Ebert Leaves ‘At the Movies’ Balcony

Jul 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Roger Ebert has left the motion picture critique series “At the Movies” after being associated with the show for 23 years, Daily Variety reports. His departure comes right after Richard Roeper announced his impasse with Disney-ABC Domestic Television on a new contract, ending his run with the show after eight years. Disney-ABC will work on relaunching a new format with different hosts aimed at a younger audience, the trade says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. Wow…this really looks bad. From what I’ve heard, the show is going more entertainment oriented. Just what we need…more shows like that.
    I love watching this show to see what movies are good and bad. Thumbs up and thumbs down used to be the ultimate standard for movies, in my opinion. Frankly, the movie industry used to lean on Siskel and Ebert for their ratings, and if they got a thumbs down from both, they were ruined. The power they held in the movie industry was huge, and frankly will never be matched.
    Sad to see this show go down, but even without Gene Siskel (RIP), Richard Ropert did a good job of filling his spot. Sad that Roger Ebert couldn’t speak too well recently. Even without him now, the show was still very enjoyable.
    Oh well…I guess all good things have to come to an end.

  2. What a joke these two new guys are on “At the Movies.” They can’t even talk intelligently, let alone, review a movie.
    Why did they get rid of Richard Roepert? He was
    always right on the money with his reviews.
    I watched Siskel and Ebert religiously and am saddened about Roger and I really liked Richard.
    I heard Disney was upset with him because he didn’t always give postive reviews on Disney movies.
    I am very disspointed and will not watch the
    new disapproved version of At the Movies.

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