Holy Robin, Batman! CW Orders Pilot

Oct 1, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The CW has ordered a pilot for a new series based on Batman’s sidekick Robin, TVWeek reports. The project, “The Graysons,” will follow young Dick Grayson before the days of Robin, much like the current “Smallville” does for Clark Kent and his future alter ego Superman. The pilot order, first reported by Variety, includes penalties if the show isn’t picked up. “Smallville” executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson will executive produce along with “Supernatural” executive producer McG and Wonderland Sound and Visions Peter Johnson, the papers report.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. I am guessing we will see Batman/Bruce Wayne in this series. Batman had a considerable (if relatively brief) crime-figting career before being joined by Robin. He could become friends with the Grayson family and help put Dick through school, which would then make it natural for him to take Dick under his wing later when his parents die.
    Dick could also meet up with some future fellow Teen Titans and Justice Leaguers, though I would hold off on that for awhile.
    It would be cool if, say, one of the Batman villains (Riddler, for example?)had a son who became Dick’s best friend. Dick should also have Barbara Gordon (the future Batgirl and Oracle) as a classmate, too.

  2. I have to wonder…..
    When is CW going to stop tunnelcasting???? Before, they were the minority channel, trying to almost be BET, then they are the Teeni bopper channel, now the white trash in the trailer park channel.
    I understand there’s a market for that… but let FOX pick that up. They have most of the market on those above segments of the population.
    CW needs to make a charge for groups NOT being marketed to…. Gays, Latino’s, upbeat professionals, conservatives… who watch news/news magazine shows on cable, etc.
    There is a vast audience they are missing. 90210 isn’t going to reach quite a few in those demos. Yes, it will get white female teens, but not much more. Same can be said for Robin, as well.
    CW, if you are reading this (I know you are), put it into consideration. There are many reason’s for marketing to others… take gays… 2 incomes, 1 household, heavy spenders, fashion conscious, drinkers, socially conscious, etc. Now try more groups and see where the money might be… you’ll find that lower income groups may not be the group to penetrate to.
    Just a thought.

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