ABC’s Gibson Scores First Palin Interview

Sep 8, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Media-bashing vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will do her first interview since being picked for the Republican ticket with ABC News’ Charles Gibson, the Associated Press reports. The interview is a coup for Gibson, who also had the only sit-down with McCain during the Republican National Convention. While interviewing McCain, he opted not to ask about Palin’s family, but ABC said it wasn’t clear that decision was a factor in Palin’s choice. A party spokesman said there were no ground rules for the interview putting subjects off limits.
—Sergio Ibarra

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  1. Hello Charlie and ABC News Programming,
    When will we be seeing an equal amount of time spent with Joe Biden the Democratic VP Candidate. I have not seen his face on TV since the convention. This is tantamount to giving the Republican candidates a lot of free air time.
    You have done a good job interviewing Sarah Palin and it needed to be done. Let’s now have some fairness in coverage by doing the same for Joe Biden. We in Washington may know him but I’m sure the rest of the country in small towns don’t know who he is and what he has done.
    We are looking to you to be fair and will be watching to see Joe Biden get equal time and coverage on your network and interviews by you.
    Thank you,
    Ken & Barbara Bonner

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