Media Darling McCain Turns Press Foe

Sep 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

John McCain, a politician once thrown a birthday bash by media stars including Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and Tim Russert, is now the candidate of a party taking potshots at the media, the New York Times reports.The Republican Party has been very critical of the liberal-leaning mainstream media, riling convention goers with an anti-news-media message, the paper says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. I’m sure you MEANT to say, “…the so-called liberal-leaning mainstream media.”
    Right, Sergio?

  2. So anyone who actually asks legitmate questions as a journalist–or who is just doing their job– that the Republicans don’t want to answer is dubbed liberal media. As opposed to Fox News, which is all kiss up all the time…Let’s reinstate “rectification” and bring back the Thought Police while we’re at it!

  3. Um. No, the media is liberal. It bleads through in the way stories are written.
    Conservatives are “pundits” and liberals are “advocates.”
    YOu don’t think there’s suggestive power in words? Ask someone writing ad copy.
    Liberals just hate being called out on their decades of bias.
    Even this title “Media Darling John McCain” — WTF??? Since when is a Republican EVER a “media darling?”
    John McCain has been relentlessly attacked for … aging … Meanwhile, Obama is hailed as our new Savior and we’re all supposed to bask in his glory.

  4. Does it not seem like this is an election where both parties hate their own candidate? A lot of energy is going into finding what’s wrong with the other guy, without very much being found good with “our” guy.

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