CBS Prime Time Problems Eclipse News Issues

Apr 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A drop in CBS’s prime time ratings pose a larger challenge to the network than its “Evening News” program and recent reports of anchorwoman Katie Couric’s departure, the New York Times reports. CBS’s primetime audience has fallen about 20% this season, which the network attributes to the lack of scripted shows caused by the Writers Guild of America strike.
–Danny King


  1. CBS is going down the tubes under the Moonves “regime”. The stock is under pressure from Wall Street and not coming back unless there is a huge turnaround story coming soon. Just for starters, the CEOs salary is totally out of wack with what other corporations of similar size and income pay their CEOs. We’re talking “golden goose” income here folks. In addition, their programming is getting long in the tooth and unispired. If you’re dumb enough to own this stock – DUMP IT NOW BEFORE IT GOES DOWN EVEN MORE!

  2. The continued ripples from the WGA Strike will be criss-crossing the AMPTP pond for some time.
    I’m sure CBS along with their compatriots will see lower numbers as a result.
    All they (all of them) had to do was sit down and Spred-the-Wealth beginnig day one of negotiations.
    Here’s to better times through enlightened management…OK, OK, I can dream can’t I?
    I have managed my company, (and for others), with a Spred-the-Wealth mentality successfully: Hire good people, pay them well, funniest thing, you get a good product. It’s a Win-Win, not brain surgery, and everybody profits.
    Peter Bright

  3. AMEN to “Dave A” above.
    Time for CBS to purge itself of the “LM FACTOR”.
    Peter Bright

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