Fox Anchors Differ on Air Over Obama

Mar 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel political talk show host Chris Wallace took his colleagues on “Fox & Friends” to task for playing a clip of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s comments on race out of context, the New York Times reports. Mr. Wallace took issue with the “Fox & Friends” hosts’ “two hours of Obama bashing.” Mr. Wallace tried to change the mood by saying he still loved the “F&F” hosts, but one, Steve Doocy, said Mr. Wallace had an “odd way of showing it.”

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  1. Does it comes as a surprise that the “Fox & Friends” hosts are anything but “Fair and Balanced” in their analysis of Barack Obama’s comments on race?
    It took a lot of courage for the only presidential candidate of color to try and address the complexities of race in America in response to a back-handed, low-ball political attack by Clinton-supporter Geraldine Ferraro.
    When he shared the very personal story of his white grandmother’s admitted anxiety about seeing black male strangers in the street, one could almost hear Obama’s political opponents tripping over themselves to paint his comments in a negative light.
    If Ms. Ferraro’s comments had added any degree of substance to the ongoing debate of presidential issues, the former Democratic VP candidate might have been viewed as relevant or even insightful; as it is they were little more than fodder for the hosts of “F&F” and yet another clumsy, staged use of the race card by a desperate Clinton campaign.
    Fox & Friends hosts Steve Doocy and Brian
    Kilmeade’s decision to play Obama’s “typical white people” clip over and over says much more about their own perspectives on race and culture in the US than it does Obama’s.
    Par for Fox; Chris Wallace excepted of course.

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