Plot to Kill Obama During TV Speech Foiled

Aug 26, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Authorities in Colorado have arrested four people in connection with an alleged plot to kill Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with a high-powered rifle during his nationally televised acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention Thursday, the Los Angeles Times says. Police stopped a truck containing two scoped rifles, radios, a cellphone, a bulletproof vest, wigs, drugs and fake IDs, the paper says. According to KNBC, the man stopped implicated three others and confirmed the plot to government investigators, the L.A. Times reports.
—Greg Baumann


  1. I hope they string up the four by their balls and taser them before using their own rifles on them. We have the change to have a great American President in Barack Obama, and these mindless cretins pull shit like this. May they all rot in prison hell!
    – Andrew, MALL727net –

  2. Andrew727,
    every president has had mad people want to kill them. Reagan did for sure, and look at Kennedy. Quit your trash talk, because it ain’t solving anything.

  3. Hey Silvia, so it’s trash talk to call people who are plotting to kill a US Senator cretins?
    I think you’re projecting a little, honey.
    I think you have a problem with the presumptive Dem nominee, which would make your comment trash talk, not Andrew’s.
    And the Kennedy and Reagan shooters were individuals, it wasn’t a conspiracy, so I think it’s you who should shut your trap.
    Got a problem with that?

  4. Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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