and are much lighter on the commercial load. For profit, pro-corporate news will never deliver anything approaching the truth.

  43. Dear sir’s, I m assuming by your beautifully scripted reply that I do not understand, I may have caused great offence. It was never my intention to offend anyone other than news broadcasters that consider their viewers required 15 or 16 minutes of advertisements during their single hour of veiwing.
    I named the Terracotta Army as a Tattoo choice because of it’s grand complexity.
    I am sorry if I have caused any offence. Zimadude.

  44. Fox News among others obviously doesn’t care how bad they are pissing off the viewers with outlandish commercial time vs programming! This situation has grown steadily worse every month and year. So many of us dvr and replay in order to skip over these interruptions. Doing this makes me even madder knowing that these folk lie to their advertisers about live viewer numbers. DVRing and then replaying shows has the same effect as if all watching viewed the commercials. I would think that’s advertiser deception and probably prohibited by law.
    Anyway, viewers are beginning to revolt by not watching!
    What a shame that these greedy TV morons can’t fix the aggravating problem.
    I’m not real sure what you might do with these comments but pretty sure nothing will be done!

  45. I remember watching Blade and it took forever, completely ruined the film. Here in UK we get 3 minute add break every 12-15 minutes and on BBC, there are no adverts

  46. OXYGEN CHANNEL IS THE WORST- ABSOLUTE WORST PROGRAMMING TOO!! Too many commercials and JIVE ASS!! I just complain to Direct TV.. but there all laughing at us. PULL THE PLUG!!

  47. the average 1 hour show has 17-18 minutes of advertisements

  48. commercials were not supposed to be on cable when it came to our area, that’s why you are paying for cable that’s what we were told, now we pay high rates and the commercials have never stopped increasing in the amount of time they have taken up per hour. It is getting to the point where we watch a lot less tv about ready to drop cable. If you watch a movie look up how long the movie is then look on the cable listing on how long its time slot is and you’ll see that up to 35% of the time is commercials not worth watching it really is getting bad.

  49. TURN IT OFF!!!

  50. OK we all HATE commercials but what can we do about it? they are totally stupid, they encourage people to think they can drive like idiots with there cell phones stuck in there ear and cars sliding all over the place. its absolutely ridiculous people are already acting and driving that way.This world is going to hell in a hand basket and it need to STOP!!! what cat we do to stop it!

  51. Just finished the second episode of American Crime on ABC, I counted at least 6 minutes of commercials 4 times at least, possibly 5. The average time actually spent viewing the show was 6-7 minutes between commercials. Too bad great show, couldn’t wait for season 2, won’t be watching it on ABC.

  52. In a site I was at before coming here, Comcast, NBC, and MSNBC are suing Dish Network for use of the “auto skip ad’ function their newest DVR’s. Dish is adamant (rightly so I hope) that the BETAMAX case that went to the Supreme Court years ago settled the ‘time-shifting” of recorded material for the sole purpose of non commercial (not for hire or re-braodcast) use by the consumer was not an infringement on the copyright of the broadcasters nor their TV ad subsidized commercials. Seems these idiots still don’t get it. Ever since the “:betamax”, technology has only gotten better. Now that Dish has taken it to a new level (automatically skipping commercials) I suppose our lazy fingers can still manually figure how to Fast Forward as we’ve been doing for 30+ years. Personally I DVR everything or will pause for 15-20 minutes and go do something then come back and fast scan past them.

  53. It is 4 AM, so I don’t feel like researching this, maybe someone else will do the honors. I seem to recall that Saint Ronald Reagan deregulated, along with much else, the maximum commercial time on television. He did this during his first days in office. He then proceeded to gut every other agency that put citizens first and business second. That set the template for everything that has happened since then, and somehow people have forgotten it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  54. I pride myself on having this information. Judge Judy has 17-18 minutes of commercials in an hour of programming which consists of two 30 minute shows.

  55. ABC’s evening news will rush through their stories to give you the pharmaceutical commercials which are longer than any story segment.

  56. ABC’s evening news will rush through their stories to give you the pharmaceutical commercials which are longer than any story segment.

  57. I record a lot of the time ! When i watch it i skip the commercials .

  58. Not only do we pay for the privilege of watching all these commercials, the newscasters are now being forced to speak so fast to allow more space for advertising! This is pathetic and we are paying for it!

  59. Cut. The. Cord. Be not a sheep. There’s a far better world in Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. And for those of you willing to cross to the dark side, there’s Kodi. Look it up.

  60. I find that I can usually watch all 3 of the major news channels at once and not miss much of the programming on any of them. As yet they have not choreographed their commercials to run concurrently which I find to be a blessing. I say God bless TMC which runs entire classic movies without commercial interruption. I do not have a DVR, but I do have “start-over” with my cable box. The Sundance Channel allows me to do start-over and fast forward through the commercials. I can start watching a movie 45 – 60 minutes after the start time, fast forward through the commercials; and catch up to the live broadcast by the end of the movie. (60 minutes of commercials per 3 hours allotted for a movie)

  61. I would like to see another channel like abc or nbc challenge cbs by running less ads and see what kind of viewing public they get. I think cbs makes way too much money on the ads but I think the owner of CBS knows this and he will never stop because it means more money in his already fat wallet. I use to like watching CBS this morning but by the time they finish their 15 minutes of ads I was forgetting what they were going to show next. And when you watch a sitcom its worse by the time the show comes back you forgot where they left off. i watch QVC and HSN because they don’t show ads, I just wish there were more channels that would also stop running the ads. If people like ads that much let them get a channel that plays nothing but ads.

  62. I had seen the excellent movie ” Jack Reacher, and recommended it to friends…I saw it was coming on FX, so called them to watch it……I was so mad when all we got were interviews we had no interest in, so many commercials breaks that you couldn’t remember what movie you were watching, and two brainless idiots telling us what the movie was about..DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!! I am 69 years old and handicapped, my only entertainment is television..well, I can only hope the greedy corporate heads will have nothing but commercials run thru their heads as they try to sleep plus end up with television as their only source of entertainment because of the same health issues I have. I do not have a DVR or any way of recording…..just a normal size t.v. with no gadgets. I pay a HUGE amount for cable, with no choice of the channels I receive. My very biggest gripe is what FEW channels I did have, ABC, CBS, NBC, and especially heartbreaking, as it was my favorite channel, TNT,. have now turned to FOOTBALL, NASCAR, GOLF, HELL, any sports that please the male population…women may have won the vote, but that’s all we have won..it is a mans world….a RICH mans world, I am sad at how our once wonderful world has changed to greed and the ruthless rich who control everything. May they get the “payback” they so richly deserve….

    • i remember those great days when commercials were regulated by law. then utter greed took over and they pretend it;s because of freedom of something or other!!

  63. I cut the cord a year ago, in part because of the commercial load. I subscribe to Sling for sports, but will be cutting that as well,in a day or two. Even sports broadcasts are unwatchable due to the sheer volume of ads shoved at the viewer. Plus, it chaps my hide that I have to pay for something and still have to endure 30-50% ads.

  64. My Mom called me, concerned about my financial situation and I told her that I had just started work as a Commercial Dishwasher. “Great,” she said. “How much does it pay?” “Oh, I don’t get any money. It’s just that, since we got cable TV, I only wash dishes during commercials.”
    The ridiculous ratio between commercial time vs. movie time MUST be alienating viewers. Eight minutes of movie to nine minutes of ads – I timed it! How can any cable station, network or advertiser think that this approach will result in more sales? I will mute the TV & go do something else or program the “flashback” button to TCM, where I’m not subjected to mindless insurance, prescription drug and acne ads. And many times, I won’t bother to switch it back. Additionally, I find that very often, time is cut from the movie or program to make space for even more commercials! And, despite what you might think, there is most definitely a “Law of Synchronized Commercials”!

  65. Last year I pretty much gave up on TV. I’ll record and speed thru commercials BUT!!! the programs are so cut up one cannot stay with the rhythm of the show or the plot is totally lost and or forgotten. Old shows that ran 22 minutes per 1/2 hour are so cut up it’s almost unrecognizable. Morning 1/2 hr. local news. The actual program is about 7 minutes the rest is commercials and “We’ll be right back”, “In our next segment…”, “See what happens when…”, “Don’t go away, you have to see why (so-n-so)…”, “Blah-blah” and “Yada-yada”. Not to mention the newscaster is CUT OFF IN MID SENTENCE. MY GOOD GOD so much time is wasted on non-programs, the very programs we PAY to watch.
    This is so bad we all must demand less commercials per hour. How much is comfortable? If waiters and waitresses live on 15% tips the so can TV advertisers. That makes the amount of adverts par hour at 9 minutes. In the old days (mid 60’s) it used to be around 6 minutes per half hour and about 11 minutes per hour.
    ALSO, since I’m typing in this box and TRYING TO READ what Ive wrote… I CAN’T SEE IT!!! Who is the DIM-WHIT that expects us to see light gray text on white? You trying to blind us? WTF!

  66. EVERYONE UNITE! .. .. .. Call your TV provider and tell them they have a choice. Either lower the amount of COMMERCIALS to no more than 25% or have them send your TV Bill to the Networks. .. .. .. Sure they will laugh but if enough people start calling and demanding this, IT WILL GET DONE.

  67. pharmaceutical, insurance and automobile are the worst With pharmaceutical being number one.

  68. I video taped most of the TV movies; sports and news. That way I can select what to watch,or, delete the programs entirely. When it comes to commercial advertisements, I simply fast forward them.

  69. ..”and it’s getting worse”, the story says.

  70. We are the consumer and if we impact that which we are so unreceptive to by not watching surely TV executives will deal with it in a manner that will be acceptable by us.

  71. You have to factor in all of the late night infomercials as well. You know, the ones you’re paying for as part of your cable subscription? Then the total commercial load is closer to 50%.

    I’ve cut the cord and now pay much less for far superior, ad-free content than I used to pay for 200+ channels of absolute crap punctuated by mind-numbing commercial messages. Even sports broadcasts have become painful to me — I’d rather follow the score in an app and catch the highlights later.

    Kick your cable TV to the curb. You’re shelling out good money for the dubious privilege of being treated like a mindless consumer.

  72. What do you use now? I have been researching, all I really wanted was the History Channel and the news but they cut the better of the history channels!!! Now it’s mainly Pawn Stars and other such rubbish. MSNBC has a commercial break every thirty seconds now, and you are right, we are the mindless ones but I can’t find an alternative.

  73. Laws that regulate this must be enforced or made.

  74. Well, well . . . so, I’m not alone.

    My first time here. Commercials have been a bane of mine for quite some time. In fact the entire ad biz irks me greatly. Recognize that this is a “deductible business expense.” So, tax dollars help pay for advertising!

    Every time I see the POTUS, I expect it will the first time for there to be some trash corporate logo on the presidential lectern.

    Advertising is EVERYWHERE, blighting the landscape and the media. An entirely new business model is needed for TV. Whether it happens or not depends.
    But I’ve had too much of advertising on TV. It’s been WAY out of control for far too long. It’s past time to turn it off!

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